10 ways to keep a beautiful chest when breastfeeding and after completion of feeding

Every pregnant woman or young mother fears for
his chest and believes that keep her beautiful during and after
breastfeeding is impossible. However, if you listen to
simple advice, then the chest can remain beautiful and like during
and after feeding the baby.

красивая грудь при грудном вскармливании

The first five tips are related to the breast process.
feeding. If it is organized correctly, then there will be no problems.
not only with the appetite and growth of the baby, but also with the neckline

  1. Do not allow the breast to burst from the milk. Large
    breaks between feedings cause the milk to start
    bursting chest and as a consequence of stretching the skin. Recommendations
    feeding a baby on demand is beneficial not only to the baby, but also
  2. Do not decant unnecessarily. Frequent expressions are harmful.
    Breasts – tissues are injured, skin stretches and becomes less
    elastic, which leads to sagging. Better to baby
    coped with feeding itself – it is more natural and less
    traumatic chest process.
  3. Find the most comfortable position for feeding, and convenient
    should be mom and baby. Do not let the crumbs play with your breasts.
    The child must be absorbed by the process. If he is not comfortable, he
    spinning, can pinch mom. This is especially true already large
    babies who can pull and twist during feeding
    nipples. Tenacious fingers can severely injure the chest, so
    it is better to offer the kid an alternative – a toy or beads.
  4. Complete breastfeeding gradually. Excommunication process
    it is better to do gradual from the chest so that an involution occurs –
    replacement of glandular tissue of breast fat. If you turn off feeding
    smoothly, the skin will have time to pull up, but the chest does not sag.
  5. Beautiful breasts are healthy breasts. Always pay attention
    on their sensations while breastfeeding, in the process of weaning from
    chest, or after. If pains occur, it is worth
    contact a mammologist or a chest consultant

Важно знать: Эксперты считают, что здоровой и
beautiful breast becomes when it performs a function
allotted to her by nature. It is natural for a woman to breastfeed,
no need to intervene in this process. It is important to ensure good
feeding conditions so that the muscles and other breast tissue remain
in good shape. In this case there will be no harm to the shape and size of the breast.
even with long-term feeding. A sudden stop feeding,
on the contrary, it can lead to unpleasant consequences.

The following five tips are about the attitude of a woman towards her
to the body.

  1. Lingerie should be in size. If you choose a bra with
    a small cup, then it will put pressure on the chest, which can lead to
    stagnant milk and big problems. Loose clothes do not support
    chest, which means it sags. If you do not like the assortment
    lingerie for nursing, you can choose a sports bra or find
    model for pregnant women in any fashion store.
  2. Do not type or lose weight drastically. remember, that
    �”Pregnant” kilograms will leave sooner or later, and if you arrange
    a sharp jump in weight, the skin of the breast will stretch, will not have time
    shrink, and the chest sags. Weight gain after childbirth is normal.
    a phenomenon, especially if the mother did not follow the feeding process
    diets. Sharp gain and weight loss stretch delicate skin
  3. To stay in good shape, exercise. Pump up chest
    to increase its size with the help of fitness alone will not succeed, but
    it will look better. Especially useful for this push-ups and
    classes with dumbbells.
  4. Contrast or take a douche.
    This improves blood flow, muscles and skin get
    necessary tone. После душа увлажняйте и питайте кожу chest
    You can use special creams, and also have a good effect.
    on the neckline means to care for the skin around the eyes;).
  5. Proper nutrition is the key to a healthy and beautiful body. To
    skin remained elastic, you need to consume enough products with
    high in B vitamins, vitamin E and fatty

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