12 conditions for good baby health

The first bricks in the foundation of the health of the future baby
must be mortgaged even nine months before his birth, and
also during the first years of his life. You can not, of course, reset
from the accounts of the value of the genetic factor – much depends on
what genes the baby will get from their parents, but the responsibility
behavior and the correctness of their actions is equally important

zdorovy`i` rebenok


12 steps to the health of the child

  1. Correctly, competently and in advance prepare for
    future pregnancy.
    This is the first step to the health of the crumbs.
    The actions of most young people are spontaneous and
    rapid decision-making: “we need furniture — let’s go and
    bought, “went on vacation – in the morning appointed flight.” Getting used to
    act in a similar way many women do not prepare for
    pregnancy and absolutely do not know what to do, being in
    �”Interesting position.” Since most often a woman finds out about her
    pregnancy by the end of 6-8 weeks, many very important actions on
    ensuring the health of the unborn child
    made by Therefore, every woman who could potentially
    to become a mother “today”, I want to give some very important
    tips To give birth to a healthy baby, expectant parents
    you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and pass a number
    анализов, сдайте вместе с мужем анализ на инфекции,
    sexually transmitted, and if necessary, conduct treatment.
    In order to reduce the risk of likely fetal malformations,
    future mother needs to take folic acid. The same
    Anti-influenza vaccination is also desirable. Having made such an inoculation
    a woman for the entire term of pregnancy will reliably protect both herself and her
    child from the action of the virus. Even after the birth of the baby protective
    the effect of this vaccination will spread to him through
    mother’s milk.
  2. After pregnancy, make your image
    life sparing.
    This does not mean that from now on
    future mom should spend half a day in bed. Physical
    loads are necessary both for her and her unborn child, they just have to
    become somewhat different. Favorite jogging in stuffy supermarkets
    it is better to prefer a leisurely walk in a quiet park (walking
    in the fresh air, which is an excellent workout for muscles and
    blood vessels and oxygenating every cell,
    prepare the maternal organism for childbirth). Going to go to
    the cinema, the future mother should think well what is more important to her:
    short-term pleasure or the health of the future of the crumbs (because
    There are probably carriers of dangerous viruses and
    bacteria: staphylococcus, tubercle bacillus, influenza,
    Streptococcus). Sometimes an infection (such as rubella or herpes),
    caught in a crowded place, causes miscarriage or
    fetal death Just as responsibly should come and
    to the choice of places for the long-awaited vacation. From trips to
    a number of exotic countries (especially island countries such as
    Maldives, Ceylon or Goa), replete with rare infections and
    parasites, a couple expecting a baby, better
  3. Give birth naturally. Healthy woman
    should give birth on their own, and not by cesarean section. TO
    Unfortunately, this operation, not so long ago conducted strictly by
    Medically, these days it is performed unnecessarily often
    (“By agreement with the doctor”). Natural childbirth in the first
    queue needed for the child himself. AT процессе прохождения через
    generic channels is a powerful activation of the child’s body,
    forcing him to produce large amounts of hormones
    (norepinephrine and adrenaline), protecting the fetus from hypoxia and
    preparing him for contact with an unusual external environment, so
    different from the conditions surrounding him inside my mother’s tummy.
    Cesarean section, unnaturally reducing
    the transition time of the baby from one environment to another until the gap in
    a few seconds is a huge stress for him and far from
    harmless to health.
  4. A woman who has just given birth must insist
    to be taken out of the womb of a child (not yet wiped from grease and
    not wrapped in a diaper) immediately applied to her chest.

    This action is intended to activate at once two extremely
    important processes: sucking reflex in the newborn and the beginning
    mother’s lactation. Colostrum released from its breast in the first days
    after childbirth, is the ideal product for baby nutrition.
    Containing a large amount of proteins and antibodies, it prepares
    baby’s digestive system to breast milk and activates
    his immunity. TOомпоненты молозива оказывают послабляющее действие,
    helps the intestines of the newborn to bring the original calories
  5. TOормите ребенка грудью. Compulsory nursing
    feeding at least up to six months is a reliable guarantor of the right
    development and excellent health of the infant. About it tirelessly
    All sensible specialists say, each must learn
    loving mom. It depends on it how long
    there will be a breastfeeding period, since the best lactogonic
    means called “dominant lactation” is maternal
    the conviction that she can and should breastfeed her
    baby. If on a subconscious level there is no such conviction,
    the milk either does not appear at all, or disappears very quickly. Convincing
    that breastfeeding is a responsibility to
    as a baby, every mother should set herself up to do
    its as long as possible. This hard work will certainly
    will result in good health crumbs, not suffering from any
    allergic reactions, nor from frequent colds and all sorts of infections
    (advice to nursing mothers about GW).
  6. Walk with your child at least two times a day for a half-
    two hours, remembering that walking with a stroller along
    busy highway or shopping with a crumbs
    or in a sling has nothing to do with the walk.

    The best place to walk is a tranquil green courtyard or
    clean city park. Walk in a place devoid of any
    entertainment may seem boring for mom, but for health
    baby, it has a truly invaluable value (and isn’t this
    should strive first?).
  7. Take care of timely execution
    профилактических прививок, ревакцинации и проб Манту:
    holy duty responsible and competent parents. Most
    The first vaccinations (BCG and hepatitis B) should be given to a newborn.
    made during his stay in the hospital. Refusing
    inoculate your child, mom should be aware that by doing so she
    jeopardizes not only his health, but also his very life (calendar
  8. When seeking medical help, never hide
    from doctors true picture of what happened with the child.
    practice of any pediatrician many cases when the life of a baby
    turned out to be in the balance of death due to the fact that his parents
    They were afraid to admit that they dropped a baby or fed it
    �”Delicacy” (for example, useful and delicious black caviar), which
    should not be in the children’s diet. True story about the event,
    before the poor well-being of the baby will help the doctor
    quickly make a correct diagnosis and provide him with qualified
  9. Do not ignore the monthly medical examinations of your
    baby pediatrician and a number of specialists (in accordance with
    предписанным графиком)
    . They are necessary in order to
    identifying the child having any health abnormalities,
    the doctor could prescribe the appropriate treatment.
    Parental carelessness is fraught with the loss of precious time:
    any defect (for example, congenital dislocation of the hip), correction
    whom in infancy would not be a particular problem
    later fix will be much more difficult.
  10. Strictly follow the rules of introduction of complementary foods.
    There are no confectionery and sausages in the baby’s diet
    out of the question (in Russian families it sometimes occurs).
    The development of the enzymatic system is a gradual process, therefore
    late introduction of food from an adult table to food
    crumbs can end up with indigestion, dyskinesia
    intestines, and in particularly advanced cases – the so-called inversion
    intestines (intestinal invagination) and even death (about the first
    complementary foods).
  11. Never follow the advice in any way.
    non-professional leading pseudo-medical programs featured
    на центральных телевизионных каналах:
    это может причинить
    irreparable damage to the health of a small child, therefore
    In no way should they be guided by them. With all
    Questions regarding the health of the baby should be addressed to
    qualified specialist.
  12. Trusting doctors, never put the whole thing on them
    full responsibility for your child.
    ATсе действия
    caring parents listening to medical
    recommendations should be directed primarily to the fact that
    really useful and necessary for their crumbs.

Если у ребенка

  • Runny nose You can suck mucus with
    aspirator or mouth, rinse the nasal passages with saline
    or drip spout breast milk (how to treat a runny nose
  • Began to water or faded eye. Wetted
    saline cotton swab, you can wash the eyes from the outside area to
    internal. Suppuration of only one eye is an alarming symptom
    which may indicate obstruction of the lacrimal canal.
    A pediatric ophthalmologist will quickly fix the problem by
  • The temperature has risen; baby is hot on
    Having undressed the kid, he is quickly wiped wet
    a towel and leave in a thin vest. After that you can
    make an enema using boiled water at room temperature. TO
    small bottles can be attached to the inguinal and armpits,
    filled with the same water. If the temperature rises above 38.5
    degrees or spasms appear on its background, crumbs should be given
    pediatric ibuprofen or paracetamol and immediately call an ambulance
    help. If the handles and legs of the baby, despite the high temperature,
    continue to be icy you must first warm them
    thoroughly rubbed each finger (after the massage, you can even wear
    mittens and socks). After that you can выполнить все вышеописанные
    actions (how to bring down the temperature of infants);
  • Dry skin (with atopic dermatitis) or
    diaper rash
    The kid will help frequent bathing and thorough
    cleansing of skin folds with a swab soaked in sterilized
    baby oil.
  • Apathetic condition, lethargy, prolonged absence
    аппетита, наличие сыпи
    (в виде мелких пятнышек,
    resembling subcutaneous hemorrhage), incessant
    shrill cry – all these symptoms are indications for the call
    doctor or to the immediate hospitalization of the child.

Baby’s health – the main value of the increase
which loving parents should care for. Keeping simple
The rules set out in our article will help them ensure
optimal conditions necessary for the implementation of this difficult, but
extremely important task.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАTOЖЕ: Most распространенные
diseases, illnesses and problems of newborns (MINI

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