10 things moms don’t need to be ashamed of

Ten of the following situations will teach moms to properly arrange
prioritize and get rid of false shame.

Children – happiness, and this is indisputable. But also children – difficulties and
problems, and this is also a fact. Probably, any mother can remember
a case for which she is then ashamed. But there are things that she
Should not be ashamed.


1. Problems of choice

Moms are constantly choosing. For example, baby food: how it is
should be? Cook the child herself? Buy in jars?
Stop at organic nutrition? And the mother-in-law claims that
I fed my borsch for almost a month. You just have to ignore
the voices of well-wishers and listen to the heart. And do not be ashamed
of your choice.

2. Breastfeeding in humans

Sooner or later there comes a time when mom gets up
Dilemma: feed the child in a public place or comply
propriety. You can live with an eye on what people think. Then
the kid will remain hungry, and you will bring yourself to neurosis. But if you
get clothes for feeding and accept the fact that you are not
demonstrate the breast, and feed the baby, there will be nothing to be ashamed of.

ЧИТBUTЕМ ТBUTКЖЕ: Грудное вскармливание в
in public places. How to breastfeed on the street and in
public places – tips and tricks

3. A child behaves … how a child should behave

Yes, children sometimes cry in transport. If this is a bus, you still
You can go out with the child at the next stop and calm him down. BUT
if he burst into tears on the plane? You are ashamed in front of others
by passengers. And in vain: as a normal mother, you first
worried about a clean diaper or bottle for a baby, and
then about sovereignty for a neighbor who suffers discomfort due to
child cry. You do everything to save the baby from the inconvenience
but anything happens: turbulence, cutting teeth.

4. The child does not want to share toys

BUT разве взрослые всегда делятся всем со всеми? But at the same time
they all have learned to share. The child must have personal items. BUT
interact with other people and he will learn.


ЧИТBUTЕМ ТBUTКЖЕ: Должен ли ребенок делиться

5. Do not try to be a cool mom.

Well, yes, someone gives birth even in their luxurious apartments, and
in a week, he is already going to spend the winter with the child in hot countries.
BUT вы родили в больнице, окруженная врачами, и после родов вернулись
home, and if you go out only to the next street. Be ashamed of these
thoughts have nothing better to focus on yourself and baby.

крутая мама с ребенком

6. Do not sleep, do not wash, do not …

These “NOT” a lot. Even if you have a cool baby, you don’t care
not insured against failures: temperature, rotavirus, teeth … It is not necessary
to take it all as interference and to think that, once they have arisen, you
bad mother

7. How often should be sex

The amount of sex is always individual. There is no need to feel shame
for having less sex than before. In any case, discuss this
the question is, if you are confused by something, it is necessary with a partner, and not with

8. Photo of the child in the social network

Moms often post photos of their children, accompanying them
made excuses. BUT извиняться не за что: для вас ваш ребенок
the best in the world, but you do not want to convince everyone of this. You
just can not resist.

9. Do not look stylish

To meet you is a slim, dressed-up person in heels, skillfully
combed and dyed. BUT навстречу ей идете вы: волосы собраны
in the tail, no makeup, wearing jeans and uggs. Do not be ashamed
its kind. Especially in clothes like yours, walk with your baby
more convenient.

10. Do not try to do everything.

Someone has time, as you think everything. In one hand at such
the miracle mistress of the child she cradles, and the other she is in it
time shred vegetables for lunch. She has perfect cleanliness at home, everything
the linen is washed and ironed … Is it wrong with you? Do not be ashamed
of this: but you devote time to the child. BUT ужин может быть и из
semi-finished products.


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