12 effective ways to teach a child to cleanteeth

Any adult is well aware of the purpose
мы чистим teeth и почему делаем это ежедневно. The children of our arguments are not
They understand that the whole process seems like a heavy duty, which
adults impose them from harm. How to convince a child to
need to brush your teeth? This task is perhaps the most difficult, but
experienced mothers have found a way out of this situation. Today we will share
basic guidelines for teaching crumbs to cavity hygiene

ребенок чистит teeth

First skills

Многие мамы при попытке заставить ребенка чистить teeth
face the protest and wrathful look of the latter. Treat
this is more tolerant, because the baby is not yet fully aware of the importance
this process, and your stories are perceived as tedious
notation. At best, he will just pretend to diligently clean
teeth, на самом деле проведя по ним всего пару раз.

In order to teach a child the basic principles of caring for
oral cavity, the educational process must begin at the very
early age. With the advent of the first tooth, start wiping it
wet gauze or special wipes. If in the mouth crumbs
�“Already settled” several zubikov, then we pay attention and
gaps between teeth. Thus, oral hygiene will become
for the baby the usual daily activity, which so far holds


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By the age of two years, teach your baby to rinse his mouth with water, especially
after meal. Explain that this procedure is also
hygienic, but he can do it himself, without
help of elders.

Any kid wants to have “adult” things, so in this
age, you can solemnly hand the child his first toothbrush
(so far without pasta). You need to pick a brush meticulously. Pay
attention to the handle being thick, otherwise the child will be uncomfortable
keep it in your little hand. Choose a soft bristle so that the baby doesn’t
hurt gentle gums. Of course, at this age the crumb is not yet
сможет полноценно чистить teeth, а к своему инструменту начнет
get used to.

But not everything is as easy as we would like. Kids start
act up, resist and express your displeasure. And in this
case, parents should be smart and unobtrusively inculcate
baby basic rules for the care of teeth.

12 tips for parents

  • Lack of pressure


Как говорил знакомый всем персонаж, «Спокойствие, только
. Stock them, and also with patience and
валерьянкой :). This does not mean that you need
silently and patiently allow the crumbs to mock themselves and not
comply with the requirements of senior. On the contrary, you need to show
perseverance, but within reasonable limits.

The sequence of actions is also important. Not today
allow what was forbidden yesterday and vice versa. Allow
ребенку не почистить teeth – такая мера поощрения почему-то
considered normal. Reward him for his merits with something else.
The issue of hygiene should be a constant companion of life.

В то же время нельзя заставлять ребенка чистить teeth, стоя рядом
with a belt. This method will only work at a younger age.
Once a child reaches adolescence, he can
completely stop caring for yourself solely out of a sense

No need to rush and scold the child if he has something
does not work.

  • We clean together

A personal example works more effectively than any explanations and
persuasion. Take the baby with you to the bathroom for morning treatments.
Give the brush to him too, let him try to repeat your

Gradually, the game will grow into a habit, and then the child will be himself
catch up with you on your way to the bathroom.

  • «Фантастическая» зубная щетка


Купите ребенку яркую / красивую зубную щетку и пасту с
fruity flavor. Brush desirable to acquire together, let pussy
he chooses the one that he likes. Now they are
variety: with cartoon characters, and different colors, and even with
�”Delicious” smells. But when buying, learn other characteristics.
brushes. For example, the bristles must be synthetic, because
natural is worse dried and more attractive to microbes.

Toothpaste should also attract attention. Besides the obvious
For adult use, you need to pay attention to its taste. This
factor attracts or repels children in the first place.


All acquisitions are best done at the pharmacy and after.
visiting a pediatric dentist. A specialist will tell you which
there should be a pile height of the toothbrush, which components are
mandatory for children’s toothpaste and what to purchase

  • Visit the dentist

Indeed, it is necessary to go to the doctor. And not only for
the next portion of moralizing, but also for real help.


Dental clinics are now equipped with many different
learning tools. Children are shown cartoons of the desired subject.
Following the training videos, the kids are shown the rules.
brushing your teeth on models Such classes with visual demonstrations
can not “evaporate” from the memory.

Girl Brushing Anatomical Model of Teeth --- Image by © Wolfgang Flamisch/Corbis


Watch the cartoon “Good Doctor

You can repeat the same thing at home. Not difficult now
buy a toy with big teeth and ask the baby to show
how to clean the teeth correctly (child and dentist: how to adjust
baby and successfully cure a tooth).

  • Commit success

Success, if it was noticed and noted – it is always an additional
incentive to new challenges. Previously, in schools, first-graders hung
On the wall a large poster and for each good answer the student was glued
opposite it by an asterisk.


Feel free to take this method into service. Optional stars
let it be any figures, stickers that your likes
to kid. But the reward must come up in advance. Certain
the number of stickers should bring a certain baby

  • Motivation

And where without it? Forcing you cause a protest in a child. Kid
should not feel that elders impose their point of view on him.
With good motivation, the child himself will not even notice how he will begin
follow your recommendations. Capture it through the game or make it up.
a terrible tale with a good ending in which all the caries escaped from
зубной brushes.

  • Right to choose

Even here you need to give your child a choice. But this
не выбор плана «чистить или не чистить teeth». Let him be
choose your own toothbrush and toothpaste. And now we mean
not the moment of purchase. Ensure availability on a shelf in the bathroom
2-3 different brushes for your baby and as many types of toothpaste.
Variety every day – this can hardly get bored.

  • Cartoons

Not all adults know that teeth care has already been released.
several cartoons and films for children. Different stories about
kids-nehochuh who refused to brush their teeth, will give
certain effect.

Вот несколько видео этой тематики:

  • Spirit of rivalry

This is also a kind of motivation. Well, what child does not want to be
a leader? Or win, competing with mom? Come up, for example,
соревнование у кого после чистки teeth будут белее :) . Winner must cook a little
prize. Let it be just an apple, but he won
on their own.

  • We play

Any process will be much more exciting if it takes place in
game form. In this case, the child performs all actions easily and
at ease and does not perceive them as a heavy burden.

Turn on the fantasy and analyze what your little one loves.
play the most. This game should be the basis for
your fiction. Does he like to play spiderman? Then you can
to say that bad breath will declassify the hero or not allow
cope with another criminal. It’s all up to you
fantasy …

  • Get an hourglass

What are they needed for? To calm the baby. Some cute
созданиям кажется, что родители заставляют их чистить teeth слишком
long. Agree with the child in advance that the whole process will be
take exactly as much time as sand is poured. Eventually
the baby will stop whining and will be guided by the clock.

Stand for a toothbrush with sand часами

Stand for a toothbrush with sand

Только приобретите те часы, которые рассчитаны на 2 минуты. it
not too long a period of time for the child, and the paste just
will have time to “work.”

  • Caring for toys

After all, children love to imitate adults, so give your child
such a chance. Let him teach you his own positive example
Toys brush your teeth. After showing the whole process to your toys
друзьям, ребенок может почистить teeth и им тоже.

It is advisable to use plastic toys for this purpose or
other solid materials. Teddy friends pity, yes, and
сохнуть они будут достаточно long.

By age eight, a child properly accustomed to hygiene.
полости рта, уже может самостоятельно и полноценно чистить teeth.
To give him the first skills is not difficult at all, you just need to show
a little patience and turn on your fantasy.

And how do you teach your kids to brush their teeth?
Share your experiences in the comments …


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