11 week of pregnancy

11 weeks gestation means close completion
first trimester. Everything that happens to a baby and his mother has
great value.

The content of the article

  • 1 Fetal development
  • 2 Signs and feelings of future mother
    • 2.1 Intimate life
    • 2.2 Discharges, pain and complications
  • 3 Recommendations
    • 3.1 Power
    • 3.2 Observation of a doctor
    • 3.3 Lifestyle
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    time with woman and fetus

How to count the week?

11 obstetric weeks of pregnancy mean 9 from conception. More
Detailed information on the methods for calculating the term can be found here.
If for some reason to calculate the period for the first day of the last
menstruation is impossible, until the twelfth week, doctors still have time
calculate the term by alternative methods.

11 nedelya beremennosti

Fetal development

The whole baby is now the size of a lime. Body length
makes 44-60 mm, and weight – about 8 g.

размер плода на 11 неделе

All organs and systems of the child are already formed. They are in
different condition. For example, a tiny heart has long been
fully fights. And there is no skeleton yet, the bone tissue remains in
cartilaginous stage. The blood contains only red blood cells (red
blood cells), and leukocytes are formed later. But voice
the ligaments have already almost developed, although the baby will need

At the 11th week are actively developing:

  • intestinal tract;
  • the liver (it “takes” 10% of the weight of the whole fetus);
  • neck and chest muscles;
  • irises of the eyes;
  • blood vessels;
  • lungs, bronchi and trachea;
  • tendons;
  • on the toes, the membranes disappear;
  • an individual cutaneous appears on the tips of the fingers
  • the grasping reflex begins its development;
  • the formation of the rudiments of milk teeth continues.

Right now, the baby usually begins to move

This is how the fruit looks at week 11


Ultrasound in 11 weeks will show a clearly visible outline of a small
little man. On high-end equipment for particularly successful
the location of the baby can already determine its gender. However the data
may be inaccurate.

In pregnancy, twins (or triple) development of each child
about the same as in singleton pregnancy. Wherein
little men can noticeably (by a few millimeters)
differ from each other in growth. It’s quite normal.

Photo Uzi:

Signs and feelings of the future mother


The main and brightest experience on the 11th week is
weakening of toxicosis (if it was). Nausea gradually subsides or
stops completely. Many dishes and foods cease to cause
disgust one of its kind. Emotions gradually come back to normal.
Already not so often there is a desire to cry or throw out
aggression. However, most often toxicosis lasts another one or two
of the week.

What feelings and manifestations of pregnancy may remain

  • heartburn, constipation;
  • breast sensitivity;
  • darkening of the skin around the nipples;
  • small growth of mammary glands;
  • colostrum (if previously they were not, they can
    to appear);
  • headaches, migraines;
  • absent-mindedness and inattention.

On the 11th week, the expectant mother’s hormones usually come to a special
state. Gradually, the fear of losing the baby. Woman
becomes fully aware of his motherhood and his

A new physical sensation may appear – a feeling of heat. Doctors
explain its increase in blood volume and increase its current.
The body begins to produce more heat, so along with the heat
sweating and increased thirst may occur. Not necessary
worry. If the sensation of heat does not increase the temperature, then
it’s not a cold.

Now you need to carefully monitor your hair, nails and
teeth. If the nails often break, and the teeth more often suffer from
caries (or gums began to bleed), the baby is clearly not enough
calcium. The warning signs must be reported
to the doctor.


At 11 weeks gestation, the growing uterus takes almost
all the space between the bones of the pelvis. Its volume is about ten times
less than before birth. Most recently, the tummy was barely
visible, it can now noticeably grow. But if not wearing
tight-fitting clothing, around until they notice nothing.

Photos tummy on week 11

11 week of pregnancy фото живота

Intimate life

If intimate life is fun, there is no reason
abandon it. In some cases, the grown belly is a bit
interferes. In this case, you can experiment a little. Then
sure to find positions in which sex will be only in
joy. Contraindications to sexuality are:

  • high water flow;
  • multiple pregnancy;
  • established miscarriage threat.

In the first trimester, sex is sometimes accompanied by a feeling of fear.
or pain in the genitals (during or after intercourse). None
problems do not need to keep to yourself and / or hide from the father of the child.
For any sexual problems will only frankness and

Discharge, pain and complications

In the 11th obstetric week, the internal organs around the uterus are usually
already changed their location in the abdominal cavity. Therefore pain
lower abdomen and lower back should stop. The stomach can ache and
with intestinal disorders. Here only the doctor will help, he will appoint
special diet. There may be pain when urinating. Usually
they point to cystitis (urinary tract inflammation), which requires
medical assistance.

If homogenous white or clear is secreted from the vagina.
mucus, that’s fine. The reason for the alarm are the allocation:

  • similar to cottage cheese;
  • yellow;
  • brown;
  • with an unpleasant smell.


If there is a bright spotting or present
bleeding, you need a doctor urgently. These alarming symptoms indicate
on the threat of miscarriage, that is, death and rejection of the fetus.

Another complication is missed abortion. Fetal development
it stops, but it remains in the uterus. Main feature
Such a pathology is a sudden and sudden disappearance of all
manifestations of pregnancy. Removal of the dead fetus produced
doctors in the hospital.

If a pregnant woman has not had rubella before, you need all
forces avoid contact with such patients. It’s contagious
the disease causes multiple pathologies of fetal development.


Now many discomfort recedes. Future mom
there is a time to make plans and take care of yourself.
The main thing – do not forget about the basic rules.


At the 11th obstetric week, the mother’s diet should be thought out and
balanced. The baby now and then will need a lot
calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. These trace elements are needed for proper
the growth of primordia of milk teeth, bones and good work of the heart
fetus. How to get the right substances in food?

  • Phosphorus is rich in fish, especially red. In small quantities
    This trace mineral contains onions and carrots.
  • Calcium suppliers – dairy products.
  • Magnesium is found in cereals, berries, fresh

For the full absorption of calcium, the body needs vitamin D
(there is in the liver). It is also produced naturally, when
the sun is shining on our skin (whether it is direct light or diffused).
That is why pregnant women are recommended mandatory walks.

Dishes must still be baked, cooked or
steamed. It is advisable to add onions and garlic to food –
these are natural enemies of germs and infections.

Запреты остаются former:

  • stop

    alcohol and nicotine (including passive smoking);
  • cakes, pastries, buns and sweets;
  • canned food;
  • spicy dishes and smoked meats;
  • multi-colored soda;
  • fried foods.

Proper nutrition means a good metabolism and
normal weight. Now it is considered the norm if the scales are “plus” not
more than 0.5 kg per week.

Doctor’s observation

If you have not yet registered with the antenatal clinic, it’s time
to do. The gynecologist will collect basic data (height, weight, size
pelvis), will conduct a survey (marital status, whether there is no surrounding
patients of seriously ill households or relatives). Besides
In addition, tests will be required for various diseases (HIV,
syphilis, hepatitis, genital infections).

According to test results, the doctor will prescribe vitamins for
pregnant and other adjuvant medications. For example, drugs
iron or folic acid.

It is advisable to visit the dentist more often, because during
pregnancy can occur various gum diseases.


There are some more important recommendations that are desirable.

  1. Gymnastics for pregnant women, yoga, swimming. Physical exercise
    will help to establish a metabolism, will not allow to appear superfluous
  2. Positive emotions. Refuse to view too serious
    or scary movies, don’t read books of scary content.
    Attend exhibitions and museums (not anatomical).
  3. Comfortable shoes with low heels. Swelling and varicose veins
    veins literally haunt many pregnant women.
  4. No overwork and lack of sleep.
  5. Make plans. Think what you want to do or find out
    before giving birth. Perhaps it is ribbon embroidery or scrapbooking. Or
    foreign language? After giving birth, many hobbies will be long
    to postpone.

Attentive mothers will definitely notice how
gradually the pregnancy becomes real

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Видео гид: 11 week of pregnancy что происходит в это
time with woman and fetus

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