10 ways to raise testosterone levelsmen at home


  • How testosterone works
  • Causes of Testosterone Reduction in Men
  • Signs of low testosterone in men
  • How to increase testosterone in men
  • Medications to increase testosterone
  • Lifestyle
  • Sport
  • Testosterone Boosting Diet
  • Folk remedies to increase the level
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  • Brief summary

21st century medicine is concerned with the issue of hormonal imbalance and
все чаще дает рекомендации, как повысить уровень testosterone у
men. This hormone is fundamental in the male
but often its level is much lower

Недостаток testosterone отрицательно сказывается на внешних
gender signs, excessively pacifies temperament, reduces the chance
conceiving children. The importance of the substance is difficult to overestimate, therefore
try to increase its rate in various ways.

How testosterone works

Testosterone is a steroid derived from cholesterol. Himself
on its own, it is practically inactive. Working form dihydrotestosterone
formed in conjunction with the 5alfa-reductase protein enzyme. In such
as a substance is involved in the formation of human systems and organs
every stage of life, starting with the intrauterine.

Как вырабатывается тестостерон

This hormone is the main building material of the genital
glands, is involved in spermatogenesis, creates libido with
breeding instinct. Without it, the regulation of muscle and
fat mass, protection against vascular and heart diseases,
musculoskeletal system. Testosterone is responsible for mood,
correct brain activity, increases the degree of memorization
information, accelerates learning processes, stimulates thinking.

The laboratory rate for women is 0.24-2.75 nanomoles / liter.
Men need much more of these hormones – 11-33
nanomoles / liter.
The level is set at 4 weeks
fetal development during pregnancy. It is during this period that the
the sex of the unborn child, the formation of the prostate and seminal
bubbles for men.

In adolescence, testosterone is increased. Have boys
skeletal growth occurs in the chest, shoulders, jaw, forehead,
manifests the Adam’s apple. Following vocal cords thicken, causing
coarse voice. Hair growth on the face, chest, abdomen,
legs, armpits and pubic. The genitals swell in preparation for

In mature men, the steroid is responsible for resilience to the nervous
overexcitement. Its production reduces anxiety, neutralizing
cortisol (a stress hormone), promotes vitality and
moderate aggressiveness in action.

By age 35, protein synthesis with testosterone slows down. Due
with this fact begins the extinction of physical and sexual functions,
there are noticeable health problems: the potency and
heart rhythm, irritability increases, osteoporosis occurs,
vessels weaken, the risk of Alzheimer’s is growing. With
impaired production of male hormone, these difficulties begin
much earlier.

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Causes of Testosterone Reduction in Men

It is considered essential to lower the level of the hormone in the blood
border 11 nmol / l. Such a deviation is called hypogonadism.
The primary form develops due to lesions of the testes, the secondary –
as a result of the incorrect work of the nervous and endocrine
(hypothalamic-pituitary) systems.

К провокаторам критического снижения testosterone

  • Obesity.
  • Physical trauma to the genitals.
  • Renal and adrenal insufficiency.
  • Chronic prostatitis.
  • Some medicines. Glucocorticoids. Anabolics. Long
    taking drugs with magnesium sulfate, cytostatics, tetracycline,
    spironprolactone and other substances that reduce steroid synthesis
    with fabrics.
  • Poor quality food. Protein deficiency. Long fasting.
    Excessive fascination with coffee, salt, sugar, fats.
  • Bad habits. Perennial smoking. Alcoholism.
  • Unsuspected sleep
  • Reduced physical activity.
  • Constant stress.
  • Age over 35-40 years.

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cure yourself?

There is also evidence of some effect of bisphenol on reducing
testosterone. The element is often found in substandard household
chemistry (soap, deodorants, lotions, cleansers) and
plastic ware.

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Signs of low testosterone in men

Steroid failure is expressed by physical and mental
by signs.

Симптомы дефицита testosterone

Physical Mental
  1. Reduced or absent sexual desire (libido).
  2. Excessive thinness. Lack of muscular relief. Difficulty
    in a set of muscle mass.
  3. Weakness. Decreased physical stamina.
  4. Lack of vitality. Lethargy. Fast
  5. Slow metabolism. Overweight. Fatty deposits by
    female type (abdomen, hips, chest).
  6. Underdeveloped gender signs. Little facial hair and
    tele, a high timbre of voice.
  1. Regular mood disorders. Quick temper.
    Irritability (especially sharply for no apparent reason).
  2. Tendency to depression.
  3. Distracted attention. Difficulty in remembering information
  4. Pathological mental defects.

With явной выраженности нескольких признаков стоит пройти
обследование на уровень testosterone в крови.

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How to increase testosterone in men

The increasing process can take place in different ways, but all of them
will have one focus. A positive result is considered
when you can achieve persistent effects:

  • Return of interest in sex life.
  • Improve overall well-being.
  • Enhance mood.
  • Improve brain function.
  • Strengthening and maintaining the state of bone tissue.
  • Normalization and maintenance of external sexual signs
    (hair growth, voice timbre).
  • Increased muscle mass.
  • Reduced fat accumulation.

Experts recommend a comprehensive approach to solving the problem.
pay attention to natural ways. Treatment with only one
side more often increases sexual desire, but does not stabilize
general condition of the body.

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Medications to increase testosterone

Testerone tablets are used only in clinical situations.
Drug-induced male hormones can be increased exclusively under
supervision of doctors (endocrinologist, andrologist, urologist), since
In this case, the element is increased practically “by force.”

Препараты для увеличения testosterone

According to the results of the examination and blood analysis can be

  1. Intramuscular injections. Делятся на краткосрочные (testosterone
    пропионат), среднесрочные (testosterone энанат, сустанон),
    долгосрочные (testosterone буциклат). Injection is a good remedy.
    which increases the hormone with age changes enough
  2. Steroid lifting tablets. Androgens (17 alpha-alkylated),
    натуральные и искусственные аналоги дигидроtestosterone. Are considered
    undesirable because they have a strong effect on the excretory
    system, while the result is minimal. Steroids split a little in
    this form, being fat soluble.
  3. Subcutaneous implants (subdermal medicine). Under the skin
    capsules are sutured, from which the body itself takes the drug
    enhances the male hormone. Method like bodybuilders for
    build muscle.
  4. External medicinal products (transdermals). Gels, patches,
    ointments that smear or glue on the scrotum and close to
    testes areas of the body. Aids that increase
    steroid for short term erection.
  5. Preparations for resorption in the mouth (buccal medicines).
    This includes, for example, the famous Striant. Often used when
    treating infertility, the mental effects of reducing

Drug treatment often has many side effects.
In addition to puffiness, increased pressure, hepatic load,
there are more terrible consequences in the form of cancers on
prostate and testicles.

Excess dosages and course durations may lead to
disastrous consequences. Passion for bodybuilders is not
justifies the risks. Such rehabilitation is necessary constantly.
monitor medical. Most items cannot be bought without

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мужчин?to content ↑


  • First of all, you should pay attention to domestic issues.
    Experts recommend to carefully choose household chemicals in composition
    (need replacement without bisphenol), do breathing exercises,
    play more active games, walk regularly, swim,
    do not heavy sports.
  • It is necessary to normalize the schedule of the day. Sleep in ventilated
    room to rest for at least 7-8 hours at night,
    refuse to work hard for days. During sleep
    biological clock (from 22-23 hours to 6-8 hours) steroid
    produced by the body in a natural way. That is why
    in the mornings, most men wake up with a healthy erection.
  • Helpful moderate contact with sunlight. Vitamin D
    способствует увеличению testosterone и укреплению
    musculoskeletal system. Do not damage the immune courses,
    motels and general recovery.
  • With тяжелых стрессах, нервных перенапряжениях желательно
    seek the help of psychologists. They will help throw out the accumulated
    emotions, stop the constant increase in cortisol, arrange
    correct distances with sources of experiences.
  • An important role is played by a full-fledged sex life, regular
    meeting with a partner, watching films of frank content. Everything
    это способствует выработке testosterone.

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Для повышения testosterone требуется выбрать правильную
physical exertion. Excessive burdening will harm on a par with
his fault. Strength training should be done no more than 3 times a day.
a week and spend no more than 45 minutes on one workout. Exhaustion
will lead to a diametrical result because the body will not
have time to recover, will begin an active synthesis of cortisol.

Упражнения влияющие на тестостерон

It is better for men to choose strength exercises with an average weight for
your physique. A competent coach will easily select the right ones.
weighting. The most useful complexes for large muscles: back,
hips, shoulders. Biceps and the press raise testosterone a little. Between
approaches require rest. After training you need
естественное белковое питание.

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Testosterone Boosting Diet

Для увеличения уровня testosterone у мужчин в питании работает
several rules:

  • There is moderate. Not to starve. Do not overeat. Limit harmful
    sugars, fats, fast food, alcohol (especially malt, increasing
    female hormone estrogen) and caffeine. Track quantity
  • Choose natural protein. Pay attention to the quality of meat,
    the origin of sports supplements (if any), not
    abuse soy.
  • Replace harmful fats with healthy ones. Include seeds in the dishes,
    nuts, natural oils, cheese, seafood, legumes, dairy
  • Consume foods containing zinc. These include broccoli,
    leafy greens, sesame, cauliflower, meat, eggs.
  • Drink enough pure water. On average – 2 liters per day. Juices, teas,
    coffee, sweet drinks do not fall into this category.
  • There are fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins C and E.
    Bulgarian pepper, currant, citrus, strawberry, raspberry.

The healthier the man’s diet, the better his hormonal performance.

Диета для повышения testosterone

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testosterone in men

Folk remedies to increase the level testosterone

Мягкими средствами повышения testosterone являются травы,
spices, natural supplements. Traditional medicine recommends
Add turmeric and ginger regularly to food. Both spices reduce
estrogen, increase sperm production.

Daily use of royal jelly (15-30 g per day),
Hypericum (15 g per day), Eleutherococcus root (5-10 g per day), anchorite
creeping (10 g per day) shows elevation of mood,
has a beneficial effect on potency. Can practice using
herbal teas, tinctures, granules for the prevention and treatment
courses 2-3 months every six months. Taking breaks is important to
натуральный синтез testosterone в организме не прекращался.

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