12 signs of a spoiled child

A pampered kid is a real headache for
parents. Constantly achieving his, he begins to consider himself
the main man in the world. If the minion is faced with
legal requirements and prohibitions, then loud mother waits
hysterics. How to rehabilitate a little egoist? How to understand that
is your child too spoiled? In our material tips
psychologists for those parents who allow too much

избалованный капризный ребенок

Indulging can add many unpleasant moments already
grown up child. In adulthood, no one will be constantly them
admire, solve all his inquiries by magic.
Hence the collapse of hope and deep disappointment in those around him.
people Let’s look at the brightest and most distinctive features of the nursery.

Signs of a spoiled child

  1. The child categorically refuses to share.
    Spoiled children are egocentric, because they are given everything that
    they wish, on request. Toys, sweets, your
    attention – no wonder they refuse to share with
    peers and adults.
  2. He often makes tantrums. Bouts
    spontaneous tantrums are relatively normal in
    children under the age of three or four years. Sometimes it is the only
    a way to express your feelings, but preschoolers have hysterics – already
    tool for manipulation.
  3. Он крайне зависим от parents. If your
    the child cannot fall asleep when you are not in the room, does not wish
    stay with a grandmother or in kindergarten, this is already a sign
    pampered As they get older, children need to learn to feel.
    yourself comfortable with other people.
  4. Selective in food. There is nothing wrong in
    to cook special dishes for a child with special
    dietary needs. But if a healthy baby insists on
    an individual menu every night, it can be a sign
  5. He is always dissatisfied with all. Baby grumbles by
    for any reason: he does not like toys, clothes, cooked soup.
    He is quickly bored with new cars and a hike in the park. He immediately
    demands to buy a thing that I saw from another child: “I want
    the same scooter! “
  6. He does not help parents. Completely normal
    help the child to clean the toys if he has not turned three more
    years old. But when you continue to clean up and follow him,
    he is convinced that this will continue forever.
  7. He is rude to adults. Habit of getting what you want
    leads to the fact that the child begins to relate too
    consumer to parents. Why be polite to those who
    fulfills all its requirements? Disrespect for mom often turns to
    general rudeness. (Читаем Почему дети хамят?)
  8. The child has to persuade. Spoiled
    baby does not recognize the authorities – parents, grandmothers and educators.
    Therefore, their demands are absolutely nothing to him. If a
    child ask about something, he begins to mischievous. And get
    desired mom can only after much persuasion.
  9. He manipulates adults. Rude, intrusive,
    manipulative behavior is characteristic of capricious children. For
    achieve their own goals the child uses all available
    means: hysterics, tears, different approach to parents. If a мама не
    buy ice cream, he will go to the grandmother. �”Grandma, I love you more
    everyone in the world, ”he will say as long as she tells him something
    will not ban.
  10. He makes parents blush. Spoiled
    baby considers himself the center of the galaxy. To attract attention, he
    can interrupt adults, shout loudly, make tantrums when
    large gathering of people. Inability to behave in public places
    sometimes becomes a real problem, which, due to
    permissiveness, hard to fix.
  11. Not responsible for their actions. Whatever did
    baby, beloved mom, kind dad and adoring his grandmother and grandfather
    immediately “eliminate” any consequences. Knocked the neighbor
    girl So she is to blame. In such greenhouse conditions, children
    grow, but do not grow up.
  12. Does not perceive the words “no” and “no”.
    Spoiled children are hard to understand that they may not get something.
    The involuntary desire is excusable for very young children, but
    4-6-year-old kids, it is not peculiar. Capricious child any
    rejection accompanies loud sobs, perceiving it as the end

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Causes of childish spoiled

избалованный ребенок

Babies are not born spoiled, we cry loudly
signal mom about the main needs – mother’s attention, food,
food, diaper change. But if you overprotect a child,
constantly entertain him, so long as he does not roar, he will soon
becomes the center of the whole family.

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Very often, a capricious child grows up with parents who cannot
agree on the main methods of education. Baby starts
manipulate, command and control adults, seeing similar
disagreement. When dad forbids, he goes to his beloved and kind mom
And if she does not allow, then you can always contact your grandmother.

Variability in prohibitions is also unacceptable. For example, yesterday
children were allowed to walk in puddles. But today, in response, he hears
the loud “No!” and immediately begins to resent.

Many busy moms and dads try using gifts and various
trinkets to compensate for the lack of time to communicate with the baby.
But with the child, his demands are increasing. And then the parents
understand – spoiled!


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Psychological advice to parents of spoiled children


  • Keep calm

Remember that the only way to control the situation is
it stay calm. Loud cries will not make a child
to obey you. Do not raise your voice, even if the baby is satisfied
hysterical or starts to be rude. Ignore his behavior: “I
I’ll talk to you later when you calm down a bit. “

  • Begin to rehabilitate as soon as possible

As soon as you begin to understand that the baby is crying and screaming to
get the right thing, immediately stop the little one
manipulator. Do not indulge him, fulfilling any desire, in the hope
stop tantrums and nagging. The golden rule is: “Easier
to prevent the disease than to treat it for a long time and painfully. ”

  • Be consistent

If a сегодня вы разрешили ребенку прыгать на диване, а завтра
strictly prohibit it, your rules have no power.
Permits and prohibitions must be coordinated with all households.
The grandparents ’and parents’ response should be reasonable and
unanimous. Stay true to your word: do not repeat the threat
pick up a toy for bad behavior several times. Follow your
warning immediately.

  • Learn to say no

For многих взрослых отказать любимому малышу зачастую становится
very difficult decision. Therefore, a spoiled child perceives
parents as walking wallets, getting every day different
goodies Instead of the next (hundredth) cars give it
more time: read, walk, play together.

  • Type in the child’s dictionary

Explain how hard and hard mom and dad work: earn
food money, clothes for the baby, they cook for him, clean him
and wash. Ask him to help around the house, although at first you will have to
for him to redo everything. The first duty of the little darling
there will be a return of the toys scattered by his hands into place.

Do not overreact, starting to rehabilitate your spoiled
baby He may decide that you have fallen out of love, if earlier everything
allowed, and now prohibit the same. Be sure to explain
that you love your baby as before, but his actions to you are not always
like. And, of course, take as grandparents as allies.

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Spoiled ребенок. What to do?

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