14 week of pregnancy

14 week of pregnancy – это начало второго
trimester. The figure of a pregnant woman is increasingly changing. At baby
improved internal organs.

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  • 1 Feeling Mom
    • 1.1 External changes
  • 2 Complications
    • 2.1 Observations at the doctor
  • 3 What happens to the baby
  • 4 Recommendations
  • 5 Father child involvement
  • 6 Видно гид: 14 week of pregnancy ощущения в животе, что
    happens, the size of the fetus, pulls the lower abdomen

14 week of pregnancy

Feelings Mom

On the 14th obstetric week (methods for calculating the deadline, see here)
toxicosis ceases in most women. If even persist
weak echoes, to overcome the manifestations of toxicosis is quite easy (as
– read here).

Food quirks often persist. You can even remember that
a year ago in some eatery tried a very tasty salad and
want to eat the same. But in your position on cafes and eateries
better not to go. Prepare a similar dish yourself – maybe
home like it.

Some smells can still cause hostility. But
sleepiness with the right mode of the day is no longer bothering. You are calm but
not at all slowed down. Just control of emotions little by little
is returning.

External changes

With the beginning of the second trimester, the tummy is rounded, rises
taller and becoming more noticeable. Skinny moms lying on the couch and
putting your hand on your stomach, you may feel a solid knob under your palm.
This is the womb.

Photos of tummies:

The center of gravity of your body shifts quite a bit. Back
slightly tilts back so it balances the mass gain in
abdomen area, lumbar deflection increases. Because of this barely
The gait is noticeably changing. So far, she does not look like that step.
�”Duck”, waddle, which will appear in the later periods.

The chest has already grown noticeably, sometimes by size. Out nipples can
yellowish translucent droplets stand out. Chest training in
the production of colostrum, which after birth will be the first food
baby No need to crap – it causes an increased outflow
fluids and uterine contractions.

Weight gain in the fourteenth week should be about
400 grams.

Changes can be unpleasant:

  • gums become bleeding, this is especially noticeable when cleaning
  • there are problems with teeth (sensitivity, fragility);
  • when combing hair falls more than before, strands
    dry, tips split;
  • there is excess weight.

You don’t need such changes, so consult your doctors.
Experts will adjust your diet, prescribe vitamins, give
tips on choosing shampoo and toothpaste.

14 неделя ощущение в животе


During the day you can be in different states.
Some of them are the norm. About all that worries, tell your doctor.
He will check, explain this or that phenomenon, give recommendations.

  1. The load on the back is constantly increasing, which can
    appear pain. Most often they are weak and pass if simply
    change body position.
  2. The head can hurt quite badly, sometimes with intolerance.
    bright light and strong sounds.
  3. White or clear vaginal discharge without sharp smell
    Talk about your good health. If the mucus is yellow, unpleasant
    smells or coagulates (like cottage cheese), check for
    bacterial infections. Some (for example, thrush) may
    appear in the body by themselves due to weakened immunity.
  4. Bloody, brown discharge in rare cases indicates
    cervical erosion. Similar discharge combined with strong,
    cramping pain in the abdomen and lower back talk about the risk of death
    fetus. If this happens on the background of uterine contractions, it will happen
    miscarriage. When the dead fetus remains in the uterine cavity, doctors
    diagnosed as “missed abortion”, and childbirth will have to be called
  5. Sometimes on the body of pregnant women appears quite a lot.
    new moles or warts. If they do not grow and do not interfere,
    It’s not a problem. Warts on the genitals or at the anus
    may cause inconvenience. How to safely remove such
    neoplasms, the doctor will tell.
  6. The gynecologist may have an excessive shortening during the examination.
    cervix. He may recommend installing a special ring,
    which will not allow the neck to open ahead of time.
  7. It is important to prevent anemia (anemia), as this is often
    leads to circulatory disorders, placental insufficiency
    и проблемам развития fetus.

Doctor’s observations

With the timely registration of any planned
surveys at the fourteenth week is not required. The doctor will give
referral to tests or appoint ultrasound only with special
of necessity. Ultrasound examinations of pregnant women often
Are you interested in the question – a boy or a girl? For a period of 14 weeks
pregnancy is still very difficult to determine the sex of the child.


Photo ultrasound:


Due to the overall sensitivity of the gastrointestinal tract
pregnant women are more often susceptible to food poisoning. Nausea and
vomiting resembles toxemia, but with intoxication diarrhea appears,
abdominal pain, fever may rise. Toxins will help
smect or activated carbon.

Colds in pregnant women can not be treated with the usual drugs like
aspirin, so even with a little cold, sore throat and
relatively low temperature call a doctor and take
sick leave to rest in bed and fully recover.

What happens to the baby


The organs and systems of the fetus are actively growing and improving. If a
mother properly eats, walks and rests as much as necessary, baby
he feels well, he is active and does not feel discomfort.

  • The tiny face frowns, grimaces, sponges can
    stretch out into a smile.
  • Fetal head circumference – approximately 26-28 mm.
  • The baby swims freely in the amniotic fluid, moves
    limbs. By touching the walls of the fetal sac, he can
    push off
  • The rib cage rises and falls from time to time,
    as if breathing.
  • The skin of the baby is covered with a special lubricant that does not allow the fetus
    literally get wet through.
  • The baby’s blood has not fully acquired complete biochemical
    composition, but the Rh factor is already defined.
  • The muscles of the neck are a little stronger, the head no longer falls on
  • The child distinguishes sounds from the outside, albeit muffled.
  • If a мама волнуется, чего-то боится или особенно радуется,
    hormones that are produced in her blood flow into the blood
    baby At the same time, the heart of the fetus begins to beat faster.
  • Sweat glands are formed.
  • The process of blood formation starts in the spinal cord.
  • The ossification of the skeleton continues.
  • Light down on the head a little coarse to later
    form into hair.
  • Ears get their final shape.

Это интересно. Sometimes you can
to meet the opinion that the expression on the face of the fetus reflects its emotions, and
tumbles baby – intentional action. Actually all movements
fetus – reflex, unconscious. Motor coordination will be
develop long weeks and months after birth

Fruit photo:

ребенок 14 week of pregnancy


  1. The main nutritional need now is enhanced protein
    nutrition. In the diet should be more lean meat, fatty fish and
  2. If a остается проблема с запорами, не забывайте о черносливе и
    dried apricots
  3. In case of sudden hunger or thirst, always carry with you.
    small “emergency stock”.
  4. Try not to eat canned foods,
    smoked foods, fatty foods.
  5. Steam everything you can. Baked in second place
    dishes, on the third – boiled. It is better to refuse fried food.
  6. Alcohol and nicotine are prohibited under any circumstances, even on
    favorite girlfriend’s wedding.
  7. Do not wear shoes with high heels, high wedges and
  8. Every day, do gymnastics for pregnant women, whenever possible.
    go for yoga, special fitness or in the pool.
  9. There is a time and desire – go to the courses for parents (along with
    father of the child).
  10. In public transport feel free to say that you are pregnant
    and ask to give you a seat.
  11. If a вы – «автомама», пусть в машине будет небольшая подушка
    under the lower back. Sitting behind the wheel must be straight, without moving the knees. Each
    just check how comfortable you are wearing a seat belt. Can be purchased
    special safety belts for pregnant women. Never
    direct the air flow in your direction and do not arrange in
    cabin drafts.
  12. Read books about maternity, newborn care and
  13. Sexual life is not prohibited unless
    state of health, and your health allows it or even

Это важно. Do not take
recommendations as a burden, restriction of your freedom. Pregnancy
should brings joy. You can always give yourself a little
loosen up and eat a slice of smoked sausage, skip the morning
exercise and watch the very favorite movie, even if it
makes you worry and cry. The main thing – to the general background of your
жизни был благоприятным и здоровым

Father child involvement

Men treat their forthcoming fatherhood differently.
Some are busy with work and are only casually interested in health and
state of the future mother. Others are annoyed because of “pregnant”
whims. There are very caring, attentive fathers, and this
the best way. Worse, when care turns into a commanding tone and
all sorts of prohibitions.

Even if the pregnancy was planned and was long-awaited, the father
a child may not be 100% ready for everything that happens in
over the next many months. Harmony and mutual understanding in
family will surely help future parents to survive possible
stresses and problems. If a заметно ухудшаются, портятся, не помешает
joint consultation with a psychologist.

The 14th week of pregnancy in general – the beginning of the
quiet period of pregnancy. First Trimester Problems
left behind, the happiness of early motherhood is felt in full

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Видно гид: 14 week of pregnancy ощущения в животе, что
happens, the size of the fetus, pulls the lower abdomen

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