10 ways to strengthen the immunity of the child

The immune system has a complex organization, bringing together many
organs and tissues that protect against diseases. At the same time, it is “learnable.”
This means that with the regular implementation of our recommendations
the child’s immunity will become stronger – just as they become
stronger muscles with regular workouts.

как укрепить иммунитет ребенка

What is local immunity and how to strengthen it

A person is surrounded by many bacteria and germs. Some are helpful and
necessary for normal functioning of the body. However there is
and potentially dangerous (conditionally pathogenic flora). She while lowering
The body’s defenses begins to multiply, causing different
diseases. Local immunity fights with these bacteria, namely
mucous nasopharynx, saliva, airway epithelium.

Colds, which children so often suffer from, cause bacteria,
which are always in the body. However, these microorganisms
often become active during the cold season due to hypothermia,
causing spasm of local immunity. In such conditions
immunoglobulins, the production of which is reduced, do not have time to
problem area on time.

By strengthening the vessels, it is possible to ensure that they are less
reacted sharply to low temperatures. Only accustom them to
cold should be gradually:

  1. Try to keep the temperature in the nursery from
    18-22 degrees – according to doctors, it is optimal.
  2. Walk at home barefoot with the whole family, both in summer and in winter.
  3. Teach your child to wash their hands and wash their face with cold water. Also
    they help to strengthen the vessels of a douche, cold douches.
    However, it is necessary to begin to harden gradually, making water every time.
    a little cooler. In any case, force the child to these
    procedures can not be important that he received from them

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It is very important that the mucous membranes do not dry out – if it decreases
production of saliva, mucus, or their composition, protective properties change
these biofluids are decreasing.

Therefore it is necessary:

  1. Maintain a comfortable humidity level at home, especially in
    heating season. You can purchase a humidifier or
    would put a jar of water next to the battery. Some room
    plants also moisturize well and also ionize at the same time
    air – especially ficus, hibiscus, dracaena, home
  2. Moisten the nasal mucosa and nasopharynx with saline. It can
    purchase at any pharmacy or do it yourself by stirring
    a glass of water 1 tsp salt.
  3. Provide a load of vocal cords. Ok if baby
    sings, reads aloud – this is useful not only for general development, but
    and helps prevent tonsillitis. Only this can provoke
    dryness of the mucous membranes in the mouth, so you need to drink more.

How to support the general immunity of the child

The state of general immunity directly depends on the complete
work the digestive tract. Only with normal intestinal microflora digested
nutrients from food, as well as produced immunoglobulins –
proteins that neutralize bacteria and viruses.

To support the general immunity of the child will help the following

  1. Avoid constipation, irregular stools and other abnormalities.
    intestinal work.
  2. Get rid of helminths or Giardia in a timely manner, if suddenly
    an infection has occurred. Their waste products cause
    poisoning. Even parasites destroy beneficial intestinal bacteria,
    competing for food. To prevent infection, explain
    child, that he must wash his hands with soap after the street,
    toilets, contact with animals and always before meals.
  3. Make sure that the children’s menu has more raw vegetables and
    fruits. They contain a large amount of fiber that improves
    splitting and further assimilation of useful substances. Also она есть
    in cereals, and especially they are rich in raw grain.
  4. Give the baby kefir and yogurt. They have dairy bacteria,
    which to some extent help support intestinal

The formation of the immune system can continue to age
puberty and even longer. Therefore, alas, colds and
�”Childhood” infections are unlikely to be avoided. However, if you will
constantly strengthen the immunity of the child, he will be less likely to get sick and
get well soon.


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