12 week of pregnancy

12 week of pregnancy означает близкое завершение
first trimester. Soon toxicosis should stop. Small
little man under the heart of the mother is less threatened pathology of development.
The risk of spontaneous abortion is reduced. Lack of
problems in the first trimester reduces the likelihood of various complications
in the following months.

The content of the article

  • 1 Fetal development
  • 2 How are you expectant mothers
    • 2.1 Photos of tummies on the twelfth week
    • 2.2 Weight dynamics
    • 2.3 Paternity awareness
  • 3 Medical control
  • 4 Recommendations
    • 4.1 Diet and nutrition principles
    • 4.2 Здоровье и Красота
    • 4.3 Intimate life
  • 5 ATидео гид: 12 week of pregnancy — ощущения в животе,
    что going on, ultrasound, symptoms, screening, doctor’s advice

12 week of pregnancy

Fetal development

On the 12th obstetric week (for methods of calculating terms, see
here) the size of the fruit is about 6 cm. Its weight is still
not felt at all – about 9-13 g.


ATо время УЗИ можно хорошо разглядеть, как выглядит плод. Already without
any interpretation and explanation of the doctor can distinguish the contours
body. The body of the baby is slightly larger than his head, and the arms and legs are barely
distinguishable – they are still very short and thin. AT очень редких случаях
modern equipment will allow the doctor to recognize the sex of the child –
Provided that the crotch of the baby is clearly visible. On standard
diagnosticians this information will not be available for a long time.

фото УЗИ плода в 12 недель беременности

Это интересно. Future moms often ask
Doctors ask: Is their baby properly positioned in the uterine cavity?
The answer of experts surprises many. Now the fruit is literally that
wants it does. He can “settle” in any position
constantly change it and even tumble. This is because
there is still enough room for all movements in the uterine cavity

What usually happens to the baby:

фото плода на 12 неделе беременности

  • ATсе основные органы и системы сформированы. Some perform their
    functions (for example, heart), others continue their development and
    are improved (intestines, endocrine glands);
  • At the place of the eyebrows and cilia appears barely noticeable fluff;
  • The formation of a unique pattern on the pads continues.
  • Mimicry develops: the baby begins to grimace;
  • The development of the fingers ends – the membranes disappear
    finally, but already there are tiny marigolds;
  • Outer ears may still be underdeveloped. But sometimes even on
    The 12th week the earlobes are already formed;
  • AT крови активно формируются лейкоциты, будущие регуляторы
    child’s immunity;
  • Some reflexes work: the kid squeezes and unclenches his fists,
    makes swallowing and simulates respiratory movements. Of course,
    the fetus cannot really breathe: the uterus is full
    fluid and oxygen enters the blood vessels through
    placenta and umbilical cord;
  • Peristalsis (contraction of the muscles) of the intestine appears;
  • The pancreas “trains” in the production of bile;
  • There is an active strengthening of bone tissue.


How are you future mothers?

What is happening now in the body of a woman? ATнешние и внутренние
the changes are permanent, the whole
an organism.

  • The uterus no longer fits in the pelvic space and little by little
    begins to occupy the abdominal cavity. Therefore, more noticeable
    tummy, while he does not interfere. Is that tight clothes are no longer
  • Toxicosis (if any) can completely stop there.
    term, but may continue. How to deal with toxicosis – read
  • The emotional state becomes more stable. Panic
    fear of losing the baby recedes. May persist
    irritability and excessive sensitivity.
  • Feelings of irresistible drowsiness and constant fatigue.
    gradually pass;
  • It is still difficult to concentrate, immediately perceive
    complex new information. It is not a loss of intelligence, just yours.
    the body now spends a lot of energy on maintaining well-being –
    your and your baby;
  • The heart, liver and kidneys work in a heightened mode. If you have
    there are chronic diseases of these organs, they can
  • The intestine may still be unstable, possible
    constipation and / or diarrhea;
  • The constant desire to urinate disappears for several weeks.
    Then the uterus will grow up so much that it will again begin to put pressure on the urinary
  • Amniotic fluid is regularly updated, so that water-salt
    the exchange is very important now;
  • The blood volume increases slightly (it is a constant
  • The chest has already grown noticeably. If the colostrum does not start to stand out
    out of the nipples earlier, it can start now. In no case
  • After a long walk, the legs begin to “buzz”;
  • There may be slight swelling of the legs and arms;
  • ATолосы могут заметно отрасти. With этом они часто становятся
    dry and brittle. The same problem occurs with the nails;
  • The skin of the abdomen is stretched, because of this may occur
  • AT норме на 12-й неделе не должно быть никаких болей. But if
    quite a bit pulling the belly or lower back, this is normal;
  • ATыделения из влагалища должны быть небольшими, белыми или
    transparent, no pungent odor. Report any deviation
    to the doctor. Especially if spotting or out of
    vagina for real blood has gone;
  • Nutritional fads can persist throughout pregnancy. Be to
    ready for this.

12 week of pregnancy ощущение в животе

Photos of tummies on the twelfth week

Weight dynamics

Do you follow the recommendations for pregnant women? If yes, then
The weight situation should be fairly stable. With toxicosis
You can not add a single kilogram for now and even a little
lose weight If you feel good, not worry


Общий набор веса на сроке беременности двенадцать недель
should be kept in the range of 1.5-3.5 kg. In the next two to three months
It is permissible to gain weight in the range of 400-500 g per week.

Due to the lack of body weight, the baby may not have enough nutrients.
substances, it is bad for its development. Overweight makes life difficult
Mom herself: it becomes hard to breathe and move, quickly lost
strength, and then give birth will not be easy.

Это интересно. Doctors know
Exceptional cases when the weight loss of the expectant mother is
OK. Women with excess weight before pregnancy during
babies carrying were not fat, but lost weight, and at the same time felt
yourself fine It is easy to explain: hormonal adjustment with
pregnancy stabilized metabolic processes. Mother’s “stocks”
just went on the development of the child. As a result, the birth of children helped
women become more slim and healthy. However, such cases
possible only when excess weight is the result of the wrong
nutrition, not serious diseases and problems with the exchange

Paternity awareness

The figure of a woman in the 12th week is not yet changing enough to
relatives (those who are not in the know), friends or co-workers of something
noticed. But the future father already perfectly sees the physical changes in
its “halves”. If the paternal instincts have not yet manifested themselves,
now they will begin to form. There will be a desire to protect
beloved woman and especially take care of her.

The father of the child must be helped. Many men still
believe that pregnancy and childbirth is extremely natural
the process that nature has foreseen everything, and various feminine whims and
emotional breakdowns are just whims. Try delicately
discuss your condition with your loved one, do not hide
Problems. Can’t talk? Show something interesting
on topics of concern to you on the Internet.

Medical control

Many future mothers, with good health, are in no hurry to go to
female consultation. Interestingly, in our country is appointed
something like a prize if a woman registered on the account to 12 weeks.
This is not a manual in the full sense of the word, but a small one-time increase.
to payments for maternity leave.

If you have not yet registered, go to the doctor. On the term of 11-13
weeks it is time to conduct the so-called screening. It is complex
examination. On ultrasound, the doctor will check some specific
fetal parameters. For example, estimate the size of the occipital region, by
which in the early stages determine the threat of Down syndrome. Analyzes
blood for certain hormones will reveal various defects
fetal development, if any.

For a period of up to 12 weeks, a woman still has the right to interrupt
pregnancy. Later, it is allowed to do this only for medical reasons.
and / or social indications:

  • severe toxicosis with a life threatening mother;
  • fatal malformations of the fetus;
  • pregnancy as a result of violence.

If you are already registered, then you will only screen.
In other cases, the doctor will prescribe a blood test, urine and
vaginal smear on various diseases and infections. You will be
asked questions about well-being, family circumstances, health
your household. The doctor will measure your blood pressure, weight and
the size of the pelvis.

If the term of your pregnancy for some reason can not be
calculated by the calendar of menstruation, up to the 12th week it can be
identify alternative methods. Later do it much
more difficult.


Throughout pregnancy, it is important to qualitatively
eat, be attentive to your health and well-being.
Surely you are already following a lot of recommendations. Then just
check the list below – do you do everything

Diet and nutrition principles

  • You have long had to give up alcohol;
  • No fast food, multi-colored carbonated and non-carbonated
    drinks with lots of dyes and stabilizers;
  • Tea and coffee should not be strong;
  • Even with morning sickness, do not give up breakfast.
    Use advice for pregnant women with early toxicosis (link
  • The diet should include 30% of vegetables and fruits, cereals, dairy
    products, lean meat and fish fatty varieties;
  • Steam, boil or cook. Fried and Fatty
    – as less as possible;
  • Take vitamins (prescribed by a doctor);
  • Watch out for viruses and infections. If your city is marked
    outbreaks of infectious diseases feel free to go to public
    places in a medical mask;
  • Even the common cold can occur during pregnancy is very
    heavy. Tablets can be taken only in extreme cases and
    prescribed by a doctor. You can help a variety of drugs local
    application. Throat should be rinsed with furatsilina solution or infusion
    calendula Runny nose will be due to washing with sea water. With
    headache will help massage certain points (at the temples, during
    hollow near the tragus, above the bridge of the nose);
  • Give up high heels. In winter time
    check if the soles of your shoes or boots are slipping. With
    loss of balance or a fall you can get hurt, and baby
    will be at risk. If the shoes are slippery, there is an easy way.
    Buy a band-aid and stick strips of it on the soles and
    heels. The effect is noticeable immediately, but the patch from time to time
    will have to be replaced because it wears out;
  • Watch your weight. With отклонениях в любую сторону
    check with your doctor – he will adjust the food and prescribe
    medications, if required;
  • Avoid stress and strong emotions. Great joy can
    to tire you no less than a sad experience;
  • Do sports. Swim in the pool, learn yoga,
    pick a complex gym for pregnant women.

Здоровье и Красота

You may notice the first stretch marks on your chest, hips, and abdomen. AT
our time can be dealt with effectively, it’s important to start
earlier. If the skin on the problem areas has not changed,
prevention does not hurt. Buy a special cream for stretch marks
(maybe this is what you need) or good olive oil and rub
into the skin 2-3 times a day.

Chest requires your special attention. It noticeably poured and
is heavy. Now you need special supportive

The face may be slightly rounded, there may be acne,
pigmentation. Never squeeze pimples and do not impose
Makeup with a thick layer. Try not to complex on this.
about Over time, the skin condition will get better.

Intimate life

If you feel good, you can be sure – you
especially beautiful and sexy. ATаша интимная жизни может идти
in its turn, if it does not cause panic fear and delivers
pleasure. If something is bothering you, be sure to talk to
partner. Now is the time to consolidate good marital skills
communication and mutual understanding.

Sexual life has its own contraindications:

  • multiple pregnancy;
  • the amount of amniotic fluid is below normal;
  • low location of the placenta;
  • risk of miscarriage;
  • genital infections (in this case, careful treatment of both

Some poses may already seem uncomfortable. Empirically
pick the most comfortable position for sex.

And one more important tip. Love yourself and your
baby Now all your emotions should be positive, bright
and joyful. And let the 12th week of your pregnancy pass

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ATидео гид: 12 week of pregnancy — ощущения в животе, что
going on, ultrasound, symptoms, screening, doctor’s advice

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