19 points of self-education in a child

1. Children are taught what surrounds them. 2. If the child often criticized – he learns to condemn. 3. If the child is often praised – he learning to evaluate. 4. If the child is shown hostility – he learning to fight. 5. If honest with the child – he learns justice. 6. If the child is often ridiculed – he learns to be timid. 7. If the child lives with a sense of security – he learns believe. 8. If the child is often disgraced – he learns to feel guilty. 9. If the child is often approved, he learns well for himself. relate. 10. If the child is often condescending – he learning to be patient. 11. If the child is often encouraged – he gaining self-confidence. 12. If the child lives in the atmosphere friendship and feels necessary – he learns to find in this world love. 13. Do not speak badly about the child – neither with him nor without him. 14. Focus on developing the good in the child, so that as a result, there will be no room left for the bad. 15. Always listen and respond to the child who speaks to you. 16. Respect a child who made a mistake and can now or a little fix it later. 17. Be prepared to help a child who is in search and be invisible to that child who is already found everything. 18. Help your child learn previously unexplored. Do this, filling the world with care, restraint, silence and love. 19. Always handling a child adhere to the best manners – offer him the best that is in yourself.

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