12 Tips for Educating Confidentbaby

Один из важных этапов воспитания baby — формирование
he has confidence in himself. Psychologists explain that such a trait
character helps children to undertake difficult tasks
try something new. If the child is not confident in their own
forces, he will be afraid to be known as a loser, to disappoint loved ones
and cause disapproval of others. In the future, such a person will not be able to
achieve success in your career, because employees are especially valued,
who take responsibility and offer non-standard,
risky solutions to various problems. Follow our recommendations –
и вырастите уверенного в себе baby, обеспечив ему успешное

уверенный в себе ребенок

Хвалите baby не только за успехи, но и за старания (вне
depending on whether the child succeeds or not)

Achieving the goal is important for adults, and the child only learns
– first, hold a spoon and go to the pot, then –
read, write, play ball games. Therefore, the requirements for children
must be different. At the stage of growing up the process is important.
обучения, поэтому родители должны поощрять старания baby, причем
независимо от того, добивается он успехов или нет
. If a
your son, playing football, missed the goal, still loud
applaud and express your delight. You can not have a child
felt embarrassed if something was wrong with him. Let be
the baby will understand that no one will scoff at him, condemn,
scold for misses. In this case, he will not be afraid to try
new and learn further.

Encourage practice

ребенок увлечен рисованием

Noticed that the child watches basketball with interest
TV, he liked to draw or sing? Try
to encourage him to do this more often. The main thing –
act unobtrusively and without coercion. If a вы разглядели у
his talented musical talent, do not force him to play
piano to pain in the hands. So after all, you can completely discourage
interest not only in a specific instrument, but in music
principle. All classes must be dosed, and the mode of employment
let him tell the teacher.

Позволяйте ребенку самостоятельно решать некоторые свои

Life throws up difficulties for everyone. Learn to deal with them
человек должен еще в детстве, ведь по мере взросления все Problems
will only become more serious. Therefore give
opportunity for your child to independently find a way out
difficult situations to develop communication skills with different people.
Try не вмешиваться постоянно в жизнь вашего baby,
trying to make it as easy as possible. Give him advice
listen and cheer, but do not immediately run to punish him
offenders, even without understanding the situation. If a вы будете
постоянно вмешиваться в жизнь baby, стараясь уберечь его от всех
adversity he will grow up dependent and unsure of
to myself.
 Then even at age 40, your child will wait for
at any moment mother will come and solve his problem.

Challenge the child

ребенок учится кататься на велосипеде

Научите baby всегда двигаться вперед. Let him know that
reaching a small goal is just the beginning, now he can
do something more meaningful. For example, if a child started learning
ride a two-wheeled bike, ask him to remove
extra wheels. Convince him that he is ready to go, and so, and you
hedge him if necessary.

Mistakes are an integral part of learning.

We all learn from our mistakes, and children are no exception. therefore
не требуйте от baby, чтобы он был идеальным, все схватывал с
first time. Nothing, if the child made an unfortunate mistake. But
he realizes his mistake, learns a lesson from her, and next time
better cope with the task.

Encourage children’s curiosity

Children – small how-tos? Of course, their endless questions
tire and even begin to unnerve adults. Only parents
важно понять, что, спрашивая о чем-то и узнавая новое,
the child develops, enlarges his vocabulary, expands
Receiving answers for their “why”, the baby understands
that in the world there are so many interesting things that he needs
learn more. Любопытство baby разгорается, оно мотивирует
his learn and grow on himself.

любопытный ребенок


According to statistics, boys and girls who in the first years of life
ask many questions to parents and get answers to them, in
elementary school overtake their classmates. So children
interesting to learn new information, they learn better and faster
absorb knowledge.

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Discover new opportunities

Старайтесь чаще брать baby на прогулки и в разные поездки,
telling him something new, reading interesting and informative
books. All this contributes to the expansion of horizons and the formation
уверенности в to myself.

Share your experience and knowledge

The whole world of the baby in the first years of his life – these are parents. In his
Mom and Dad are superheroes who can do anything. Become
worthy role models. Share your knowledge to the crumbs
teach him all that you can do it yourself.

Never criticize

не критикуйте baby

Children are very vulnerable. Even if the child failed,
Do not criticize him in any way, do not say that he did everything
bad and wrong.
Moreover, comparisons cannot be used.
with children who were better, faster, smarter. Otherwise you
рискуете полностью отбить у baby желание чем-либо заниматься. is he
simply start to be afraid again to disappoint parents and not risk
try something new.

Поддерживайте baby, когда он испытывает сложности и

No matter how talented your child is, he still knows on
imagine all the injustice of this life. is he будет сталкиваться с
трудностями, терпеть обидные failures. At such moments, the child
you just need his parents to support him. Remind your child
that to achieve the goal you need to work hard and believe in your
forces, and all difficulties are only steps on the road to success.

Encourage your desire to try something new.

Starting something new is always exciting. therefore обязательно
поддержите baby, если он хочет записаться в спортивную секцию
or learn to roller skate. Praise him for being
wants to do something useful. Tell your chad that you are proud
by how boldly he begins a new phase of his life.

Show the joy of learning

Every child copies the emotions and reactions of their parents, their
attitude to different things. Возьмите baby с собой в бассейн, чтобы
he saw the pleasure you take swimming. Show,
How interesting to read in a foreign language, understanding the meaning
written by The child will see your reactions and will also be delighted with
of all these things.

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