12 strange habits that young people get sick ofmothers

Воспитывая малыша, молодые mothers учатся множеству полезных
skills. But with them, strange habits are acquired, because
which often have to feel embarrassment in society. From the side
it looks funny and strange, but almost every woman has been in
a similar situation. We collected the most strange and funny
habits of many young mummies. Have you noticed this for yourself?

странные привычки мамочек

1. Lightly absorb food. Habit quickly
have young moms produced after the baby constantly
trying to get into her mother’s plate, risking to knock everything on the floor.
If you do not have time to quickly eat everything, then you can stay hungry, yes
you will clean the room once more. Away, even if
baby is not around, mommy starts to devour everything that is in
and can not understand why friends look so strange.
Many young women, having left the decree, cannot get rid of for a long time.
from habit there is on the sly from colleagues, sneaking out the coveted
Brakes from a handbag and hiding behind a rack with papers.

2. To rock the “imaginary” baby. Young
women are so accustomed to swing the stroller that they most often do
This is without special need, when the baby does not need it. More
In addition, when they go to the store, they also roll a trolley with
products. Imagine such a sight! From the side выглядит
pretty weird, isn’t it? Do moms carrying babies in
sling, it develops the habit of constantly dancing and
swing. Being in public places, they are forgotten and
do it already without a child.

3. Voice all that you see. When is the baby still
small and unintelligent, a young mother explains to him and tells
everything that happens around it doesn’t matter if they are at home or
walk on the street. The child has grown up, and the habit of speaking out loud
stayed, even if the baby is not around. Passing by a woman
to the phrase “What a beautiful flower!”, “Now we
let’s go to the store and buy a milk ”,“ Let’s wait until the car passes,
and we will cross the road “, do not be surprised. Most likely, it
Young mom.

4. Leave without saying goodbye. Run away until baby
does not see, accounted for every mom. In seconds she
he manages to dress, put on shoes and leave in English, so that no one
hears and so far no one breaks out sobbing. But will you understand
if this happens at a party or at work?

5. Work as a freelance rescuer.
The vigilance of young mothers can be envied by any lifeguard. Worth
baby stumble, like a caring mother right there. Child
carefully examined and littered with a bunch of questions like “Where does it hurt?”. If a
there is no crumbs nearby, the care of a young woman spreads over others
children She is ready to take control of all children who are
nearby, and protect them from any danger that sometimes sees
only she is one. And it’s okay that the parents of someone else’s crumbs
understand what she needs from their child.


6. Repeat the same thing several times.
Every woman, being a mother, can repeat
a child a hundred times a request or question, and it is good if he hears it.
Over time, she develops a habit. The baby is no longer there, but
she continues to practice on relatives, loved ones and even on
unfamiliar people. And puzzled frowns, seeing that someone
it’s annoying.

7. Lull everyone around. When a child is in a dream
starts to worry, mom shushes (says “shhhhhhhh”) to him, trying
calm and prolong sleep. This habit is so firmly rooted
in the subconscious that can be applied to her husband,
relatives and even strangers. One mom noticed for
a strange thing. When she travels in public transport and sees
sleeping person, then she wants to poke.

8. Hide or keep away dangerous
Creating a safe environment for the baby, mommies
so addicted that they do it always and everywhere. Not only they
continue to do it when the baby has long grown. It looks weird
when a young woman, while visiting, begins to hide
telephones, keys, knives and lighters almost to the topmost shelf
mezzanine. It is especially interesting when hot cups are placed on the table.
tea, and the woman strives to move them away from the edge.

9. Take extra care. Child
grows, and the habit of caring remains. Most often under
excessive custody of the husband. The man is dirty pants, his wife is running
shake off dirty knees. A little breeze, she is trying to wear
husband hat.

10. Disinfect everything around. Clean and
Sterility is very important for a small child. But when baby
grown up, it is not necessary to wipe the entire apartment with disinfectants

11. To take with you everything that can fit in the women’s
Many things needed to walk with a child
It is not necessary to take with you to visit or to work. Hardly you
A spare diaper, dummy, toy or book may be useful.
with bright pictures. Yes, and a backpack that accommodates the floor of the wardrobe,
можно сменить на маленькую женскую handbag.

12. Strange to dress. Ugg feet in the spring,
constant sneakers in summer, pants with hair, hat to the very nose,
sweatshirts are three sizes larger and necessarily wild colors
(so that the spots are not visible) and a replaceable set of clothes in the backpack for
спиной — вот образ типичной mothers. But it is convenient and you will not freeze!

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