15 mistakes that experienced mom neverwill repeat with the second child

When a woman prepares to become a mother for the first time, she is forced to
listen to many conflicting advice from doctors, parents,
grandparents, girlfriends and just friends. Inexperienced mom
afraid to harm the baby, and yet does not know how to fix and
facilitate your life. But with the second child she is much
easier … why ..?

Many mothers claim that with the second and subsequent children
infancy passes more easily than with the firstborn. The point is not
that the first kids are especially capricious and fastidious, but the fact that
a woman gains self-confidence and is no longer afraid that
cope with the baby. The experience gained with the first child allows
not to make mistakes that mothers raising
your first baby.

ошибки родителей

So, 15 common mistakes that experienced moms don’t
repeat with the second child …

1. Do not put the baby in a separate

Inexperienced mothers often complain of lack of sleep, this problem can be
effectively decide if to stack the baby along with the parents.
Joint sleep provides the convenience of feeding the baby: mom is not
have to get out of bed to give a breast or bottle, she
feeds the baby without getting up. And then she did not have long
rock the baby, next to the mother a well-fed baby feels comfortable and
warm and fall asleep quickly.

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good or bad?

2. Do not buy extra clothes

Buying a newborn baby is an exciting experience.
Small, like a doll, clothes cause tenderness and emotion.
Inexperienced mothers are buying everything. And those who already have one
baby, know that kids grow up very quickly, and a lot of clothes
will not be unpacked.

3. Do not wait for the child to learn how to handle
toothbrush, and begin to brush your teeth immediately after

Early caries is a common occurrence. And to reduce risks
development of the disease, teeth clean as soon as they erupt.
First, the mother uses a sterile bandage, and then you can apply
soft brush.

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4. Будет кормить по требованию

With the first child, you got up every two hours, despite
that the child does not need to eat so often. Second baby you feed
on demand, only when the crumb is really hungry. Experienced
women know that every child “sets” the clock
feeding and give breast or bottle on demand. Little ones that
get food when they need it, are calmer, sleep better
at night and less capricious in the afternoon.

кормим ребенка по требованию

5. Actively communicate with the baby since
of birth

Children begin to recognize the voices of mom and dad in the third
trimester. Общайтесь со своим малышом с момента of birth,
keep in touch with him, this is important. Mother’s voice acts on
Crumbs soothing, the more talk with the baby, the faster
the child will speak himself.

6. Try to quickly wean the child from

The American Dental Association has conducted research
who confirmed that early use of the cuphinker reduces
risk of caries. Experienced мамы начинают приучать малыша пить
not from a bottle, but from a handy little cup from about six months. TO
the moment when the crumbs turn one year old should be fully
give up the bottle.

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Учим ребенка пить из mugs


7. Do not waste time on endless photo reports and
diary entries

Newly mothers try to write in the diary all the events in
life of the baby and take pictures of it daily. TOогда же рождается
second baby, the woman clearly understands that the time spent on
keeping diaries and photo processing, it is better to spend on communication with
a child.

8. Do not delay the “relocation” of the child in his own

Joint sleep provides a lot of benefits. But important on time
�”Move” the baby to your own bed. Much easier
move out from mom and dad to one-year-old crumb than to negotiate with
three years old. Experienced мамы не повторяют дважды подобных ошибок.

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your crib is separate from mom (video, real stories)

9. Do not delay potty training

Diapers are a convenient invention. And often inexperienced parents
tightening the schooling kid to the pot for almost three years. Moms,
who raise a second child, cope with this task much
faster. TO тому же, им помогают их первенцы. TOроха будет подражать
the oldest child in everything, including this one.

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the pot

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as a child

ошибки мамочек

10. Do not trust pediatricians!

All behind them must be checked! One pediatrician in the clinic
mocked us that we have high lymphocytes, it turned out to be the norm for

11. Give medicine for the common cold.

It follows from the previous one. The eldest was given everything the doctor said.
From a cold, cough, etc. Grandparents insisted on
antipyretic immediately, as the temperature rose. But when daughter
became sick Every 2 weeks, I stopped. And noticed that
банальная простуда без лекарств проходит faster. Yes, and get sick
the baby has become less common. The younger nose is washed with sea water, and
paracetamol is given only if its high temperature is really

12. Не знаю насколько это реально — не
to rock

This advice is heard and read everywhere, until the truth I understand little
how realistic it is, but from the first day you can try to teach
fall asleep by yourself, only stroking, nipple,

13. To accustom to noise!

To accustom to noise! From the first days! we haven’t done that now
after the child falls asleep, speak in a whisper, we want to tiptoe
and live only in the kitchen) do not turn on the TV, and be content
мини-айпадом)) в то время как моя подруга с таким же as a child
looking with her husband with the sound of a telly near a child sleeping in a crib,
Yes, and a huge dog rushes around the apartment, barking and whining, and
child if only henna)

14. Пеленать на ночь

After being discharged from the maternity hospital, we never swaddled a child, what about
now I regret and understand that she would have slept a thousand times with us
quieter and longer. Swaddle steel in 5! months when tortured
when folding to bed, hold her arms and legs, as she or waves
and wakes himself up, and still rubs his eyes, and here with a diaper, laying and sleeping
have become much better. But I am for modern diapers like swaddle me,
red castle.

15. Over-fighting for cleanliness.

Со вторым as a child в моем случае стало просто невозможно
maintain hygiene level. The eldest pokes her fingers in her mouth,
throws toys on the floor constantly. Залезает в ее crib и даже в
pram .. At first I was angry, but then I noticed that no
there are no harmful health effects for the younger one.

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In the video “mistakes young moms,” I will share with errors that
often young mothers commit on the very first path of their
maternity. Some of these mistakes I experienced on myself, another part
observed in her environment, but somehow, under all these
mistakes can bring one thing in common, they are all related to life
после of birth ребёнка.

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