10 ways to get rid of the complex “I’m badMama”

Even the most caring and skillful mom can one day
sad to note: “I have a feeling that I am a bad mother.” Often
such thoughts arise in women with the so-called “syndrome
honors “, when the slightest mistake or failure in any area of ​​life
becomes a personal reproach. In fact, if you are capable
analyze your actions, worry about the results, see
your own shortcomings, it means that you are a beautiful mother,
which strive to make your child happy.


But if thoughts of one’s own imperfection have already settled in
head, you should get rid of them as soon as possible, because the oppressed
condition can lead to depression and really affect
the life of your whole family.

Как избавиться от комплекса «Я – плохая Mama”?

  1. Understand that there is no ideal. No one is born
    with the perfect ability to change diapers and guess diseases
    child on the first sneeze. Your life consists not only of interests
    baby Good family relationships, attractiveness and mood
    Moms are important and baby. And if you have something wrong, you can
    entrust it to professionals. For example, to drive a child to developing
    classes, or most attend the required courses.
  2. Believe that your child is unique. Not worth it
    at night to study the sites of pediatrics and compare their skills
    a child with those that are supposedly needed at a particular age. Your
    the baby will sit, walk, speak and take hundreds more steps of his
    development when it is ready for it. You can calm
    help him with this.
  3. Try to minimize communication with people
    endlessly reproaching you for the wrong approach to
    This is especially true of the older generation and
    other new mommies. Grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunts can
    long talk about the dangers of diapers, blends and modern
    development techniques. And on the playground you can hear the phrases
    like: “How can you let your baby sleep with their parents?”,
    �”How can I carry a child in a sling?”, “And now my spoon itself
    holds “and so on. Protect yourself from such comments, or
    try to ignore them, because only you are responsible for your
    child and you can make decisions about him.
  4. Make a list of cases that, in your opinion,
    должны избавить от комплекса «плохая Mama”.
    If you consider
    that supermat sculpts crafts, builds houses from sand, tirelessly
    reads fairy tales, etc., do it periodically to raise
  5. Feel free to ask for help and don’t give up.
    . You do not leave the child to the mercy of fate, if
    send him a little stay with his grandmother. On the contrary, change
    conditions are needed not only for you, but also for the child. With pleasure
    take help in business, relieving yourself, because your life is now
    largely composed of small things.
  6. Rest and take time for yourself.
    The monotony and monotony of daily affairs from day to day
    anyone can enter into a depressed state. So get busy
    yourself, what you love. Learn languages, read, play sports,
    learn to do something completely new, open yourself up to the
    unexpected areas. And at this time let the child take care of dad,
    grandmother or other relatives.
  7. Do not be afraid to take a sedative. Do not count
    yourself insane, just talk to your doctor about
    sedative medications, if necessary.
  8. Do not judge others. It will help to yourself
    treat less critical.
  9. Systematize your schedule. Once
    get rid of the thought that you can’t do anything, you internally
    calm down. Make a distinction between the really important ones.
    and minor matters, think over the menu for the week and
    shopping lists. This will free not only time, but also the head
    disturbing thoughts (6 tips for moms who lack
  10. Будьте позитивней. Laugh at the failures
    smile problems, and they may cease to be so



You must have a high point. And if today
you miss the pyramid, or look forward to when the baby
finally speak, then soon you can become your child
best friend and ally, inspiring your inner strength and
dedication. Everything has its time, the main thing is to believe in yourself and
my strength

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