17 week of pregnancy

In the 17th week of pregnancy you will notice
regular changes in their state of health. Now your baby is fast
growing and passing new stages of development.

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  • 2 your body
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    • 2.2 Discharge and pain
    • 2.3 Medical control
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    sensations, screening, snoring, dreaming, loss of balance


What month?

Seventeenth obstetric week is the beginning of the fifth
lunar month of pregnancy. Your baby is conceived for about 14 weeks.
backwards For more precise information on deadlines, see the separate

What happens to the fetus

внутриутробное развитие плода на 17 неделе

внутриутробное развитие плода на 17 неделе

Главный процесс – это минерализация скелета, то есть постепенное
hardening of the bones. In the tiny gums goes another serious
work: dentin is formed in the rudiments of milk teeth. It’s hard
the tissue on which tooth enamel is later formed. Now your
It is important for your baby to get enough calcium.

If your diet will be poor with these elements, you may experience
two major complications. First, you will notice the fragility
own teeth. Even a not very hard nut or crouton can
biting down destroy your tooth. If you get tough meat or
vegetable, you are surprised to note that chewing them with difficulty. Even with
a little pain.

Secondly, there will be complications in the development of the fetus. Baby can
born weak, develop poorly. And milk teeth after
eruption will be unstable and will be subject pathologically
early caries.

What else can be noted in the development of the fetus:

рост плода 11–12 см, вес 100 г

рост плода 11–12 см, вес 100 г
  • завершается формирование всей слуховой системы;
  • handles and legs are lengthened;
  • thin bronchi actively develop, become similar to
    sprigs of trees;
  • on closed eyelids cilia grow up;
  • the initial formation of subcutaneous fat begins;
  • in the intestine are formed the first particles of meconium, the original
  • vascular system is actively branching;
  • in the blood of the fetus appear their own immunoglobulin and
    interferon – the most important components of the immune system;
  • girls form a tiny uterus;
  • increases the strength of the baby shocks.

Perhaps it is these days you will feel the first movement.
your crumbs. Of course, if this did not happen before. But more often
it happens differently: for another 2-4 weeks you will have to wait for the “signal” from
baby This is normal.

А вам известно? Now under your
heart is a real fluffy! The body of the fruit is completely covered
gentle, silky hairs, doctors call them “lanugo”. This
пушок пропадет к моменту родов


Your body

Your main change is the growth of the tummy. Now he looks
round, but gradually pulled up. Surely you have more than once
said about themselves “round” or even “fat.” But right now
the time when a small weight gain is good and necessary. You
Be sure to be weighed in female consultation. For coming
seven days body weight should not increase by more than 500


Это нужно знать. There is such a thing
– “mask of pregnant.” These are pigment spots that are located
usually on the top of each cheek, as well as on the forehead and chin. Have
brunettes and swarthy women may even appear dark shadows under
eyes. This effect is due to the fact that
hormones estrogen and progesterone facial skin is uneven
produces melanin. Haveбрать «маску беременных» невозможно. If a
noticed this feature in yourself, protect your face from the sun’s rays,
пигментация уменьшится


Your feelings

Look at the list below. You can feel and see
much of this list or nothing.

  1. Heartburn. These are small releases of gastric juice into the esophagus.
    They arise because the muscle-valve is weakened, separating these two
  2. The feeling of lack of air.
  3. Disturbances of heat transfer, frequent feeling of heat.
  4. Again, running into the toilet “on a small”.
  5. Problems with a sense of balance: gait disturbances, lungs
    swaying, dizziness.
  6. Puffiness of legs, less often – hands and face.
  7. Redness and itching of palms and feet.

Do not consider your pregnancy “abnormal” if you experience
some kind of special feelings. For example, there are women who
in the second trimester they dream of repairing or rearranging the apartment.
And someone would not want anything at all – would sit in a favorite chair and
flipping your favorite magazines.

Future mothers often say that they dream very bright,
emotional and often erotic dreams. Why is this happening, no one
don’t know yet Unfortunately, nightmares are extremely
life and really scare. If a просыпаетесь ночью от
bad dreams, be sure to remind yourself that in reality
all is well. Haveмейте отключаться от негативных сновидений.

Discharge and pain

On the 17th week, the number of vaginal
secretions. It is quite normal if there is no yellow pigmentation,
sharp smell and blood impurities.

Colostrum is excreted from the breast, literally in droplets. If a на
clothes are stained – there are special pads for

When a little sore either pulling the belly – it talks about
stretching the internal ligaments that support the uterus.

Now your stomach is growing a little every day. Wherein
slightly shifted the center of gravity. Can you feel
slight pain in the entire back or along the spine.

Photos of tummies:

Be especially attentive to your feelings when
urination. Your immunity is slightly weakened. Because of this may
easy to start cystitis – a very unpleasant disease. Any
real, sharp pains – a reason to go to the doctor or even call

Under adverse circumstances, you may receive the first
signs of preeclampsia, or late toxicosis of pregnancy. Read about
this complication is here.

Medical control

Your doctor in the antenatal clinic should this week or on
the following appoint specialized blood tests:

  • HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin);
  • free estriol;
  • AFP (alpha-fetoprotein).

At gestational age of 16-18 weeks, the levels of these
hormones in the blood must be kept within certain limits. If a
the result will be out of the norm, it can mean developmental pathologies
fetus, including very serious.

Depending on your condition and well-being, there may be
назначены общие анализы и HaveЗAND. During the scan, the doctor will check
the amount of amniotic fluid, the position of the placenta. Plus major
fetal indicators (individual and general sizes, frequency of contractions
hearts, etc.). If a вы еще знаете пол своего ребенка, при
successful arrangement of the baby specialist can open for you this
the secret.



  1. Follow all nutritional guidelines for pregnant women. Your
    The diet should be 30% of vegetables and fruits. Eat fish
    meat, cereals and dairy products. Sweets – only natural
    (marmalade, marshmallow).
  2. For heartburn, drink jelly more often.
  3. If a заметили у себя склонность к полноте, следите за весом
    especially strictly.
  4. Avoid any jolts and sudden movements. Sit down
    and walk smoothly, take care of your muscles and internal ligaments.
  5. Be very careful in public transport. Other
    passengers may not notice your pregnancy and lead
    carelessly. Do not be afraid to say about your upcoming motherhood,
    ask to give you a place or skip somewhere.
  6. Has the cramp started? As far as possible, pull your fingers
    suffering leg If a обувь этого никак не позволяет, разуйтесь или
    just vigorously rub your shin. Tell about frequent convulsions
    doctor, you obviously do not have enough potassium. It’s time to adjust the power.
  7. Another enemy is headaches. They are with a lack of iron
    in blood. Try not to drink tea and / or coffee after eating.
    There are studies on which theine and caffeine interfere
    proper absorption of iron from food.
  8. Do not be in the drafts, do not allow yourself to freeze. Even
    slight hypothermia can cause a cold with
    kidney complication.
  9. Ask your relatives, friends, colleagues not to smoke with you if
    haven’t done it before. Do you still smoke yourself? Probably,
    the child will be born with severe malformations.
  10. In no situation do not drink alcoholic beverages. Any
    traditions and customs in your position can be broken.
  11. For leg edema, do a simple procedure in the evenings: pour it on
    feet alternately with cool and warm water. It will harden your
    blood vessels, improve blood circulation and water metabolism.
  12. Yourим ногам поможет простая гимнастика: двигайте ступнями в
    different sides and in a circle. Wear only cotton socks.
  13. Even если ваши ноги не отекают и не «гудят», поднимайте их
    higher when you sit.
  14. Many already feel awkward to sleep. On the stomach for a long time
    can not lie. It is not recommended to lie on the back – it can be broken
    placental circulation. To sleep on the side was the maximum
    comfortable, stock up with pillows and put them not only under
    stomach, but also under the back.
  15. Whenever possible, walk in the parks, groves and in the woods.
  16. If a кровоточат десны – посоветуйтесь с врачом, он подберет
    individual means for the oral cavity.
  17. Have вас может пойти кровь носом. In this case it is better to constantly
    carry wet wipes. At the first sign of bleeding
    Attach to the bridge of the nose a piece of ice or a scarf that is dipped in
    cold water. Do not throw back your head.
  18. For intimate life there are only basic prohibitions: low water,
    threatened miscarriage or multiple pregnancy. In other cases
    sex just needs to be careful and non-aggressive.
  19. Talk to the baby out loud. Suggest doing the same
    future father. This habit is very useful to you when the baby
    will be born.
  20. If a заметили, что становитесь забывчивой и рассеянной,
    get a special diary.
  21. Do not be afraid of your maternal feelings. Perhaps now you are few
    that excites, except for its own state. It’s quite normal. AND
    still at work or while studying be collected and

The 17th week of pregnancy will pass without unpleasant
event, if you do it right.

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Видео гид: 17 week of pregnancy что происходит,
sensations, screening, snoring, dreaming, loss of balance

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