10 week of pregnancy

The standard term of pregnancy is 40.
weeks. Week 10 means it will be soon behind.
a quarter of the time before the baby is born. Right now
the foundation of all the organs and systems of the child is completed. Mom now
need to be very careful and cautious.

The content of the article

  • 1 What happens to mom and baby
    • 1.1 Fetal development
    • 1.2 Feelings of a woman
    • 1.3 External changes
  • 2 Highlights
  • 3 Possible complications
  • 4 Medical supervision
  • 5 Recommendations for future moms
    • 5.1 Sex
    • 5.2 Power
    • 5.3 Bans
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    baby and mom


To the question of the term


Methods for determining the exact duration of pregnancy are different, with
they can be found here. Any doctor will use
obstetric term, counting from the first day of the last menstruation. If a
count from conception, then the tenth week means twelfth

What happens to mom and baby

On the 10th obstetric week, the placenta and the umbilical cord as a whole complete
its development. Now the woman and her future child are especially strong
connected. By arteries and veins of the placenta and umbilical cord from mother to baby
feeds nutrients and oxygen, and from baby to mother –
decomposition products (for example, carbon dioxide). Through the placenta can
penetrate alcohol, nicotine, many drugs. So the expectant mother
still need to be protected from all sorts of negative factors.

For a baby, 10 weeks gestation means final
the formation of all organs and systems. This process is called
organogenesis, and now it is close to completion.

Fetal development

Your baby is as big as


Now the unborn child is no longer considered an embryo. By
medical views is the fruit. And in appearance – a tiny big-headed
a man the size of a large strawberry. The length of the small body –
about 31-42 mm, and weight – about 5 g.

How is the fetus developing now?


  1. The fetus does not yet have full bones, only cartilage tissue. Her
    density begins to rise.
  2. The face is already formed, but the muscles of the face, throat and neck are only
    begin to develop.
  3. By всему телу появляются зачатки будущих волосиков.
  4. In the cerebellum is the development of neural connections, which later
    will “command” reflexes.
  5. The heart works in a strong mode and makes 150-170 beats in
    a minute
  6. The baby is actively moving: flexing, unbending limbs, can
    even start sucking on a finger. If a ножки коснутся стенки плодного
    bubble, crumb is quite able to push off. But it does not feel –
    too young a child.
  7. The small ears are almost finished.
  8. The nervous system begins to divide into the central and
  9. The diaphragm is formed – a special muscle that separates the pectoralis
    and the abdominal cavity.
  10. Byстепенно развиваются зачатки молочных зубов.
  11. Usually lost tail.

This is how the fruit looks like:

Woman sensations



The main physical sign of pregnancy is still
toxicosis. It can appear if it has not been felt before. Or go
subside if started early. Here, the sensations of every woman can
noticeably vary. Основные проявления токсикоза:

  • nausea (in the morning or during the day);
  • feeling of coma in the throat;
  • vomiting;
  • loss or increase in appetite;
  • quirks of their own food taste.

Other sensations:

  • increased nipple sensitivity;
  • emotional instability, mood swings;
  • insomnia, and after it – lethargy and drowsiness;
  • exacerbation of smell, rejection of individual and just very strong
  • slight nasal congestion;
  • frequent temperature rise to 37.0-37.4 ° С (if higher –
    perhaps it’s a cold or some kind of infection);
  • slight vision loss.

Very little remains until the end of the first trimester. Soon
hormonal storms should subside. Then the toxicosis will pass, and
general condition will become more stable.

External changes

Is the stomach noticeable at week 10?

It all depends on the build, the initial weight of women. Have thin
a small bump in which the baby is “hiding” may appear
quite early. Owners of rounded shapes, even with careful
looking in the mirror may not see any changes. But if in
the future mother’s wardrobe all the clothes are tight, the belts are no longer
converge or crush. Yes, and the chest is probably not fit in the old

Photos of tummies on the tenth week

To suppress cramped clothing is impossible. The pressing fasteners and different
Strings squeeze blood vessels and can cause discomfort.
Nausea, discomfort and numbness are clear signs that
wardrobe time to update a little.

How else is changing appearance

  • The skin can become amazingly smooth and soft. But it can
    pimples or age spots appear. If a это случилось – не
    worth the upset. A woman sometimes has to
    многое вытерпеть ради baby
  • The skin around the nipples may noticeably darken. There may appear
    tiny bumps. These are Montgomery nodules, extended sweat
    glands. And on the skin of the abdomen clearly shows a dark strip
    from navel to the border of pubic hair growth.
  • Future mother’s body weight is an important indicator of her well-being
    or, on the contrary, any violations. If a весы показывают прибавку
    in weight of 150-300 g per week, everything is in order. On the background of toxicosis weight
    may decline slightly. If a нет сильной слабости, это тоже
  • Weight gain was a kilogram per week? This is a reason for
    anxiety Before giving birth another 30 weeks, what happens if the weight and beyond
    will it grow like that? Extra pounds – heavy load on the female
    an organism. This condition requires careful medical attention.
  • The same can be said about edema. Most often they are affected legs
    especially in the “standing” professions. Usually doctors recommend two
    method: taking diuretics or reducing the amount
    consumed fluid. The main thing – do not self-medicate.


If a из влагалища время от времени появляется незначительное
the amount of clear or whitish mucus is normal. TO
Unfortunately, pregnant women often have thrush by themselves.
(candidiasis). This disease is indicated by white, cheesy
discharge with an unpleasant odor. To treat thrush should
This disease is sexually transmitted, so
therapy is required and the father of the child.

TOоричневые выделения – тревожный симптом. About him need to
opportunities to quickly inform the doctor. And if bleeding started –
best to call the ambulance.

In rare cases, even in the tenth week, small
Transparent discharge from the nipples. This is colostrum. If a жидкость пачкает
clothes, you will need special pads for the bra.
Strain the colostrum can not.

Possible complications

In the 10th week of pregnancy, the threat of miscarriage or frozen
pregnancy is slightly reduced. However, this does not mean that the future
Mom again can be on the exercise bike or in the sauna. Follow
caution is always needed.

If a совсем чуть-чуть тянет живот или немного побаливает
lower back, that’s fine. After all, the tissues of muscles, ligaments and skin
really stretch a little. But when the belly
действительно болит – нужен doctor.

Any pain during pregnancy requires attention. After all, take
analgesics can not. So, you need to learn alternative methods.
struggle with pain. First of all, it is desirable to identify and eliminate
reason. For example, the head may be sore due to anemia. In this case
protein nutrition and / or iron supplements will help.

During pregnancy, a woman may develop hemorrhoids. Uterus
increases and presses against the intestines. There are only two preventive measures:
proper nutrition (then the chair will not be difficult) and washing away
cold water after each toilet visit.

Statistics show that women in 40 years and older increases
risk of having a baby with down syndrome. To exclude it
disease at the stage of the fetus, it is possible to carry out a chorionic biopsy
villus of the ovum. The material is taken through the micro puncture abdominal.
wall or through the cervix. It is important to know that in 1-2% such
The procedure can provoke a miscarriage.

At week 10, a woman still has the right to have an abortion without
any evidence. Every day this right is enjoyed by hundreds and
thousands of women. Artificial abortion is severe
procedure. Byэтому решение об аборте должно быть принято только
by the woman herself and only with good reason. Always need
remember that a terminated pregnancy may be the last.

Doctor’s observation

If a будущая мама еще не встала на учет в женской консультации,
it is desirable to do. The gynecologist will schedule an examination
a pregnant patient with several specialists and laboratory

  • blood per group, total, biochemical analyzes, sugar, HIV,
    hepatitis and syphilis;
  • urine for general analysis;
  • vaginal smear on flora and infections.

TOто из нас не любит читать медицинские бланки с результатами
research? True, there is almost nothing is clear. But something is possible
to disassemble. Many women are surprised and worried when they see
record of the degree of purity of the vagina. Especially if the degree is not
the first. In fact, everything is quite simple. Total degrees of purity –
four. The first and second – evidence of a healthy female
genital and urological systems. If a указаны третья или
fourth degree of purity, these are clear signs of urinary infections
pathways or gynecological.

Routine ultrasound is rarely performed on the 10th week. But if by
For some reason, research is assigned, this is an opportunity
look at your “puzozhitel”. Depending on the equipment and
tiny body positions can be seen oblong white
a speck on a dark background or even the outline of his own
little man.


From the moment of registration to attend female consultation need
regularly. The doctor will monitor the patient’s weight gain, her
general condition and development of the baby.

Recommendations for future moms


In the life of a pregnant woman there are two absolute
ban: alcohol and nicotine. Passive smoking is also an enemy


TOак ни странно, будущих мам часто волнует не вопрос питания или
sports, and another, more delicate. Is it possible to
the tenth week to lead a normal intimate life?
For that no
almost no restrictions. If a сексуальные отношения будущих
parents are harmonious, but a woman does not discomfort during
intercourse – everything is in order. Yet contraindications to sex
are available:

  • risk of miscarriage;
  • increasing the tone of the uterus (determined by the doctor);
  • location of the placenta in the lower part of the uterus, previa
  • twin pregnancies, triplets (this is called
  • abnormally large amount of amniotic fluid

If a у женщины ранее были роды при помощи кесарева сечения, врач
Be sure to check the condition of the inner scar. If a будет
revealed its inferiority, sex life will have
stop it.

In all matters related to intimate life restrictions,
frankness with the father of the child is especially important. It will not give
misunderstandings and quarrels arise.


Nutrition беременной женщины должно обеспечивать развитие малыша,
and the health and energy of his mother. The main rule – eat often
and in small portions. Cook better for a couple, you can
boil or bake. The composition of nutrition for the entire period of pregnancy
practically does not change:

  • lean and fatty (with a high content of healthy acids)
    a fish;
  • fresh vegetables and fruits (30% of the diet);
  • porridges;
  • dairy products – from milk to cheese, to choose from.

Drinking during pregnancy is also necessary. Even with
strong thirst is not worth pouring a glass of water, juice or
any other liquid. So you can seriously overload the kidneys. Drink
can only be small portions, but often, especially in the heat.
Expectant mother, who always has a bottle of water with her,
acts very wisely.

From the food should be excluded: “empty” sweets (sweets,
cakes, chocolate), canned food, smoked and spicy dishes. Tea and coffee
will have to limit.

If a токсикоз все еще мучает, утром лучше завтракать в постели,
and then lie down for a while. Byлезно носить с собой 
�”Snack”, which will help fight nausea throughout the day. it
may be mineral water, a banana, a piece of cheese or a carrot.
Product helper is detected empirically.


Now the movement is really life. Byэтому нужно
be sure to walk, walk (only not along the gas)
freeways), do yoga and swim in the pool. With swimming
there is one dangerous aspect. In pregnant women sometimes occur
cramps in the muscles of the legs. In the first trimester, this is unlikely, but
possibly. Byэтому лучше не купаться в одиночку в открытых, глубоких


  • Byднимать и носить тяжести.
  • To make repairs.
  • To go to a hot, heated bath or sauna.
  • Nervous, allow negative experiences.
  • Watch horror movies, thrillers, psychologically heavy
    motion pictures.
  • Read similar books. Artistic texts can
    perceived even harder than movies. After all, when reading begins
    It can be dangerous to play out the imagination.
  • Overwork.
  • Not enough sleep
  • Walking in shoes with high heels, large platform or
    wedge heels

Waiting for a baby is a whole range of prohibitions. But
at the same time – joy, consciousness of their huge role and close
happiness of motherhood.

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