11 interesting doctor sayingsKomarovsky

Some simply adore this popular doctor, author of books
and TV host. Others consider it too harsh and tough.
Meanwhile, the book “The health of the child and his common sense
relatives ”for many years headed the bestseller lists. Phrases
below will give you the opportunity to understand how close your position is
Евгения Олеговича Komarovsky. And also – smile and
to think about.


  1. The body and behavior of the child is surprisingly expedient. Child
    never do anything harmful to yourself (scream,
    eg). But if as a result of the cry he makes his existence
    more comfortable, the habit of solving problems in a voice can
    persist for life.
  2. I wonder who first came up with the idea that
    Nature can create a species for which a stream of air
    is a formidable danger?
  3. When there is nothing to adapt to – adaptive
    systems just shut down. If during the first two to three months
    life you create for the child comfortable conditions, then in the future
    it will be very and very difficult for him to exist without such conditions.
  4. Neither the number nor the quality of pediatricians children’s health problems
    can not be solved. But it is impossible, most likely, because the mentioned
    health is much more dependent on mom and dad than on
    all pediatricians combined.
  5. After all, hundreds of books dedicated to childcare and nurture
    children are written in such a way that the process of communicating with the child
    perceived in isolation from real life. Do not count such
    �”Little things” like a hungry dad who came home from work, shopping and
    polyclinics, disappeared hot water, broken iron, wise
    mother-in-law, another pregnancy, the number of days to pay and
  6. A happy child is, above all, a healthy and healthy child.
    only then he can read and play the violin. Happy
    a child is a child who has both mom and dad who
    find time not only to love this child, but also
    in order to love each other.
  7. If you are (and most often “you” is a young and nervous father)
    the first time you go to the store, it would be good to check with your wife,
    what weight and gender is your child.
  8. Treatment of chickenpox with greengrass is so widespread that
    some young doctors are convinced: green spotted rash
    is a characteristic sign of chickenpox.
  9. Redoing (retraining, retraining) is much more difficult,
    rather than doing right from the start. Therefore do not bring
    your child to the point where only the most determined
    measures will allow you to overcome the difficulties encountered.
  10. It is generally accepted that a man engaged in raising a child
    able to achieve much greater success than a woman.
  11. And nature, and human nature, and the laws of logic, and yes
    general elementary common sense is not able to explain why
    pregnant should not get tired, sleep more, do not lift more
    одного килограмма и etc. After all, this woman is several thousand years old.
    back in a similar situation would continue to live by the laws

10 brilliant quotes best pediatrician of our generation. Doctor
Komarovsky knows his stuff!












Many people know and love to watch the program “School of Doctor
Komarovsky». Her host, Yevgeny O. – not only talented
doctor, but also PhD, author of 15 popular books on
health of children. In a short time, Dr. Komarovsky became the most
popular pediatrician in the post-Soviet countries and among
Russian-speaking residents of foreign countries. This man is very
clearly presents the necessary and useful information for parents
grandparents. That is why he is respected by many.

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