12 simple ways to show your childlove every day

Most parents are so busy that sometimes
forget to do a simple but important thing – show your love for
to kid. We do not offer daily give expensive gifts, hide
under the pillow toys and gingerbread. Remember that there are lungs
ways to tell the kid “I love you” every day. It is about them and
will be discussed in our article.

любовь семья дети

  1. Write notes for the child. In the era
    emails and phone messages a little note,
    left in the backpack will be a pleasant surprise for the baby. Not
    write too long notes, especially if the children are still ill
    are reading. �”I wish you a good day” or “I love you” – this will be
    quite enough. To save time, you can advance
    prepare a whole stack of notes and post them every morning.
  2. Hug as often as possible. American
    psychologist Virginia Satir said: four hugs a day are needed
    child to survive, eight – to make him feel good and
    calmly, and 12 – so that he develops successfully as a person. Of course,
    You do not need to have a special calendar with marks, but you shouldn’t
    forget that the baby is in desperate need of your caress. Even if he
    wants to seem independent.
  3. Have dinner together. Studies show that
    dinner with parents is associated with a number of benefits for children,
    including with increased self-esteem and reduced stress. Joint
    dinner is a great opportunity to catch up in a day and
    discuss the concerns of the child. If you work late or
    come back when the child is already going to bed, try
    move the gatherings in the morning.
  4. Read together. Small children love to listen
    fairy tales that mom reads to them before bedtime. Older child also
    I will be happy to cuddle up to you and listen to a fascinating story. What if
    he already knows the letters, then try to read by roles.
  5. Discuss the plan of activities for the weekend.
    Talk to a preschooler about how you can spend the weekend. Let be
    it will be a trip to nature, an excursion to a museum or a theater, or maybe
    You will want to watch a new children’s film. Joint planning
    – отличный способ выразить любовь и уважение своему to kid.
  6. Say “thank you” and “please.” Not
    be sure to perform feats for the baby, he will appreciate and small
    things you do for him every day. When he speaks
    �“Thank you”, answer “please”. And be sure to serve good
    An example of children, not forgetting to thank them for helping
    cover or remove from the table.
  7. Give the child all your attention. Modern
    children notice that parents seem to forget about them
    being distracted by their phones and laptops. When
    the child wants to talk to you about something, set aside
    telephone and other distractions and pay attention to
    him Even if he wants to say something insignificant, to your
    look, try to listen to him and do it sincerely.
  8. Share your thoughts with your child.
    Tell your kid something interesting (and maybe
    enlightening) story from your childhood or explain what you
    Today engaged at work. Of course, все это нужно адаптировать
    under the age of the child. But still, he will definitely understand how much
    you appreciate it.
  9. Play with the baby. Let be это будет настольная
    a game, a constructor or a funny cones handicraft, the main thing is that you
    do it with the baby. If time is not enough,
    try to just turn on the music: you will clear the table, and
    child – to dance in his room.
  10. Raise with love and understanding. Avoid
    screams and punishments, and instead approve and praise the baby,
    say him warm words. Keep your child’s confidence
    own forces. Encourage his efforts with phrases like “You
    you can definitely do it! ”or“ I believe in you! ”
    encourage a job well done, even simple
  11. Celebrate every achievement. everyday
    celebrate what you can praise the baby. Did you like how
    did he clean his room? Are you glad that on the matinee he told
    long and complicated poem? You appreciate that he set the table
    without your help? Point out any small achievement that
    you notice every day.
  12. Laugh together. Not стоит недооценивать силы
    humor Think up funny words and new jokes, it’s not easy
    fun, but also helps develop the child’s speech. On the weekend
    Look at your children’s photo album with funny pictures. Tell that
    when they were made.

Notважно, каким образом вы решили рассказывать
child about his love, the main thing – to do it. Listen to him
views and desires from an early age, play each
free time, read books. Remember that parental love
– this is a kind of wings that will help your child fly up to new ones.

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