14 basic facts about childbirth that needknow

For the expectant mother, especially if her first pregnancy
and desired, it is natural to experience a cocktail of mixed
feelings It is joy, hope, new shades of love and, at the same time,
quite understandable fear and confusion. Unable to respond to
all questions that arise during the pregnancy period but light up
The most common problems are quite real. Better in advance
familiarize yourself with them so as not to waste time and energy on
unfounded fears, and to meet one of the main events in its
life with joy and light in the soul!



Нелицеприятная, но вполне естественная реальность

  1. Chills. This is a phenomenon that is often observed.
    in women in labor, but is not a consequence of cold. It may appear
    due to an increase or decrease in blood pressure,
    under the strict supervision of the attending physician. Sometimes like
    happens due to a slight increase in body temperature –
    experts explain this by the incompatibility of fetal blood and
  2. Gases and uncontrolled bowel movements.
    The fact is unpleasant, but it often happens during generic
    process. Get rid of the natural feeling of shame while
    quite difficult, but let you at least a little calm the fact
    that you are, in this case, just one of many and medical
    the staff is absolutely accustomed to this. Passing through the birth canal,
    the fetus temporarily constricts the intestines and puts pressure on
    internal organs, as a result of which gases are released and may
    expel feces
  3. Vomiting. What to do, happen during childbirth
    and such painful embarrassment. Like chills, they can be explained
    irregular blood pressure or the use of epidural
    anesthesia. Often, vomiting is a result of a sharp disclosure.
    cervix or in the case when the contractions started quite
    fast after eating
  4. Stupor due to strong fright. You can
    attend classes for expectant mothers regularly and register as one of
    best listeners, but in a minute of stress all the knowledge and skills
    often converted into a head in a complete vacuum. All the same
    try to find the strength to return common sense and remember
  5. Non-standard actions. Tears, screams and
    hysterics – this is not all that can be followed by generic
    activity Sometimes women tend not to behave completely.
    usually they can insult doctors and spouse, tear off
    clothes It is explained by the hormonal revolution that breaks out
    out of control with emotion
  6. Failure to welcome the baby at first sight.
    Do not be afraid that after the difficult process of childbirth,
    filled with fear, pain and despair, you are not touched by the visual
    contact with the newborn. This is a consequence of just
    experienced stress. After a few hours, when it subsides slightly
    a storm of feelings, you look at it with completely different eyes and
    feel an overwhelming desire not to part with a crumb on
    a minute!
  7. Male fear. Today has become fashionable
    the obligatory presence of a husband at birth. Picture that woman
    himself draws in advance in the form of gentle handshakes and tears of happiness when
    the birth of an heir to the world is radically different from
    of reality. In fact, men, for the most part,
    experiencing the deepest sense of horror from what is happening. Looking at
    the pain and anguish of a beloved woman, and without having any possibility of them
    relieve, they fall into a complete stupor. And the whole picture
    that which opens to the gaze is completely devoid of aesthetics and beauty, therefore
    think, is it really important for you to make out of such intimate
    family show events

Что необходимо know о родах


  1. Start. So that for you not become sudden
    начальный этап родов, следует know, что протекать он может в
    several options. Most often, his arrival is signaled
    contractions, gradually flowing into the attempts, in some cases
    waste water or mucus plug, not to notice the appearance of which
    is impossible. Try to protect yourself as much as possible, and after 37
    weeks of pregnancy make the documents and bag with
    maternity hospital supplies have always been near you
  2. Contractions. They are true and false. To
    soberly assess the situation, it is enough to use the research
    Dr. Braxton Hicks. The doctor considered false, or training,
    contractions, an important preparation of the body for childbirth. They may appear
    after 20 weeks of pregnancy in the form of single spasms and treated
    experts, as the increased tone of the uterus. True contractions have
    pronounced systematic – at first they
    Duration is 5-10 seconds. But their duration and
    the intensity will gradually increase and increase
  3. Three stages of childbirth. The first takes sometimes
    20 hours, at this time the uterus gradually opens, the birth canal
    expand, preparing the ground for the birth of the baby into the world.
    The second is the very birth of the child itself. Third
    is a separation of the placenta, umbilical cord and fetal membranes
    from the walls of the uterus, more simply, the expulsion of the placenta
  4. Disclosure. 69-фактов-о-родах

    To поскорее подойти ко второй ступени родов, следует in
    время продолжающихся схваток не лежать, а, по inзможности,
    move slowly. Если у мамы хватает силы inли и терпения
    behave moderately actively, then cervical dilatation occurs
    faster and with a 10 cm indicator, you can already wait for a safe
    the appearance of the long-awaited culprit of events
  5. Poses for childbirth. We women give birth
    traditionally in a horizontal position. It is familiar and comfortable in
    first for obstetricians. The latest medical research
    show that vertical labor is much more preferable,
    как для плода, так и для mothers. Ведь не зря в древности in многих
    countries of the world women gave birth in a squatting position. Today is the choice for
  6. Pain sensations. Organism
    a person is able to withstand 45 del (unit of pain). Но in
    childbirth, the woman feels pain up to 57 del. It looks like
    twenty bone fractures obtained
     Появление ноinй жизни всегда
    сопроinждается болью, и избежать этого пока не удалось никому.
    Unpleasant sensations the body reacts to the compression of the nerve
    endings and internal abdominal organs. Lungs appear
    болевые импульсы в районе поясницы, постепенно заполняя жиinт и
    girdling the whole body of the woman in labor. Это вполне нормально и inвсе не
  7. Pleasant conclusion. Body production
    рожающей женщины бета-эндорфинов является еще одним доказательстinм
    wisdom of nature. They are the best painkillers.
    средстinм естественного происхождения. In low concentration
    замечено их присутствие и в грудном молоке, что позinляет малышу
    чувстinвать себя в пока чужом для него мире спокойным и

This is just amazing! Still very curious
facts about pregnancy and childbirth

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