18 week of pregnancy

18 week of pregnancy

18 week of pregnancy – это 4,5 лунных месяца.
The fruit grows to 12.5-14 cm, weighs about 150 g, it appears
rudiments of molars. If the baby is not pushing, then
will start. An important question – is a boy or girl born? – can also
clarify in the coming days. It is time for a future mom to learn and master
Kegel exercises.

The content of the article

  • 1 Medical standards
  • 2 What happens to the baby
  • 3 Feelings of mom
    • 3.1 Tummy
    • 3.2 Discharges, pains, complications
    • 3.3 Visit the doctor on time
    • 3.4 Exercise!
  • 4 Other recommendations
  • 5 Видео гид: 18 week of pregnancy что происходит в
    stomachache, stirring, screening, appetite, sports

Medical standards

It is believed that with repeated delivery at the end of this week
the baby may first begin to noticeably move. Of course that’s all
averages. Slender women feel the movement of their
crumbs before, full – later.

If for some reason it is impossible to accurately determine obstetric
the duration of pregnancy, then doctors consider the first movement of the fetus as one of
landmarks. Learn more about it here.

What happens to the baby

рост плода 12,5–14 см, вес 150 г.

рост плода 12,5–14 см, вес 150 г.

Плод быстро подрастает. Open the palm of your hand.
Now your little one would fit on it. And that’s how it goes
Your child’s development:

  • плод-18-неделя

    mineralization of the skeleton continues, all bones
  • muscles develop;
  • a layer of subcutaneous fat is formed;
  • tiny joints are developed on the fingers and toes;
  • the fetus often “trains”, makes reflex movements
    (sucks a finger, turns, imitates breathing and swallows
    amniotic fluid);
  • embryos appear on small rudiments of milk teeth
    the indigenous ones – before some of them erupt, may not pass
    one dozen years!

Moms often ask doctors – how many times a day
should the baby move? Now about counting jolts so far
does not go. Many baby movements are still invisible to you, you
feel only the strongest “kicks”. Count movements and do
conclusions can and will be needed later.


Feelings Mom


If you are healthy and your weight is normal, surely you
feeling just awesome. The belly has not grown so much
to slow down completely. True, there may be unpleasant

  • heartburn – due to weakening of the muscle between the stomach and
  • age spots on the face (hormones are “naughty”);
  • constipation and frequent urination (the grown uterus puts pressure on
    intestine and bladder);
  • difficulty falling asleep (almost any posture seems uncomfortable);
  • frequent high blood pressure;
  • slight vision loss;
  • feeling as if navel ache from within.

Some discomfort can be reduced or eliminated.
(читайте рекомендации ниже), что-то нужно просто
to endure.



What do the tummies look like on the eighteenth week? Everyone has
differently. Some moms like a ball swallowed, others have a belly
as if pulled from top to bottom. It’s all right. Sometimes by
even trying to guess the shape of the abdomen – a girl or a boy will be born.
And nevertheless, only an ultrasound specialist will be able to tell you exactly if
this week you will be assigned to such a study and the child will want
share a secret.

Photos of tummies

Ultrasound Photos

Discharges, pains, complications

  • Your breasts get ready in a few months to feed the baby and
    therefore produces colostrum. Do not decant it, it may
    provoke uterine contractions.
  • Now you may noticeably intensify vaginal discharge.
    This is a variant of the norm, if only the mucus is white and without unpleasant
    smell. Brown, bloody, yellow discharge talk about
    various problems.
  • When a little bit pulls the belly or pinches the loin –
    know that everything is fine. This is how the sprain
    the muscles supporting your uterus. But if something hurts
    for real, visit or call a doctor.
  • Pregnancy and miscarriage are possible at any time. In that
    the case often arise various complications, impairment of well-being
    and women’s health. Be attentive to your feelings.
  • Another complication, sometimes quite severe – late
    toxicosis. Read about it and check yourself here.

Visit the doctor on time

If you have not yet passed the next routine examination, the doctor
prescribe several blood tests:

  • to hCG level;
  • on the content of alpha-fetoprotein in the blood;
  • on free estriol.

These specific analyzes will indicate the absence / presence of multiple
fetal malformations, and therefore they are very important.

If the test results are not normal, do not
get scared. One “bad” analysis still says nothing. You could
wrong preparation, errors in the laboratory. Even
Incorrectly set term of pregnancy can give
non-standard performance results. In any
case of unsatisfactory research
must repeat to exclude all possible


Week 18 is the right time for special gymnastics. Her
also called kegel exercises. To understand the essence, go to the toilet
and while urinating, strain your muscles so that it
has stopped. This is the main exercise. Do them

  • pre-empty the bladder;
  • do not hold your breath;
  • take a comfortable position.

The last recommendation is relative – during
exercises you can stand, sit or lie down, choose how
more convenient. This specific gymnastics strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor,
vagina and urethra.

Watch the video:

We train the muscles of the perineum. Recommendation from kundalini
Yoga – use Kegel exercises every time you urinate
8 times. Recommendations from the maternity class for natural childbirth by
Bradley’s method – from 100 to 200 Kegel exercises per day. how
to make a habit? At any time when you are waiting for something
(queue at the cashier, in the subway, red light on the road, call
phone) practice kegel exercises

Other recommendations

  1. Follow the previous diet.
  2. For heartburn, be sure to cook porridge and jelly.
  3. Several pieces of prunes will save you from constipation per day.
  4. Do not overeat.
  5. If your head hurts – try to lie down in the dark and silence.
    Usually such advice is given for migraines, but also for headaches of pregnant women.
    in such an environment passes faster.
  6. Do not be sad and do not worry – all the adverse hormones
    through your blood will get to the baby and disturb him. If in life
    there was an unpleasant case, urgently invent something. Communicate
    with family and friends, watch favorite positive movies,
    chat on forums for expectant mothers.
  7. If colostrum leaks – use special gaskets for
  8. Wear a prenatal bandage – it will support your growing tummy and
    will reduce lower back pain.
  9. Want to go to the toilet? If possible, do not suffer.
  10. Sex life can be truly amazing and deliver
    the abyss of pleasure. Possible prohibitions: lack of water, the threat of miscarriage,
    pregnancy is twofold or even triple, leakage of amniotic fluid
    and low placenta location.
  11. how можно больше гуляйте, но не делайте утомительных, долгих
  12. In addition to special gymnastics, do yoga for pregnant women.
    and / or swim. A visit to the pool over time will help your
    baby take the correct position in the uterus.
  13. Talk to your child and teach this about the future.
  14. Attend courses for pregnant women, chat and recruit
    rewarding experience.
  15. Beware of colds and any hypothermia. If in your
    the city is an infectious epidemic, feel free to wear in public
    ground medical mask.

Think good, take care of yourself, and then
The eighteenth week will be fine.

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Видео гид: 18 week of pregnancy что происходит в животе,
stirring, screening, appetite, sports

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