10 ways to teach a child to believe in himself andfear nothing

A strong mother not only protects and loves her child,
no matter what, but also gives him his power. How to help
малышу быть уверенным в себе и fear nothing?

как научить ребенка fear nothing

1. Learn to think with your mind

A strong mother does not impose an opinion on her child
correct or convenient. She teaches the child how to think.
independently: learn information, find out different points of view,
and then analyze and draw your own conclusions.
She is not afraid
uncomfortable and challenging topics and questions. She will not punish for failing or
It’s a mistake, because you have to go through it to learn something.

2. Express your opinion

Strong is the mother who is honest and frank with the baby. Same
She is waiting on her child. This woman teaches the child to express her
point of view, analyze your thoughts, emotions, and sensations
afraid to talk about it openly.

3. Recognize the value of education.

She is trying to convey to the child how important education is,
because it opens up many roads. And it’s not so much about prestigious
school and excellent marks about how the development of thinking and
imagination, the ability to competently express their own thoughts,
broadening horizons.

4. Treasure loved ones

Love and understanding in the family, friends on whom
you can rely on – the basic values ​​of a strong person.

Children really need parents, but parents need as much
children. Strong mother emphasizes the importance of mutual
trust, willingness to help, share and ability to forgive.

5. Strive for financial independence

A strong woman is seeking independence and self-sufficiency. Those
she wants to see the same qualities in a child. Earning ability
money, to spend it rationally and to achieve as a result of financial
independence is essential for survival in modern
society, and therefore among the priorities of a strong mother.

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6. To experience empathy

A strong mom has enough wisdom and love to take a child with
all its flaws, strangeness, problems – such as it is
there is. At the same time, she will not push aside friends, those who
appears in the life of a child in certain periods of his life. Kindness,
understanding, empathy, empathy – these qualities are very important, and
a strong mother teaches them a child by example.

7. Be yourself

If mom is strong, she is not trying to break the personality.
my child
Let him dress as he wants, dye his hair in
strange colors, expressing itself through the decoration. Do not be afraid
travel, new hobbies and interesting acquaintances, unusual experience –
a strong mother will support her child in all this.

8. Overcome yourself

The main victory is a victory over oneself. Let them chase
failures and failures, but it is important not to stop and keep going to
goals Strong mother supports the child when he wants to become
better fix your flaws. It is important for her that the baby does not pass.
facing difficulties and learning autonomy.

9. Either accept circumstances or change them.

Criticism and rejection are parts of our lives, but a strong mom is on it.
does not get stuck. Possessing a flexible mindset and knowing how to learn, a person
will be able to accept almost any situation. No need to complain
it won’t fix anything anyway. There are only 2 options:
take the circumstances that are or try them
to change.

10. Defend independence

Strong mother pleases when a child takes
decisions, not seeking support and approval from others, and she strongly
encourages this skill. It is important for her to think with her mind, to take
decisions independently and take full responsibility for your words and
deeds. Learning this from childhood, the child will grow strong,
self-confident person. He will not be afraid of anything and will be able to
help others – just as he once helped him

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