13 habits you need to get rid ofyoung mom

After giving birth, the life of a young mother is in many ways
Complicated, new responsibilities and concerns appear (mothers
at the same time cleaners, cooks, animators, nurses – the list can be
continue for a long time), but with them there are also harmful for
still inexperienced parent habits. These bad habits can
significantly complicate life, they take time, worsen
mood and interfere with the upbringing of the child. Moms give all of themselves
child and forget about yourself. These 13 things need to stop doing,
if you become a mom.


1. Осуждать других мам

It is important to stop trying to condemn the alleged “wrong”
parenting in other families. Do not even throw condemning
views, allow thoughts “and I would do wrong” because each
a parent has the right to raise his child within his own
views, not looking at the opinions of others.

2. Compare and rate

Criticism of other families goes hand in hand with comparison. Huge
the flow of information in social networks about those moms that have time to lead
business, doing sports and taking beautiful pictures,
while being engaged in a child, they make you suffer from envy.
However, envy such a way of life is not worth it, because
It is not known how many experiences are hidden behind a bright photo.
It is important to enjoy your own life and every moment of it.

3. Do not take care of yourself and forget about it.

The duties of the mother do not put a cross on the appearance at all, the main thing is
prevent life, like a quagmire, swallow all the time. Hairstyle,
manicure and banal relaxation, rest from everyday life, while the child remains
with dad is ideal for maintaining good
mood of a young mother and her appearance.

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4. Be ashamed

худеем после родов

First of all, the question of shame in a young mother concerns the figure,
those extra pounds that appear during pregnancy and
remain after it. To get rid of them will only need
some exercise (restorative gymnastics after childbirth – 14
simple exercises) and thoughtful healthy food – and reasons for
there will be no shame. In any case, one is already the fact of parenthood
Essentially paints any woman.

5. All purchases should be made only for children.

Of course, children need all the highest quality and beautiful,
but, in case the purchase was planned for yourself, it means
you really need to buy something for yourself. Kids are very fast
grow out of the tenth pair of shoes, but the new dress in the wardrobe
young mothers will not be superfluous.

6. Feel strong guilt.

No minor mistakes in raising a child at all point to
undeveloped maternal instinct or inability to raise children. Not
need to be ashamed of your own ignorance, it is important to learn from

7. Worry about the mess

маленький ребенок бардак дома


Each time, apologize for a couple of toys scattered on the floor and
unwashed dishes left in the sink after tomorrow or dinner
worth it. Absolutely everyone understands that with a small child in the house is not
I manage to do absolutely everything, so worry about such trifles
не worth it.

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8. Fear your loneliness

From time to time leave the child with her husband, nanny, grandmother and
grandfather, elder brothers and sisters – this is a good practice,
позволяющая young mom или же обоим родителям отдохнуть от
daily routine duties, enjoy silence and relaxation,
see friends, go to the cinema or theater. All this is absolutely
normal desires, the main thing is to leave the baby only to those who
earned the utmost trust.

9. Worry about what other moms manage.

One of the options for comparing with one’s own life is
беспокойство о том, что у других everything проходит лучше. But actually
there are no ideal parents; any children sometimes succumb
whims, quarrels happen in any houses. It is important to be aware of this and not
try to strive for the unattainable ideal of a fabulous life.

10. Postpone and delay the execution of your own

Yes, it’s quite difficult to spend time after giving birth
fulfill your own plans, but even in this case
forget about desires and dreams. It is quite possible to combine your
schedule so as to achieve the desired goals and results
only in raising children, but also in other areas of life.

11. Criticize yourself


Yes, sound self-esteem is an excellent character trait, but
excessive nagging, which usually differ young mothers,
It does not help to become better, it will only keep
constant voltage. Stop blaming yourself for appearances, for
order in the house, for raising children. Enjoy every day
of your life. Believe me, you do a lot better than you think. It is better
everythingго концентрироваться на позитивных мыслях и наслаждаться
nice moments.

12. Брать на себя everything дела

Many mothers suffer, hesitating to ask for help. But you are not
superhero, as if you did not want to. Ask people
hold the door or help with a stroller on the stairs; ask your husband
take a walk with your child or cook dinner while you study with
baby Никому не под силу делать everything и сразу, а если вы будете
try to do it, then very soon you will fall down from fatigue.

13. Experiencing the little things

It is unlikely that we can remember the nonsense that made
worry a couple of weeks ago. This fact shows all
the insignificance of daily minor problems that are sometimes needed
to be able to close eyes, carrying out the planned affairs. we
experiencing stress due to trifles, and this exacerbates the situation and
harm your health. Try not to worry about the little things and
to enjoy the life.

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