12 things in the life of the mother, which she should notbe ashamed

Our children are obedient and tidy only in conversations with
friends and in the photo in social networks where they gently eat healthy food
in a perfectly clean kitchen and smiling make-up mom. In the reality
we do not always follow the rules of a good mother, which no one
will tell. There are a few things that every mom should
stop blaming yourself.

12 things in the life of the mother, which she should not be ashamed

  1. Not always neat clothes. Small hole
    on the pants, pink jumpsuit on your boy, surrendered
    relatives from their daughter … Everyone has “for the home” things that
    never see in photos.
  2. Mess in the house. There are moms who can’t
    sleep well until the floor is clean. But believe me: if you do not have
    time and effort to get out every day, and toys, just
    laid out in places, again scattered throughout the apartment, –
    believe you are not alone.
  3. Not the most wholesome food. Broccoli puree,
    chicken or turkey steak are good, but stubborn toddler
    refuses everything except pasta or sweet cottage cheese. There are
    Cases where only the day-old cutlets are left for lunch or
    the way you have to eat fast food.
  4. Difficulties with brushing children’s teeth. By
    recommendations of the dentist, it should last at least 5 minutes. BUT
    where are the tips on how to handle a 1.5-year-old baby who
    Does he even bite his finger? What to do mom: call for help
    �”Holder of children” and 5 minutes to brush the teeth of a hysterical baby in
    tears? Add a tantrum with tears and think it is worth
    whether the daily proper cleaning of the teeth of the child’s nerves and yours too.
    It’s easier to just quickly brush one minute, believing that “earlier
    people lived without it. ”
  5. Missed walk. Migraine, absence
    mood, full obstruction at work – how among all this highlight
    at least a couple of hours to walk with the child. BUT ещё на улице может
    be cold or hot. Not every mother walks with her child every day.
    4 hours, so you can calm down.
  6. Bad words with a child. What will break loose from you
    when at night you step on a little detail with all your might
    constructor? Вряд ли это будет: «BUTх, как мне больно».
    To control his speech in such moments is very difficult.
  7. The whims of the child. Agree, it’s hard for you
    to predict that the baby at one time or another will be hysterical?
    Such moments can not be predicted. What to say about control and
    �”Proper education” during the whims. In such cases, only
    возникает желание провалиться под землю, купить всё, что
    asks the child to throw him on his shoulder and carry him as far as possible from
    people to avoid oblique looks.
  8. Without makeup and in sweatpants. Sneakers with
    jeans or sweat pants, a quick bunch on the head – every mom
    will confirm that this is the best “uniform”, especially with restless
    as a baby Older kids also don’t have much time left
    so the usual 10-minute shower for mom becomes a feat.
  9. Cartoons. The recipe is simple: turn on 30
    minutes cartoons to relax or calmly cook soup. it
    indeed, but you are still ashamed of it.
  10. Wrong mode. Travel, holiday,
    arrival of guests or just going to the store – it all deprives the child
    daytime sleep. BUT вечером он ложится уже ближе к полуночи. From senior
    a relative you get disapproval: “At 10 o’clock in the evening, and
    the child is not in bed. ” But in reality, the regime will quickly recover.
    without serious consequences.
  11. Social network. Could you cook for breakfast
    Useful cottage cheese casserole and decorate it with fruits from fruits.
    To read a child, to sculpt or draw with him. Crochet, teach
    foreign languages ​​or master computer programs. But instead
    They chose to look through Facebook, Instagram or VK. BUT кто
    today is not doing this?
  12. Violence in education. If you are very tired, then
    Can you scream or slap a child? Proponents of the theory
    attachments are sure that the kindest can
    conscious and patient mom. it не способ воспитания, а
    minute weakness of the parent. Just apologize to the child and
    say goodbye to guilt.

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