11 most unusual ways to have fun with childrenhouses

  • 1. Glowing safe water for

Glowing water is the childhood dream of many modern people.
Advertised by many films, she gradually scored
popularity. Now, thanks to many experiences, a recipe has been found.
of this luminous dream. You need very little of everything: jars with
vitamin B (they are sold freely in pharmacies of the city), their
the contents need to be ground to powder, while adding warm
water If you keep the right proportions, then with the lights off
(better to light a lamp with fluorescent lighting) you can see
glow in the water. Do not worry about the safety of children: such
water is 100% safe. You can even drink it! Do baby
unforgettable baths with such a simple and inexpensive recipe!

  • 2. A wonderful foam snowman.

No need to wait for winter to make a wonderful snowman –
This can be done right in the bathroom, at any time of the year and day.
The child will be very happy if bathing is accompanied by such
kind of entertainment. And all this can be done quickly, inexpensively and from
ingredients that are at hand. This is baking soda, vinegar, ordinary
salt and dish detergent. Jewelry (buttons, twigs,
carrot) you can take the same as for the usual snowman. Although,
Of course, it all depends on the imagination of you and your baby – options

  • 3. Edible balls of different

Wonderful balls of different colors will allow your child
feel like a pointillist artist, and safe for
health This little beauty can even be there, it is by no means
The case will not adversely affect your baby. Extremely recipe
simple: you need three hundred milliliters of water, basil seeds and available
all food colors (such eggs for Easter). To balls
do not stick together need to add water to them before you give them
to kid.

  • 4. Rainbow of soap suds.

Previously, the rainbow was considered one of the wonders of nature. But being
unraveled phenomenon, her brand began to be used in different
industries, from cartoons to color soap. And moms can do
радугу прямо у себя houses, смешав пищевые красители с жидкостью для
dishes and warm water.

  • 5. Growing toothpaste.

Warm water, yeast, hydrogen peroxide (6%), liquid soap (not
antibacterial!), food colors, with a narrow bottle neck,
brilliant confetti, goggles for the baby (for every fireman).
Very important: do not leave the child at this moment, watch together
with him, do not let this mixture eat.

  • 6. Seven-color foam dough.

The motor skills of the child are an important aspect of the formation of the baby. For
Doctors advise this to do many actions with their hands. One of
Such “actions” that kids love very much are modeling. For этого
You can use not only plasticine, but ordinary foam with
test. If you add food dyes to it, it will be
The most useful and entertaining entertainment for your child.

  • 7. Слизь разных colors.

The invention of mucus in jars, which can stretch, tear,
sculpt anywhere, gained great popularity in the toy world.
Ten years ago, children threw such things with gusto. AT
Our time can be made from safe ingredients:
жидкого крахмала, клея ПATА и помпонов разных colors. Need to say
also that, unlike similar old toys, this one is safe and not
leaves traces on the walls.

  • 8. Game dough, which

AT наше время дети уже ничему не удивляются. ATсе мульт-идеалы уже
embodied in modern toys, all phenomena can be viewed in
the computer. There are no boundaries. Try to impress your
baby luminous dough from which you can bake. Believe me
baby will appreciate your imagination!

  • 9. Ice Tower.

AT детстве, насмотревшись мультиков и фильмов, мы мечтали
build an ice tower. Сейчас это возможно и houses. Enough
взять вазу, аксессуары и water It will take your child
for a long time.

  • 10. Пушистый снег у себя houses.

ATозьмите соду, шампунь, акварельные краски, лимонную кислоту. Of
these ingredients can turn out just incredible fluffy
snow that does not melt in any weather.

  • 11. Sculptures of salt.

Plain salt can serve to build wonderful
sculptures. Do not miss this opportunity for a child.

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