11 stupid phrases you shouldn’t saypregnant women

As soon as friends, acquaintances, relatives notice that you
are in an interesting position, they immediately begin to pour
the same phrases. Just imagine how many times
a pregnant woman has to respond to the same type and boring
questions that are not always relevant and tactful. AT
This article contains 11 phrases that no one wants to hear.
pregnant woman. Phrases and questions that most
annoying pregnant.

— «Ты что, беременная?»

—  «Нет, блин, я съела семечку от арбуза, и он
sprouted … “

ты что, беременная

Some people seem unable to appreciate your position –
So they ask such questions. It would seem that everything is obvious, but
ли  от неожиданности, то ли по какой-то другой причине они
vying ask this question. By the way, work colleagues who
perfectly see the changes in the figure and clothes, constantly stick with
same phrase. At first it seems funny, but after
hundredth time begins to annoy and really enrage.

на солененькое тянет

—  «На солененькое, небось, тянет?»

– “Pulls! Right now, the chalk will be finished and immediately after the salty one … “

A common myth that pregnant women are fan of salty
food, ineradicable. In fact, each has its own taste and its own
preferences – someone prefers sweet, someone spicy, someone
sour, someone tasteless …

кого ждешь

– “Well, who are you waiting for?”

– “Do not believe it, child, if that …!”

Previously, they asked “Who do you want more?”, Because to determine
Gender baby before birth was impossible. Now, even if you answer that
a girl, then 50% will say with a regretful tone “And the husband wanted a boy,
probably … “Therefore, young couples often do not want to know the results
Ultrasound, so do not pester them with questions and express some
their thoughts about who they wanted. AT семье ожидается
replenishment, and no matter who it will be, boy or
девочка, ребенок будет любим ими в любом случае!

нужно есть творог

– “You need to eat more cottage cheese!”

– “No, no more, I’d better lime again
gnaw. “

Each strives to give advice on how to live and eat properly: “Not
eat citrus fruits – your baby will be allergic! “,” Eat svekolku,
liver “,” walk more, your baby needs oxygen, move more,
this is useful “… And everything is in this spirit … But recommendations about cottage cheese are
something special. �“You need to eat more cottage cheese ..!” And what if
woman and so eat it? And what if a woman hates cottage cheese? Or he
is she banned for medical reasons? Therefore, dear
advisors, it is better to refrain from commenting and keep your advice
with me. Each girl is observed at the attending physician, who
advises her on nutrition issues.

грудью кормить будешь

– “Will you breastfeed?”

– “No, only milk!”

Why not discuss this topic publicly, for example,
lunch time in the office? It is clear that once a woman could
to get pregnant, then she has nothing to be ashamed of! Let him tell you how he cooks.
nipples to feeding.

не боишься рожать

– “Are you not afraid to give birth?”


– “Yes, I’m not even afraid of Baba Yaga!”

This is a favorite question of both those who have given birth, and those who only
heard about it. But they all begin to tell each other
horror stories about terrible pain and … in other respects, we will not go into
details :) After these horrors, they usually say “Afraid of? Yes what
do not be afraid! ATсе рожают — и ты родишь!»

заранее ничего не покупай

“Don’t buy anything in advance for the child.”

– “Never! – will grow, will buy to himself! “

As if already 21st century in the yard, but superstitions around pregnancy
does not scatter. ATсе начинают вопить «Не вздумай шить!», «Не
dare to knit! “,” Do not buy anything in advance! “… And what’s the baby from
maternity hospital to carry? Or what, the husband should run then buy everything? it
After all, such a pleasure for the future mother to be like. look
Baby’s undershirts, choose a cot with the husband and prepare the house for the birth
babies …

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dowry for baby? Where superstition comes from

как назовете ребенка

– “How do you call a child?”

– “Nebuchadnezzar!”

Someone decided long ago, someone prefers to keep his name in
тайне, кто-то пока не думает об этом (лишь бы малыш родился
healthy, and we will think up a name later), but the question of the name sounds

а ты правильно питаешься

�“Do you eat right?”

�“And then! You want – ice cream, you want – cake! “

�”Do not eat cake – you will distribute the baby, then not
родишь»… Слушайте, не надоело ли вам говорить что и как,
especially to those who did not give up at all and feed on it for some reason :)
Calm down and leave a pregnant woman alone, let her eat
what she considers necessary, because she receives all the necessary instructions
from the doctor watching her and what and how she has, she will probably decide

ты что идешь стричься

�“What are you going to get a haircut ?!”

�”NOT! I will walk like a forest monster! ”

Another bad omen. Probably in 9 months of pregnancy
it is necessary to get covered with dust … Dear women, do not listen to ANYONE, go to
salon and look your best, do everything to time out
baby passed for you with a positive.

не родила еще

�”Well, what is it, have not yet given birth?”

�“I’m giving birth !!! Contractions in the very
swing! ”

Do not forget that not all questions are correctly asked
pregnant women. Помните, некоторые вопросы неуместны, и
Stop your curiosity. If a a woman in the mood she herself to you
tell all, do not disturb her for nothing, let the waiting time
baby will pass for her serenely, and the baby will be born healthy and


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