10 ways to spoil the chestfeeding

The topic of breastfeeding is controversial. There are different
views on his need. Breastfeeding is doubtful
pleasure! Discard it as soon as possible, even if
грудное feeding необходимо крохе. If you want both
you can quickly roll this process or not start it at all,
Follow our “bad” advice.

1. Начинать готовиться к кормлению
worth it in advance, even at the stage of pregnancy. Preparation means
stretching and rubbing the nipples can also help yourself tough
a towel

Why this advice is harmful and even dangerous: to stimulate the nipples in
being pregnant is dangerous because it releases oxytocin –
a hormone that leads to contraction of the muscles of the uterus, in the end it can
lead to labor and premature labor.

If a woman has flat nipples, it’s not to interfere with the feeding process.
maybe because after feeding, their shape changes.

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2. Грудь после кормления должна быть
empty, so you need to decant to the last

What is the danger: pumping up stimulates new milk flow,
which does not need a child, because he was already full. Excess development
milk leads to lactostasis.

�”Additional pumping is not necessary,” – in one voice repeat
HB specialists. Nature is smarter than us: milk stands out exactly
as much as the child needs. When you express your glands
start to produce more milk, the baby does not eat everything – that’s
and lactostasis.

3. TOормить нужно строго по часам, а
if the child does not adhere to the regime, you need to calm him down
nipple, not breasts.

How to: feed on demand, especially important
pre-dawn feeds from 3 to 7 am, when more is allocated
total hormone prolactin – depends on the amount of milk,
produced for the whole day.

4. Если вам интересно, сколько в груди
milk, strain it with your hands.

In fact: the baby eats more than you can decal
manually, so this is a meaningless exercise.

5. Допаивать водой необходимо, потому
that baby needs water, and milk is food.

In fact: when the baby is only on the chest
fed and does not receive complementary foods, milk replaces him with everything, and
water too.

6. TOормить нужно, преодолевая боль.
If cracks appear, this is normal.

In fact: the process should not cause inconvenience to any kid
nor mom. With proper nipple grip cracks will not appear. If
they appeared, they need to be treated, after which you need to find the most
comfortable posture for feeding.

7. Если из груди выделяются
translucent drops – it means that milk is low-fat, it is necessary to feed
a mixture.

In fact: with the same woman throughout the day and even in
the process of one “meal” baby fat content and composition of milk
may change. The so-called “front milk” needs to
the kid got drunk, and the “back” is already more saturated, it can be attributed to
food, not to drink.

8. The baby may not have enough milk at one time, he
remains hungry (if the baby cries after feeding, therefore
он голоден), а значит, нужно докормить a mixture.

If the baby is given a mixture after the breast, then it can be easily
go on feeding only mixtures. If the baby is crying after
feeding, it does not mean that he is hungry. Most likely him
just hot, and maybe he is suffering from colic. Also cause may
be the wrong grip of the chest, because of what the child ate less
milk than he needs. You may have removed your chest too early.
(let the baby suck as much as he wants). В грудном молоке
содержатся аллергены, раздражающие желудок baby (пересмотрите
your food). Ищите причину недовольства baby, но знайте, что
you have enough milk in any case – this is how it is laid by nature.

9. Colostrum – a useless product, give the child in
Maternity hospital breast until the milk came not necessary.

Why this advice is harmful: colostrum is the most important product for
baby в первые часы, ведь именно оно готовит малыша к встрече с
new habitat. It is the colostrum that is responsible for the formation
intestinal microflora and protection against malicious
bacteria. Breastfeeding immediately after delivery protects
crumbs from bacterial infections, meconium is excreted, and in the body
anti-infectious proteins important for health, vitamins A and
E, prebiotics and other nutrients.

10. После года никакой пользы от
breastfeeding is not. You can finish feeding already in half a year
– так проще перейти на нормальную пищу, у baby будет здоровый
appetite and normal psychological state, not formed
breast addiction.

In fact: how much to feed, each mom decides for herself, but
pediatricians recommend not to stop feeding until one and a half years. TO
year, the child no longer receives all the necessary substances from milk,
he needs supplements and a gradual transition to the common table, but
грудное feeding в этот период все также играет защитную
function – helps to transfer diseases more easily and has a beneficial effect on
psyche. The child feels a special connection with mom, so his
the psyche is protected.

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