13 week of pregnancy

13 week of pregnancy – это чаще всего начало более
quiet time. Even the most severe toxicosis passes or already
has stopped. You probably have time to do it.
by myself. For example, update your wardrobe, because your waist is rounded, and
tummy grew up with the baby.

The content of the article

  • 1 Feelings and well-being
  • 2 What happens to the figure of the mother
  • 3 Complications of pregnancy
  • 4 Medical control
  • 5 As the baby grows
  • 6 Recommendations
  • 7 ATидео гид: 13 week of pregnancy: что происходит,
    fetal size, sensation, proper nutrition, and more

13 week of pregnancy

Calculations on time:

Thirteenth obstetric week is eleventh from
conception. To avoid confusion, familiarize yourself with counting methods.
gestational age here.

Feelings and well-being

Many mothers in the thirteenth week feel that literally
come to life. All the unpleasant feelings gradually pass:

  • decreases the intensity of nausea;
  • vomiting practically stops;
  • a feeling of peace comes to replace irritability
  • forces become more;
  • drowsiness recedes.

In rare cases, toxicosis has not yet passed. If it is true,
keep on fighting him (like – see here).

At the end of the first trimester, many women especially suffer from
flatulence and constipation. The grown uterus as if “presses down”
intestine and reduces its muscle contractions (peristalsis).


What happens to the figure of the mother

It is on the 13th week that many women note how strongly
rounded their belly. It seems that from the side nothing is noticeable, but
only if the clothing is loose fit. Now even loose jeans
may be uncomfortable in a belt. So it’s time to go to the store for
special pants for pregnant women. They are very comfortable and
regulated at the waist – you can wear them for several weeks or even
months. Depends on your body in the next two trimesters.

Photos of tummies:

If there are twins or even triplets under the mother’s heart,
pregnancy can not be hidden, except under outerwear.
Get ready for the curious glances of others and do not be embarrassed.

The chest can still be enlarged. Once
bra will be cramped, pick a new one. Stock up on pads
for a bra, if you already have colostrum.

Это важно. You can not walk in close,
crushing clothes. There may be choking and even

Pregnancy complications

The uterus of a pregnant woman is constantly growing. At the same time moving apart
internal organs, the nearest ligaments and muscles are under
load. Because of this, heartburn occurs, and the stomach sometimes hurts.
Feelings must be tolerant and deliver only a small

Any severe, unpleasant pain in the abdomen, side, or lower back is
an alarming symptom, urgently need a doctor. Especially if you have pain
there is a feeling of strong tension of the entire abdomen.


Watch for vaginal discharge. The norm is white or
clear mucus, odorless and in small quantities. Everything
the rest (brown, yellow, reddish discharge) is already talking about
any disease or threatened miscarriage.

Infections, unhealthy diet, unhealthy lifestyle can
cause missed abortion. This is the death of the fetus and a serious threat.
health of the woman. Only doctors can cope with this condition.
in the hospital.

With a lack of potassium and calcium in the blood may appear pain and
cramps in the legs.

Medical control

Surely you are already registered in female consultation. Then
You already have a survey and testing plan. Regularly
visit the necessary doctors. When you donate blood, be sure
observe the conditions of preparation, otherwise the result may be

If you have not undergone the first scheduled ultrasound, you will be appointed. You
you can look at your baby but hardly know the sex

Photo ultrasound:

узи на 13 неделе

If you have any serious illness that
treated with antibiotics, the doctor may prescribe them. Placenta developed
so that protects the baby from the side effects of this group

How does a baby grow


The size of the fetus at the thirteenth week will reach 65-78
mm, weight – 14-20 grams.

13 недель

Baby grows and develops very quickly:

  • heart makes 140-170 beats per minute, for a fetus it is
    normal rhythm;
  • in the face of more and more individual lines;
  • mimicry develops, baby learns to smack his lips;
  • in tiny gums, the “beginnings” of twenty milk teeth “hide”
    which will gradually erupt within two years after
  • the brain is actively developing and “commands” the reflex movements
  • the pancreas begins to produce insulin, and the gall
    the bladder produces bile;
  • vocal cords continue to develop;
  • bones strengthen, especially on the ribs;
  • head growth slows down a bit (now it takes almost
    half body length);
  • torso begins to grow a little faster;
  • the placenta reaches a thickness of about one and a half centimeters;
  • eyelids remain tightly closed;
  • thanks to the development of neck muscles, the chin of the fetus is no longer
    pressed against the chest;
  • skin develops, but remains very thin, it is penetrated
    blood vessels;
  • the chest rises and falls as as if the baby is breathing
    but it is also a reflex (oxygen enters through the blood);
  • in the intestines are formed special digestive
  • boys develop the prostate gland, and girls
    the ovaries;
  • gradually begins to “work” sense of smell.

There is not a proven theory: the amniotic fluid
smell the fact that a pregnant woman eats. When breastfeeding milk
will also have the smell and taste of mom’s diet. To
newborns and babies did not refuse mother’s milk,
It is recommended not to change the diet immediately after delivery.

Это важно. In the early stages of pregnancy
Mother’s illness or stress is reflected in the baby’s entire body.
Now every health problem can lead to pathology
органа, который наиболее интенсивно развивается


Главный совет сейчас – любите себя, свое тело и baby On
your term needs to be even more careful in everything.

  1. Meat or fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, cereals and dairy products –
    here is your daily diet.
  2. Preferably four or five meals a day.
  3. Remove and do not eat skin from chicken.
  4. If you are a sweet tooth, buy marmalade, marshmallow, marshmallow (without
    dyes), dried or dried fruit. Forget about the buns and
    cakes. If you really want chocolate, eat one or two slices.
  5. Try 100% to abandon fried foods, smoked meats,
    canned food, spicy food.
  6. Do not drink strong tea and coffee if you like these drinks and do not
    You can refuse them. But if you have low blood pressure, the doctor
    can recommend coffee.
  7. It is believed that the calcium future mother must
    get from vegetables, not from livestock products. Wherein
    it is argued that animal calcium causes earlier ossification
    springs on the head of the fetus and then makes delivery difficult. It’s just
    another myth. It is very difficult to overplay during pregnancy.
    the body is calcium, because it really needs a lot. A source
    This trace element does not play a role at all. A spring in children
    overgrown only closer to one year old.
  8. When constipation give up rice and be sure to include in the diet.
    dried apricots and prunes. Another dried apricots will help with convulsions, since
    contains potassium.
  9. As always, alcohol and smoking are prohibited.
  10. Walk more often in parks, near rivers, ponds and fountains. there is
    the opportunity to drive out of town is just great.
  11. On даче или приусадебном участке из всех сельхозработ вам можно
    only pick berries, and not for long and sitting.
  12. If your legs hurt from long walks, go slower and on
    short distances.
  13. Take yoga, swimming or special gymnastics. TO
    upcoming births need to prepare now.
  14. Join a maternity club, chat, share
    experience, help each other at least through the Internet.
  15. Talk with your baby, stroke your tummy and think about
  16. If you feel stuffy at work or at home, air
    place or go out when possible.
  17. If there is a tonometer at home, measure the pressure in the morning and evening, and
    write down readings. If there is a deviation from your individual
    norms, show records to the doctor.
  18. Lubricate your breasts, abdomen and thighs with creams for stretch marks or just
    olive oil.
  19. Dress so as not to freeze and overheat. If on
    outside unstable weather, use several layers of clothing. AT
    warm season carry an umbrella.
  20. There are no restrictions for sex if you have one fruit and are missing
    risk of miscarriage.

The term of 13 weeks of pregnancy is a time of joy and positive
of emotions. Be calm and happy – the second is waiting for you

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ATидео гид: 13 week of pregnancy: что происходит, размер
fetus, sensations, proper nutrition and much more

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