15 things that do not say goodgrandmothers

Being a good mother is not difficult. Ну а как же grandmothers?
Nobody writes books about how to become the favorite of their grandchildren.
Everywhere only tips for moms. And who will teach the older generation? For
start memorize 15 stop phrases that never cost

�“I’m older, so I know better”

Believe me, with these words you would rather irritate
their children and grandchildren, but no respect! Certainly huge
life experience can sometimes come in handy. But uttering this phrase
you literally humiliate a person, as if hiding her second meaning: “Do not
Have you grown yet! ”

�”In our times, this was not”

If you really want to teach your children and give them valuable
indications then reason objectively. Your days are long gone, no
there is no reason to rely on them or to transfer past statutes to
modern world. The planet can change dramatically in a year or
two, what can we say about the decades! Throw out of your head everything
which has long lost its relevance.

�“You do not save my heart”

No need to achieve your goals using such low
manipulative techniques. Because in the end it will get bored
your family and they will no longer accept any of your complaints
seriously. Remember the story of a boy who shouted about a wolf? Here is
so much the same!

�”Who is dressing children like that?”

Or “Is it possible to wear this on the street?”. We understand that you
This is from the kindest motives! But once your grandchildren, your parents decided
dressing like this means you need to accept it. In the end it is
not your child, any grandmother has much less rights in
raising children than their own mother. And yes: maybe you just
a bit behind modern fashion?

�”And I think that …”

Grandmothers always love to prove their case. And they do it with
special zeal, ultimately offended silenced. Sense of tact
should tell you that your opinion is worth sharing in those
when they are interested. Or at least announce it politely.
But you can’t enter into a hot controversy by crushing your

�”Which of the child eventually grows up”

Any grandmother ardently adores her family grandchildren. AND
worried about their distant future. But uttering such a phrase, you
the most direct context offends both grandchildren and their parents. After all this
It sounds like you seriously believe that they are not coping with
upbringing or cope poorly. What kind of mother or father is this
do you like it?

�”He needs strict

Discipline is a very delicate matter. Do not be afraid that the grandson
will grow up to be a sissy if parents communicate with him tenderly, and he
This understands everything.


�”I do not insist, but …”

Another cunning phrase from the arsenal of grandmothers-manipulators. WITH
On the one hand, you immediately put a person on notice that
that you just want to share innocent advice, but on the other – right there
they poke in the face, and even at any moment threatening to become offended and
misunderstood side. Let your family decide what to do,
especially when it comes to their own child.

�”Of course, I’m not the nicest

Uh, uh! WITHтоп. No need to extort recognition of its exclusivity.
AND хватит ревновать к другой бабушке. Do not drive wedges into
relations. If you, grandmothers, two, then you and live with it.

�“I have not seen you for three weeks already”

AND что? The more you complain, the stronger it will be
on pestering. WITHюрприз! Your children and grandchildren have their own lives:
work, study, friends. Do not overtighten the blanket attention
solely on themselves. No one else loved anyone

�”You are just a poured father”

ANDли мать. ANDли сестра, троюродная племянница — не важно. Can not
use comparison with a failed (in your opinion) relative.
Any comparisons in a negative way should be excluded.

�”Are you sure it is safe?”

Actually, yes. Most parents care about their children. AND
if their child is climbing the horizontal bars like a monkey, probably they
thought to allow. How to become a good grandmother in our time.

�”The neighbor has a son already in five months

Well, if other people’s children are ahead of the pace of development. But do not need
carry it on your own grandchildren. All children are individual and
develop differently. AND да, такие высказывания заденут любую

�“What are you feeding him?”

Sorry, but do you really work in the Ministry of Health? ANDли хотя бы читали
What are their current nutritional guidelines? Aware that cow’s milk
No one gives children up to a year? Then how do you know about
that can not?

�”I only live for

Do not live exclusively for someone, this is a veiled
the charge. Try to live for yourself. And communicate with the younger only
when it is truly a joy to you and them. Young
звездные grandmothers

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