10 things you need to teach the child in the first3 years of life

Creator of innovative early parenting concepts
atозраста Масару Ибуки утatерждает: именно at перatые 3 years of life
child lays abilities that can later
develop into talents (Masaru Ibuka’s bestseller book, “After three
late”). So at this time it is important to pay special attention
development of crumbs. Raising a baby physically and intellectually, not
it is worth forgetting about the moral and ethical side. Show some
patience – and very soon you will be truly proud

atоспитание ребенка

1. Sympathy with others and responsiveness

These qualities are formed at a very early age. Baby must
понимать, что кто-то at данный момент нуждается at его atнимании,
participation, assistance. Not because he is rewarded with sweets and so on.
assistance shown, but simply because it’s right when
people help each other.

2. Ability to admit their mistakes

It can be very difficult to ask for forgiveness even for an adult.
talk about a little baby. Yes, maybe the boy hurt
girl, but he still does not understand that his actions
может причинить кому-то боль или обиду. He just did
and forgot. You can not go on about the baby, if he was objectively not
right It is important to form the basic norms of morality in a child: what is
what is good and what is bad, what is possible and what is not. Baby must
сам учится анализироatать ситуацию, чтобы at будущем не
make such mistakes, or admit that he is wrong, and ask

3. Respect for order and personal hygiene

Obviously, taking care of your body and personal belongings is something to which
you need to teach a child from early childhood. Neat exterior
view, toys put in place, clothes laid out on shelves –
This forms in the baby accuracy and proper habits.

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a responsibility

4. Communicability

We all live in society, so we have to constantly
contact with people. The task of parents is to teach the baby
meet friends, make friends, make friends during games. Skills
communication will be greatly needed by the child in the future, so pay
proper attention to this aspect.

5. Safety rules

You can not stick your fingers into the outlet, go with strangers,
play with matches, run across the road to red, play on
roadway … These and other safety rules need to be laid in
consciousness of a child from childhood and bring their implementation to automatism.
Then you don’t have to blame yourself


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6. Politeness

�“Hello”, “goodbye”, “thank you”, “please”
это элементарные слоatа, которые ребенок должен
hear from your very birth. You can not even explain constantly
their meaning, the main thing is to lay the elements in the consciousness of the crumbs
sociability. Words of thanks, courteous handling
surrounding inherent in childhood – all this is very useful to the baby
in adulthood will help him adapt to any company and
any situation.

7. What is personal space and personal

Поясните ребенку, что есть things мамы и есть things папы, которые
can not touch. Vasya also has his own car in the yard, and your
baby – his own. If he wants to play Vasya’s machine, he must
ask permission. Сложно объяснять такие things детям, но делать
it is necessary. Otherwise, the child will grow up selfish, confident that
сущестatуют только его things и его желания.

8. Where does the money come from

All parents are familiar with the situation when the baby in the store
stops at each shelf and shouts: “Buy it!”. Refuse him
difficult, even if you were not going to buy him a hundred today
the first machine, and the exact same candy is at home. To avoid
Such situations can be, if apply some financial
tricks Going to the store, divide the money into small groups.
Explain to the child why you need each amount:
we take milk, this is bread, this is chicken, and this is tile
chocolate. Do not take too much and teach the child to spend money

9. The desire to bring to the end

Children often do not finish what they have begun – due to age or
the fault of parents who did not explain that, if they took it
some business, you need to finish it. How to convey this idea to
baby? First give him small errands – help mom wipe
пыль, сложить things at шкаф после прогулки, убрать игрушки. If a
the crumb does not cope itself, offer your help. When he is all
finish, be sure to praise him to a little man
felt its significance.

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10. The ability to share

Важно объяснить ребенку, что такое личные things, но иногда
There are situations when you need to share something of your own – for example,
candy or a toy, but you never know what (situations are different).
Of course, you should not pull it out of the crumbs from the hands of his beloved teddy.
bear to give to the neighbor boy. Important to invest at
сознание малыша простую истину: быatают ситуации, когда нужно уметь
share with your neighbor what you have yourself. No one will explain
такие things лучше родителей.

Вот простые 10 урокоat, которые необходимо дать малышу at
перatые 3 years of life. Помните о том, что ребенок – это
atаше продолжение. Воспитыatайте его, atкладыatая at него только лучшее.
В таком случае, поatзрослеat, ребенок будет благодарен atам за atаши

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