16 ways to make a child happy

The most difficult task of modern education –
keep the child well-being and make him happy. Gone are the ones
good times when parents spent a lot of time with their
children. Lifestyle changes so much that the whole family is going
together at dinner or on weekends. But every problem
there is a solution. We offer you the 16 steps to educate
happy baby.


1. Spend more time. To the question “How
make the child happy? ”you can answer simply – spend
more time with him. Even if you are busy, give your son or daughter
a little attention. Read them bedtime stories, play games by
weekends. These simple activities will make your child much

2. Show that you need him. The child has
congenital need to be needed. Let him feel that he
makes a small but unique contribution to the family from the very
early age. This will not only make him a bit happier, but
and increase self-esteem. Already in three years, children can perform simple
orders: spread out napkins at lunch time or pour dry
food in a cat bowl. Try to give instructions, contributing
child development. If the kid likes to systematize items,
give him the job of sorting forks and spoons. If he likes
babysit, ask your little sister to entertain while you cook

3. Accept the child as it is. Not
It should be expected that a child in three years will learn to speak
pure English, if he still does not pronounce all the sounds of his native
language. Develop its potential, do not chase the title

4. Not реализуйте в нем свои мечты. Notкоторые
parents, raising a child, make another mistake – try
realize through it your unfulfilled dreams. Often grown children
go to the university that adults have chosen for them. Not нужно
deprive your child of a happy and, most importantly, independent
of the future. Leave the choice for him.

5. Not ругайте ребенка. Never scold
most of the baby, focus on his actions, not on the outline
character or abilities. If he is too small and does not understand
the inadmissibility of such actions, clearly say: “So do
нельзя!» Notльзя отчитывать ребенка у всех на виду. All you
need to say to him, say in private.

6. Graft healthy habits into your child.

Many bad habits people get in their childhood. Most
common – malnutrition. Most parents
face this problem. They feed children with chips, crackers,
hamburgers that can cause obesity and other unpleasant
effects. To make the baby healthy and happy,
Instill good habits, of course, by example.

7. Set a daily routine. Important point in
child rearing – daily routine. It helps baby not only
feel the time, but also organizes it. Notобходимо разработать
daily routine for the whole family and strictly adhere to it. Child,
who stays up late watching TV or playing computer, not
gets enough sleep and constantly gets annoyed because of every little thing. Notдостаток
sleep can seriously spoil family relationships.

8. Create a harmonious relationship. Child
feels that there is something wrong in the family if the parents quarrel. is he
becomes restless, depressed. Child любит вас обоих. Not
it is worth specifying who is more: mom or dad. Psychologists claim
that a child who lived in an atmosphere of struggle and hostility,
grows up unhappy. The best thing you can do for
your baby’s peace of mind – ensure a safe
family environment where love, trust, support and encouragement
visible in every gesture (See the article on how to properly encourage


9. Appreciate your child. If he learned
something new or achieved something, point it out and praise.
High marks from significant adults have a positive effect on
child development. At the same time, do not overdo it! Not используйте
words like “best”, “perfect” and “gorgeous”. Otherwise there is
risk to grow an egoist.

10. Explain that making mistakes is
Childhood is a time of experimentation. Children try
different things and of course make mistakes. Instead of scolding and
to criticize them, talk to the children, explain why the concrete
the action is wrong. Offer the correct option

11. Kiss and hug the baby. Touch
and kisses are very important in building relationships. Hug and kiss
baby to show that you really love him. Psychologists
they say that literally children are vital
Affectionate and encouraging touch of parents. is heи подчеркивают
support, closeness and attention that allows the child to feel
beloved, meaningful and necessary.

12. Teach your child to take care of others.
True happiness lies in the ability to give, to give. your child
will be happy, taking care of others, helping others, nothing
demanding in return. Buy him a pet or put it room
plant on the windowsill in the nursery. It will help make it

13. Teach the child to communicate. Chat with friends and
Beloved people improves mood and makes us happy. Learn
communicate, make friends and feel belonging
to the team. Happiness can be found in friends.

14. Have a positive view of the world. Our thoughts
and deeds have a far greater impact on our children than we
can imagine. When parents are happy, children too
feel happy. When you have a positive outlook on life,
it becomes much easier. Let your child be too
an optimist.


15. Tell the child the truth. We teach our
children be honest. If we lie, they will follow our example.
Remember that sooner or later the secret becomes clear. If you
tell the truth, then you and the child will be established
trusting relationship.

16. Love your child. It is most important!
To love unconditionally – to take a child no matter what.
Notсмотря на его внешность, плюсы и минусы, недостатки, способности.
Notзависимо от того, чего он добился сейчас или чего вы ждете от
him in the distant future. Love your baby any: capricious,
untalented and even unlucky.

As you can see, there is no one true and universal
рецепта воспитания happy baby. Pay attention to your
support your child, engage him in all activities,
who develop creativity, intelligence and abilities. Not бойтесь
experiment to make the child feel happy.
It is important to help him find his place in life.

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