10 ways to put a baby to sleep during the day


  1. How to put a baby to sleep
  2. Step-by-step instructions for young mothers
  3. To get enough sleep with the whole family
  4. Conclusion

Without the help of parents, only 20% of babies are able to fall asleep? If you read this article, your kid is not among these lucky ones included.

At first, the baby should sleep most of the day.

Inadequate sleep at this age leads to weakening immunity and developmental delay.

We teach babies to fall asleep on their own, without motion sickness. The simplest can help to relax, calm down and fall asleep. actions that young mothers must know about. Recommended ways to put your baby to sleep combine, focusing on the individual characteristics of temperament and the nature of the child. Not all measures are suitable for your baby, but worth trying them.

How to put a baby to sleep

How to put a baby to sleep without motion sicknessCrying baby need understand: it can be caused by pain (temperature, teething) or just a desire to attract Attention.

If something hurts in the child, we hear a long cry on high tones. Do not rush while crying to take the baby in your arms.

You can stroke the tummy, say: “Shhh, sleep!”. Do not look into his eyes (preferably on the bridge of the nose), as he will ask to you. A healthy child can and must learn to calm down myself.

That the baby fell asleep in his crib, he must be there conveniently. Do not leave immediately, the child will be calmer if mom is nearby. Sit nearby and do not look at him. Important to keep calm without getting involved in dialogue, as your emotional the condition is transmitted to the baby.

Many children are afraid of the dark, so you can leave the room muffled light. How to put a baby to sleep during the day?

During daytime sleep, the room must be obscured by covering the curtains, since melatonin (sleep hormone) is produced only in the dark. It is present in some foods (potatoes, bananas, milk).

Children in their first year of life have a calming effect of moderate noise home appliances. The sound of a washing machine, hairdryer or Vacuum cleaner can be recorded.

Well lulls the sound of classical music. It is important that music and other artificial sounds sounded only when falling asleep.

Extraneous noise in a dream can contribute to developmental delay speech. By the way, not everyone likes music at the time of falling asleep babies, experimenting with methods, you need to be attentive to to your child.

Some babies calm down by looking at monotonous movements a music mobile over the bed, listening to simple music, accompanying him.

Walk in a stroller in the fresh air special efforts. There is no strict regime at this age, but if the baby rubs his eyes, is naughty, became sluggish, this is a signal of preparation to sleep.

What to put a baby to sleep in the summer? clothing should be soft, pleasant for the baby’s body, from natural tissues that do not constrain movements. Do not wrap the baby without measure: if it’s hot, he sleeps restlessly, especially with skin problems (diathesis, diaper rash).

The resistance of many children is able to defeat the toy. For preparation let her sleep in her mother’s bed and soak her aromas, because babies have an inborn wonderful sense of smell.

Pleasant to the touch soft toy with a native smell creates therapeutic effect. In the future, it will be in adult children associated with a signal for going to bed. A lot of toys and No other distractions in bed.

Do not be afraid to use a dummy. The baby is very developed sucking reflex.


And such a need as sucking must be satisfied, because such way the baby will calm himself. Children with a dummy fall asleep earlier than their peers without her. Read why a child is in a dream holds your breath.

We recommend material on why the child sweats in a dream head. A lot of kids today are abandoning the dummy. Continuing experiments, insisting is still not worth it.

Believe me, weaning a baby from a nipple is much easier than deciding lack of sleep.

In the first month of life, restless baby helps to fall asleep swaddling, because for a long period of intrauterine life he gets used to live in crowded conditions. But this method cannot be abused.

Use it only when the child is heavily overexcited. How to put a baby to sleep in 3 months if swaddling is no longer relevant? You can create a cozy tightness with the help of pillows and blankets, which it is necessary to impose the baby right in the crib.

Some use aromatherapy with lavender oils, nutmeg, sandalwood, jasmine. Oils can add to bathing water.

The baby needs tactile contact with her mother. Make a baby light massage, stroke it, hug, kiss.

This creates a feeling of comfort. Keep stroking the baby while he will not calm down.

The first time it will take time, but do not rush to take him in his arms for motion sickness. Parents of the baby in this video show how to quickly put the baby to sleep ─ literally in one a minute.

Step-by-step instructions for young mothers

What to put a baby to bed in the summerOpinions of specialists about how to put your baby to bed, plenty, and often quite conflicting.

The main thing is to be attentive to your baby, his biorhythms, and time will become clear: he is an owl or a lark. In the meantime, follow simple instructions.

  • What time to put the baby to bed? Babies day and night not especially distinguish, therefore it is better to adhere to the golden mean, preparing baby for sleep from 7 to 9 in the evening.
  • It is useful to develop certain rituals of going to bed: a simple sequence of 3-4 actions, an intermediate link, thanks to which the baby will understand that the day is over. Later, the baby will put his toys to bed, watch cartoon, but for now you can limit yourself to hygiene procedures, lullaby, feeding, after which the baby is tuned to sleep. You can bring the baby to the window, show that the sun goes to bed, come up with another 2-3 key “sleepy” phrases.
  • The baby’s nervous system is overloaded with impressions in a day, therefore, it is important to limit active games 2–3 hours before bedtime. You can read a book, just walk around the house, listen to music from sounds of nature.
  • Create a quiet atmosphere in the apartment, try to turn off the lights, if the child does not mind falling asleep in the dark.
  • A convenient feeding place should be arranged for mom: pillows, a chair under the legs. Comfortable, you need to make baby to the chest and sing him a lullaby. Mom’s voice and rhythm lullaby say to the baby: “I love you, with me you have nothing to be afraid. ”
  • If the baby fell asleep and released the chest on his own, you can put him in the crib. Often after a cozy mother’s breast in in a cold crib, the baby wakes up and cries, so in the winter the bed can be warmed up with a heating pad or hot bottles water.
  • Kids sleep in different ways: some on their sides, some on their stomachs. Growing up the child himself will understand how comfortable it is and will roll over in a dream. In the meantime, put it on a barrel, periodically changing sides.

Over time, children have their own preferences for falling asleep, and while they did not learn to fall asleep on their own, do not deprive them of this unique pleasure ─ fall asleep at the chest, fortified with mother’s milk.

To get enough sleep with the whole family

How to properly put a baby to bedAnd finally – expert opinion: 10 rules for falling asleep from Dr. Komarovsky.

  1. How to put a baby to sleep at night? First of all, we arrange priorities, chief among which: no one is interested in the baby was sleeping at the cost of his parents’ sleepless nights.
  2. Decide on a mode convenient for everyone, appropriate biological rhythms. If a decision is made to fit in at 22.00, then it must be strictly observed.
  3. Decide where the baby sleeps: in your crib or in the common the bed. The key to family well-being is mom and dad under one blanket, the child ─ in its permanent place.
  4. Do not be afraid to wake a sleepyhead who sleeps for a very long time in the afternoon, so that then do not let everyone sleep at night.
  5. Optimize Feeding. Children react differently to food. If after eating, your baby is drawn not to exploits, but to sleep, provide him with a hearty dinner.
  6. Think about comfort in the bedroom: the optimum temperature is 18 °, humidity – 50-70%. Engage your dad in this task.
  7. Do not neglect the possibilities of swimming. Warm water will take off voltage. A comfortable bath at bedtime, a cool room is a guarantee good sleep.
  8. How to put a baby to sleep? Cook Wisely bed with an even, dense and hard mattress, pillow for a baby (up to the age of two) laying is not necessary.
  9. Prepare a quality diaper. Modern diapers give the opportunity for parents to sleep, not to save on night diapers worth it.
  10. Have a good day. If the child had an active day, full impressions and available loads, he will fall asleep faster and stronger.

Teaching your child to sleep on their own is as important as teaching dress or hold a spoon. There are special techniques (“Timer”, “Fading”, “Login-Logout”, “Explanation”)

The problems of falling asleep in infants are not associated with capricious the spoiled character of the crumbs, and with the features of his nervous system. Most babies consciously relax and fall asleep, disconnected from everything, do not know how.

To sleep “like a baby”, they need a sense of comfort, safety and satisfaction. A simple annoying factor can cause restless sleep.

Therefore, experts advise making a special background for the crumbs, helping him tune in and fall asleep quickly. Create in the house friendly atmosphere.

The baby feels emotionally and painfully responds to stressful situations. If you behave correctly, in further vagaries can be avoided.


Use these tips today to see how much calmer your evening and your child have become.

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