12 simple and effective parenting tipschildren

Being good parents is not easy, therefore
millions of married couples are exploring various books and manuals on how
how to handle your child. Applying 12 tips on
воспитанию children, многие мамы и папы уже достигли успеха. So in
What is their secret? What rules do they follow to create
harmonious relationship with your children?


1. Patience at the limit is normal

As often happens, children do not pay attention to the comments
parents, and sometimes even violently resist their instructions.
When the critical moment comes, moms and dads give up –
inferior to the child. By doing so, they want to keep the peace, showing
patience, they want to be “good parents.” Но тем самым
родители утрачивают свой авторитет
– если дети хорошенько
click, then under pressure will get what you want.

It is important to remember that everyone can lose patience, we are all human and
everyone can lose their temper, there is nothing wrong with that. Hold
anger and irritation are really difficult, especially if the children are all
do as if to evil. The child must understand that you do not
like this behavior, you can not go on about your son or
daughters. Let your emotions show, not
затаивайте их внутри себя, давайте ребенку и себе понять, что
You do not agree with the situation.
 Accumulated negative
subsequently be sure to find a way out, only then can
suffer all family members, and children most.

2. Teach your child to enjoy toys, not
подсчитывать ее цену

Buying an expensive toy for the baby, parents often
asking to treat her with particular trepidation, constantly recalling
how much it costs. But for a child it doesn’t matter, because
he cannot yet evaluate things and items based on their cash

Understanding the value of money comes to him later, and when
children are small, they are equally interested to play as with simple
безделушками, так и дорогими игрушками
. Even playing with
a simple sheet of paper or package sometimes seems to them more
fascinating than with a radio-controlled helicopter.

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show your love to your child every day

3. Punishment – a manifestation of love

Do you consider yourself bad parents if you have to
наказывать children? When a son or daughter does stupid things, you
have the right to be angry with them, and therefore punish them. Censure –
it is a loving measure, without it the child will not learn to see the boundaries

pravil`noe nakazanie rebenka

Thanks to timely punishment, children begin
понимать, что у каждого их действия есть свои последствия
they grow up people who can answer for their actions. Remember
to be good parents doesn’t mean at all
overlook the bad behavior of your child and everything to him

4. Do not be afraid to refuse

How pleasant it is to answer in the affirmative to all the requests of the little ones, because
they are so sincerely happy! But the constant “yes” can lead to
relationship problems a few years later. Baby not
accustomed to failures, over time, will demand more and more that
тогда делать родителям
? Will they be able to perform all
whims and requests of a teenager?

Do not be afraid to deny as yet small children, show
toughness when you need it, saying your firm “no.” First
refusing a child, you can meet the resistance in the form of tears, whims,
tantrums, but don’t give in, if the decision is made, stick
your word. Once yielding to the baby under the influence of whims,
later it will be even harder to refuse him anything else.

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smart baby

5. ATоспитывайте children самостоятельными

Not trusting children to perform small tasks around the house, doing all
work for them, you will achieve only one thing – when they grow up, then
will not be able to do basic things, such as warming your food
or wash the dishes. To teach the child to independence
need from early childhood. Ask them for help.
собрать игрушки, вытереть пыль


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help with household chores?

If the daughter wants to wash the plate, allow her, even if
the result will not be the best, still praise the girl for
initiative and effort. Never tell a child that he doesn’t
do not do the job for him. Such words will discourage the hunt.
generally take up any business in the future. By doing so
parents do not allow babies to develop independence.


6. Do not deprive yourself of the right to rest

Обязанность воспитывать children – это работа, требующая постоянных
effort and attention, besides, it is around the clock. Quit her
can’t get a vacation too. But moms and dads still need
rest to recuperate. Sometimes it’s worth taking
called time off

Teach your child to understand your sleep needs and
. Explain that while mom lies down, children can take
yourself with something interesting – draw, make a figure of plasticine
or just watch cartoons. Teach them what you need.
play quietly and do not handle numerous requests to mom,
when she is resting. However, keep the measure – kids should not
надолго оставаться без присмотра взрослых, вы-то будете
rested, but the child – left to himself.

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when mom wants to rest

7. Build the habit of eating well from an early age.

Good and proper nutrition at an early age is what
нужно научить своих children, ведь от этого зависит здоровье человека.
If you choose healthy foods yourself, even a child
adopts this habit from you. It is a mistake to believe that while children
small, they can eat everything – and sweets, and chips. it
does not mean that kids should eat only cereals and vegetables, but
Do not add fast food or other harmful foods to their daily diet.


The greatest danger here are grandmothers – they are constantly
They think that their grandchildren are hungry, offering them pies or pancakes.
Tactfully, but strictly explain to elderly relatives that, manifesting
excessive care and love for babies, they harm them

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8. Появление children – не конец жизни

Being parents is not about giving up your own interests.
and entertainment. Of course, moms and dads don’t have much time for meetings.
with friends and going to the cinema, as before, when the children had not yet appeared
to the light. But also completely depriving oneself of some kind of emotional relief.
can not. It is important to learn to combine parental responsibilities.
with your interests, find a middle ground.

9. Be interested in the child’s life.

Showing interest in what the child is doing and enjoys, you
Build a solid foundation for good relationships in the future. AT
early childhood a child can tell you enthusiastically about
pokemon, pig peppe and other favorite characters, new toys and

ATникая в слова children, узнавая их мир, вы становитесь близкими
friends. When the baby grows up, he will share with you.
already older problems and hobbies knowing that you are not
dismiss him, and support and listen.

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10. Parents need to be able to ask for forgiveness.

To base your upbringing on the principle “Mom is always right” and
stubbornly not to admit their mistakes is fundamentally wrong. ATсе ошибаются
– both children and adults. А раз вы учите baby просить прощения за
your wrongdoings, be so kind as to follow your own rules and
also admit my guilt.

Yes, it may not be easy, but there is nothing shameful about it.
Such objective observance of rules in your family will allow
build a harmonious and warm relationship with your child on

11. The limit has come – take a time out

There are situations when the atmosphere is heated almost to the limit,
when emotions, replacing each other overflow and ready to splash out
out. AT таком случае стоит взять тайм-аут – попросите бабушку или
подругу взять children хотя бы на час-два, чтобы дать себе возможность
restore calm.

mama zlitsia

Feel the emotional peak
overstimulation, stop, go to another room

at least 20 minutes, take a shower, think about the upcoming trip
on the sea. So you will avoid many conflict situations and learn
keep calm.

12. ATаши дети – самые лучшие на свете

For parents, their child, even an adult (namely
ребенком  для вас он будет и в 5, и в
45) всегда будет самым лучшим, красивым, умным, милым и
kind Do not be afraid of your feelings, but show them as much as possible.
. Some moms and dads believe that excessive
любовь и забота только избалует их children, поэтому начинают
criticize them. Do not deprive the child of support and tenderness, because
they are more effective than any educational

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baby в любви и спокойствии

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