15 week of pregnancy

On the 15th week of pregnancy, the fetus trains in its
movements. Moms notice a lot of change in their well-being.
to the best. It is important to look after yourself and avoid complications.

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  • 1 How does mom’s body change
    • 1.1 Feelings
    • 1.2 What to look for
    • 1.3 When will the baby start pushing?
  • 2 Fetal development
    • 2.1 Observation by doctors
  • 3 Recommendations
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    baby and mother, feeling in the stomach, rhinitis, doctor’s advice

15 week of pregnancy

How does mom’s body change

On the 15th obstetric week (methods for calculating the term – here)
the stomach is still growing and slightly rising. If you are skinny
or average build, any fitting thing will emphasize your
characteristic shape. During pregnancy, twin belly grows
faster and sooner becoming noticeable.

Photos of tummies:

Choose for everyday wear comfortable clothing that
nowhere will not press and rub. If you do not want others to
looked at you, choose free things, use bright
accents – brooches, earrings, neckerchiefs. Such accessories distract


Emotional flashes are replaced by calm. All of you
less annoyed. Some moms at this time appear
tides of activity. I do not feel like sitting still in my head
constantly there are some plans – to go somewhere, something
to do. Do not be afraid of your energy, but not

In the fifteenth week, many mothers notice a gradual change
life views. Tricks of the organization of family life, education
Children and successful childbearing occupy more and more

Physical sensations:

  • slight nasal congestion without fever and other signs
  • improved stools (the uterus rises and puts less pressure on
  • light asphyxiation (diaphragm is slightly crushed by rising
  • discomfort in the coccyx when you sit (nerve endings
    honking blood stasis, change position or slightly
    walk around);
  • heartburn, flatulence;
  • increased appetite;
  • nipple sensitivity may be maintained;
  • release of colostrum;
  • sensitivity of teeth and gums (it means baby needs
  • skin pigmentation;
  • short leg cramps (due to a lack of potassium and


Your blood volume is now 20% more than before pregnancy.
Because of this, the heart sometimes works with overloads, and then slightly
dizzy. If at the same time it seems to you that you will fall now,
Be sure to tell your doctor. Easy orientation loss is not
be afraid.

Very rarely can residual effects of early
toxicosis. Find out here (about toxicosis) how to eliminate the last
outbreaks of nausea and other discomfort.

It became uncomfortable to sleep? Try to lie more often on your side, and under
belly put a little pillow.

What do future moms say? Alone
continue to complain of drowsiness. Others understand that successfully
избежали toxicosis. Some mummies admit that
go to the children’s goods stores and admire the tiny clothes,
Bottles and rattles. Many find it difficult to watch melodrama films,
impossible to avoid tears. All this is normal. The main thing is that nothing
не болело и не тревожило

What to look for

Small pains on this period are common. Your body
constantly working, getting tired and signaling about it. Change position
body, if you have to sit, smack, make light
warm up Have to stand a lot – let your feet rest when it is

If the stomach or lower back really hurts, and doesn’t whine slightly,
report this to the doctors. With severe pain and bloody smears
call the ambulance.

Normal vaginal discharge looks white or
transparent, scanty, they have no sharp smell. Must not be
burning and itching in the vagina and on the labia.

Медицинский факт. Miscarriage and
missed abortion is possible at any time. Be attentive to
своим ощущениям

When will the baby start pushing?

At the medical norm, if the pregnancy is the first, the movement of the fetus
will begin to be felt at 20 weeks, in other cases – at 18. In a very
in rare cases, skinny moms can already feel the first weak ones.
stirring. They are easily confused with the “whims” of their own.


The first movement of the fetus must be reported
doctor, this information is entered into your exchange card. But before
what to tell the doctor the exact date, make sure that the baby is really

Fetal development

размер плода на 15 неделе беременности

It is believed that if you bring the lamp to the belly, baby
Be sure to react to the light. Believe it or not – decide for yourself. But
Imagine: you are lying in a bath with water, the bath is closed thick
a blanket, and the top is still wearing a leather case. Will the light pass through
so thick?

внутриутробное развитие ребенка на 15 неделе беременности

The truth is that on the 15th week the baby’s eyes, although closed
yet, have all the necessary nerve endings. But по-настоящему
to see the baby will begin only after birth.

What else happens to the baby:

  • ossification of the skeleton is the main task for which you need a lot
  • the skin is compacted, it is no longer so transparent;
  • legs actively grow up;
  • almost or finally the shape of the ears is determined;
  • sebaceous and sweat glands ready to work;
  • pituitary development continues;
  • the circulatory system expands;
  • gyrus forms on the cerebral cortex;
  • boys start testosterone production (sex hormones
    girls are formed later);
  • the first bile is produced;
  • kidneys work: removing the amniotic fluid, which swallows
  • all muscles are improved.

The tiny child is actively “training”, moving the handles,
legs and fingers. These movements are controlled by motor
brain reflexes. Ambient sounds are heard to the baby.
A small heart pumps more than twenty liters of blood each

Photo of the baby (the fetus looks like this on the fifteenth week



Observation by doctors

Follow the schedule that you set the female doctor
consultation. Time to pass all the tests that you assign.
Checking the level of various hormones in your blood allows doctors
A lot to learn: how well the fetus develops, whether
threats of miscarriage and more.

Depending on your individual characteristics (age,
chronic diseases) and well-being the doctor may suggest various
survey. Planned ultrasound on the fifteenth week is not carried out. But
if you are assigned to him, there is a tiny chance to find out the sex of the child (if
a good machine and an experienced doctor). In addition, the specialist will check
the state of the uterine membranes, the amount of amniotic fluid,
location of the placenta. On the scanner screen you can see
how your baby moves and how much it already looks like a little one
little man.

Photo Uzi:

узи 15 недель


  1. Adhere to the principle: vegetables and fruits, fish and meat, grains
    and dairy products. Kissel and porridge perfectly prevent
  2. The diet should be as low as caffeine, smoked,
    preservatives, dyes, fatty and spicy foods.
  3. Steam, bake or boil.
  4. Do exercises, swim, do special yoga.
  5. Listen to classic, calm, beautiful music. If you are listening
    through headphones, do not set a high volume level.
  6. Forbid yourself from worrying. In any situation, think first about
    child, then what happened and how to act.
  7. If you are worried about health, keep a diary of well-being and
  8. Sexual life requires attention to the pose during coitus.
    The joy and pleasure of intimate communication with a partner is very
    are important. With the threat of miscarriage, scarcity of amniotic fluid, pregnancy
    Twins and low-lying placenta, doctors recommend limiting
    or exclude sex. But не замыкайтесь в себе. Together with a partner
    think about other ways of getting intimate pleasure,
    who will like both.
  9. Beware of colds and viral diseases. During the epidemic
    flu wearing a medical mask, try not to go where
    many people (if possible).
  10. Unless you yourself are a doctor, you are not treated for anything.
    on their own.

A gestation period of 15 weeks is already the end.
fourth month. This time helps the future mother to gain strength and
improve health.

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and mom, stomach sensations, rhinitis, doctor’s advice

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