11 rules – How to takeantibiotics

Update: October 2018

1 Правило: Любые antibiotics следует принимать только по
doctor’s appointment

Основное правило — использовать antibiotics только в тех
cases where it is impossible to do without them. Indications for use
antibiotics – signs of acute bacterial infection, with
which the body can not cope on its own:

  • Persistent and prolonged temperature rise
  • Purulent discharge
  • Changes in blood composition – an increase in leukocytes (leukocytosis),
    leukocyte shift to the left (increases in stab and
    segmented leukocytes), increased ESR
  • After a period of improvement, re-deterioration
    the patient.

Известно, что перед вирусами antibiotics бессильны. Therefore, when
flu, ARVI, some acute intestinal infections, their use
бессмысленно и не безопасно (см. пить ли antibiotics при простуде и
orvi). What else do you need to know to correctly take

Rule 2: Record all antibiotic intake information.
by you earlier

Когда, какие antibiotics, каким курсом, при каких заболеваниях —
write it down. This is especially true of taking drugs by children. In
while taking antibiotics it is important to pay attention to what
there were side effects or allergies and write it down.
A doctor will not be able to adequately select an antibiotic for you, in case
не владеет информацией — какие, в каких дозах принимали antibiotics
you or your child before that. It is also worth informing your doctor about other
drugs that you take (permanently or directly

Rule 3: Never ask a doctor for an appointment.

Как правильно принимать antibioticsThe doctor may appoint
you antimicrobial agents without much evidence if you will
insist. Применение antibiotics значительно ускоряет
recovery, but it is not always justified. Moreover, do not ask
pharmacy “something” stronger. Stronger does not mean more effective.
Иногда в аптеке могут предложить заменить один  препарат
similar, in this case it is better to reconcile a similar replacement with
a doctor or check with the pharmacist composition and active ingredient,
so as not to disturb the dosage prescribed by the doctor.

Rule 4: Submit a bacterial culture test for selection.
�”Better” antibiotic

In some diseases, ideal when there is a possibility
be tested for bacterial culture with determination
antibiotic sensitivity. When there is laboratory data
antibiotic selection is simplified and in this case the treatment is obtained with
sniper accuracy. The disadvantage of this analysis is that
waiting for the result takes from 2 to 7 days.

5 Rule: Strictly observe the time and frequency of admission

Always maintain equal periods of time between receptions.
antibiotic. This is necessary to maintain a constant concentration.
drug in the blood. Many mistakenly perceive information about
reception times, if recommended to take 3 times a day, this
Does not mean that the reception should be for breakfast, lunch and dinner. it
means that reception is done after 8 hours. If 2 times a
day, then exactly 12 hours.

6 правило: Сколько дней принимать antibiotics?

It is usually enough 5-7 days, sometimes the period of administration of the antibiotic
is 10-14 days. Мощные antibiotics пролонгированного
actions such as Azithromycin (Sumamed, Azitrox, Zi-factor,
Azicide, Hemomycin, Ecomed) are taken once a day for 3 days or 5
days, in severe cases, the doctor may prescribe such a scheme: 3 days
drink, 3 days break – and so 3 doses. Reception duration
antibiotics устанавливает врач.

7 Правило:  Непрерывность курса лечения

If a course of antibiotic is started, in no case should you stop
treatment as soon as you feel better. Worth to continue
treatment after 2-3 days after improvement, recovery. Also
следует следить за эффектом от antibiotic. If within 72 hours
improvement is not observed, then the pathogen to this antibiotic
stable and should be replaced.

8 Rule: Never try to adjust dosage.

The use of drugs in small doses is very dangerous, since
increases the likelihood of resistant bacteria.
Increasing the dose is also not safe as it leads to
overdose and side effects.

9 Rule: How to drink and when to drink an antibiotic?

Follow the instructions for proper reception of a specific
лекарственного препарата, поскольку у различных antibiotics
different dependence on food intake:

  • one should be taken with food
  • others – drink one hour before meals or 1-2 hours later
  • it is recommended to take any medication with water only, clean,
  • не рекомендуется запивать antibiotics молоком и кисломолочными
    products, as well as tea, coffee and juices (but there are exceptions
    read the instructions carefully).

Rule 10: Take Probiotics

In время лечения стоит принимать препараты, которые
restore the natural intestinal microflora (Linex,
RioFlora-Immuno, Bifiform, Atsipol, Narine, Gastrofarm,
Primadofilus, Rela Life, Normoflorin, etc., the whole list of drugs
probiotics). Insofar as antibacterial agents destroy
good bacteria in the body, you need to take probiotics,
eat dairy products (separate from the reception
antibiotics). It is better to take these drugs in between
taking antimicrobial agents.

11 Правило: При лечении antibioticми соблюдайте специальную

It is necessary to abandon the fatty foods, fried, smoked and
canned foods, exclude alcohol and sour fruits.
Прием antibiotics угнетают работу печени, следовательно, пища не
should be too heavy on the liver. Include more vegetables in your diet,
sweet fruit, white bread.

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