12 tips on how to grow smartbaby

TOак вырастить умного baby – вопрос, интересующий
every modern parent. If you want your baby
Achieved success in life and became a smart person, you need to attach
maximum effort. And you have to start from birth. Hugging
playing with your child, talking and reading books to him, you
laying the foundations for its intellectual development. We offer
вашему вниманию 12 шагов по воспитанию умного baby.


1. Love вашего baby. When you show
нежные чувства, обнимаете, целуете вашего baby, вы не только
You give him a sense of security and peace, but you also help
develop his brain. Studies by American scientists have shown that
mother’s love physically affects certain areas of the brain that
responsible for emotion, memory, stress and learning.

2. Говорите с ребенком. It develops speech.
baby skills. Также слушайте baby, когда он говорит. Thereby
you encourage the desire to communicate and improve his speech. More often
ask him open-ended questions, for example: “What did you do today in
kindergarten? “Such questions help the child to comprehend what he
knows, and make it clear that his opinion matters. Use in
speech unknown words to the kid. He will surely guess that they
mean if you use them several times in a familiar


3. Read books to your child. Start reading
even if he still does not understand the words. This will not only give him a head start in
development of language skills, but also instill an interest in reading. Having started
read in the preschool years, your child will be well prepared,
to further well understand the literature, history and
math. Suggest your baby to sit comfortably on the sofa and
read with you. Keep books on shelves and magazines.
little table. Маме в копилку: 260 TOНИГ, TOОТОРЫЕ

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4. Let your child play. Not serious
seemingly messing around with toys creates the basis for his
intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills. BUT
when your kid plays team games, he learns to share
ideas, impressions, feelings and experiences with other children.

5. Encourage exercise. Classes
физкультурой не только делают вашего baby сильным и спортивным,
but also develop intelligence. Exercise increases blood flow to
the brain. The blood, in turn, delivers oxygen and glucose, in
which the brain needs to increase attention and mental
concentration. BUT прыжки со скакалкой укрепляют вестибулярный
an apparatus that improves spatial thinking.

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6. Сделайте музыку частью жизни baby.
Studies show that listening to music is not only
improves the memory and attention of the baby, but also reduces stress, which
пагубно влияет на развитие baby. BUT обучение игре на музыкальном
helps the tool to form an abstract logical

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7. Be a positive example. Children learn
looking at adults. If your child sees what you read, draw
paintings, music or any other creative activity,
he will imitate you.

8. Limit TV viewing. Your
child should not watch television programs up to two years.
If the kid spends too much time at the blue screen, then he
eliminated from performing more important for intellectual
development of action: games, communication with peers and reading books.

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9. TOормите baby правильно. To grow
baby умным, недостаточно только духовной пищи. Rich in protein
diet (eggs, fish, meat and nuts) improves attention, speed
reactions and thought processes of the baby. Carbohydrates that are found
in cereals and fruits, give his brain fuel. Very important for
full development of vitamins and minerals. BUT вот обработанные
carbohydrates (found in sweets, baked goods, hamburgers,
packaged juices do not have the best effect on concentration
attention, concentration and activity level.

10. Provide your child with good sleep.
Healthy sleep is also necessary for the baby, like water and food intake. Parents
those preschoolers who sleep below the norm are at risk of facing
hysterics, nervous breakdowns. Children may also get worse.
attention, memory and even vision. In the dream, the child is not only resting
physically, but also gaining strength for active mental work.
Therefore, from early childhood you need to teach your baby to
proper sleep and wakefulness.

11. Help your child develop perseverance and
Hardness of character is an addiction.
pursue long-term goals, diligence and endurance. Sometimes
perseverance is more important than innate talent or intelligence. Tell that
how did you achieve your goal despite failures and


12. Choose smart computer games. TO
unfortunately or fortunately information technology and gadgets all
come into our life more firmly. Выбирайте для baby такие
computer games that can teach him letters, math,
music and much more. They also develop hand coordination and
eye and prepare for tomorrow’s technology. What more
important, the baby learns it while playing. But do not forget that neither
One modern gadget does not replace the child to communicate with you and

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TOаждый малыш с рождения обладает уникальными
abilities. The task of adults is to improve these
natural inclinations. Even if you can’t grow
little Einstein, remember that your child is unique. Love
its what it is!

TOак воспитать ребёнка умным. BUTнатолий Вассерман

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