10 tips for those who can not get pregnant

You want to be parents, but you just can not conceive
baby? With these ten tips you will achieve your goal already
very very soon!

You have decided to become parents, but to conceive a child does not
is obtained? Then read on “I Am Your Baby” 10 tips that
will help speed up the process.

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1. Medical examination

Before becoming parents, go through a full medical
examination, and if any violations are revealed, then the course
treatment. This advice is relevant for both men and women.

Do not forget to ask your doctor about taking vitamins – this is very
important factor in maintaining health. In this case, it is worth giving
preference for prenatal drugs that include
folic acid. They reduce the risk of such neural tube defects.
fetus as a splitting of the stomach or congenital nephrosis.

And further! Those who wish to become pregnant as soon as possible should
significantly reduce the use of potent drugs.
The only exceptions are those cases when the drug is prescribed
attending doctor. Remember, antibiotic abuse,
painkillers and antihistamine drugs have a bad effect
on the maturation of the eggs.

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and men) when planning pregnancy

2. Watch for ovulation

The most favorable time for conception is the period
ovulation, so every girl who dreams of becoming a mom is just
must carefully monitor their own menstrual cycle.
As a rule, in women with a 28-day cycle, the release of a mature egg
comes on day 14. However, sometimes ovulation may shift to that
or on the other side or not at all. In such cases
to track it is extremely difficult. The test will come to the rescue
ovulation, which is sold in any pharmacy.

If you are not able to buy such a test, use
method for determining basal temperature (body temperature,
measured in the rectum). It is the same throughout the cycle, and
But after ovulation, this temperature increases by 0.3 – 0.4
degrees). To obtain the most accurate measurement results
carried out for 3 cycles. Use data from one procedure
it is impossible – they will be unreliable.

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3. Experiment with postures

In the network you can find photos of the best sexual poses for conception.
child, but believing them blindly would be a huge mistake. Modern
medicine does not single out successful and unsuccessful positions. The fact is that
the woman’s cervix is ​​almost always the same
position So whatever position you choose, it’s not
will affect the ability of the woman to conceive.

But what should not be forgotten is the law of the earth.
attraction acting in certain positions and slowing down the flow

4. Raise your legs do not need

Many believe that in order to get pregnant faster,
a woman after intercourse needs to lie down a bit, lifting her legs
up. This is the biggest misconception that I only
had to hear!

In fact, raised legs will not change the position of the pelvis, and therefore
will not affect the probability of conception. It will be much more useful
just lie in bed for 10-15 minutes. This will facilitate penetration.
sperm into the uterus.


5. Do not overdo it

Exhausting partner with sex during ovulation is not the best.
идея, ведь слишком частое семяизвержение ухудшает качество sperm
It is enough to do “this” only once a day – with feeling,
plainly, arrangement.

Among other things, a man should review his wardrobe and
give up fitting trousers and jeans. Too tight clothes
reduces the activity of sperm and leads to a decrease in their
quantity. The quality of genetic material can be affected and
factors such as frequent visits to the bath and the habit of wearing a phone in
pocket or belt.

As for women, some of them face insufficient
release of natural lubricant. If you are used to solving similar
problems with the help of lubricants, urgently abandon them – lubrication
lead to the death of sperm. Better consult a doctor and
find out the cause of this problem.

6. Avoid stress

Unsuccessful attempts to conceive a baby become a lot of stress.
for both partners. Increased nervousness is bad for
ovulation in women and can lead to the development of sexual disorders in

In order to relax, use any healthy ways.
– massage, walks in the fresh air, sound and long sleep,
a couple sips of red wine.

7. Change your lifestyle

Get rid of bad habits (alcohol and smoking), go
for healthy food, go in for fitness, replace the public
transport walking – it will improve your health
and will contribute to the conception.

But with excessive physical exertion will have to wait.
Fanatical sports cause a lack of ovulation, therefore
if your workouts last about an hour a day, review

A healthy lifestyle is not fanatical. occupation
sports. Half-hour aerobics or walking, healthy food –
that’s what really helps to conceive a child.

8. Eat rationally.

Avoid diets – eating foods low
calorie and weight loss caused by constant
malnutrition has a negative effect on the production of hormones responsible for
fertility. Here you have to choose – either a slim waist or
future motherhood.

If you choose the latter, take care of the correct and rational
nutrition. But about snacks on the go and a bad fast food better
to forget. However, overweight also reduces the possibility of
get pregnant, so try to clean up.

9. Use traditional medicine

The most effective means for successful conception is considered
decoction of one-sided ortilia. It is easy to prepare:

  1. Pour 2 tbsp. l leaves and flowers of ortila 30 ml boiled
  2. Put the container with the mixture on a small fire and boil 10
  3. Insist the decoction for half an hour.
  4. Filter through cheesecloth.
  5. Take 3-4 times a day and 1 tbsp. a spoon.

No less useful and pumpkin pulp. It contains a huge
the amount of vitamin E that regulates the body’s hormonal balance
women. In addition, with female infertility, you can use
Apple vinegar. Mix it with honey in equal quantities (for 2 hours
l at one time) and add to the decoction ortilia or drink in a clean
with water. This should be done before eating.

10. Release the situation

With all your desire to become parents, pregnancy should not
turn into an obsession. Relax, get
enjoy life, enjoy intimacy, give
time for family and friends. Release the situation, look ahead with
optimism and believe that everything will work out for you!

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