10 things for which mom does not owe herselfblame

Have you become a mom? It’s fine! Ready for difficulties
responsibility? Good! However, you should know that there are things
about which you should by no means be feeling
the guilt. 10 things that should not be the cause of
мамы чувства the guilt.

Most women who became mothers (especially those who gave birth to
firstborn), very worried about and for no reason. And this is
explanation – hormonal changes in the female body. AT
eyes of a young mother with a hormonal explosion in the body even
The tiny bruise of the baby takes on tragic proportions. but
let’s reason sensibly, is it worth reproaching yourself for everything? Of course,
your baby is welcome and loved, and you give him maximum attention,
but anything happens. These are kids! They get sick and bruise
show interest in all the forbidden, so do not feel
blame yourself for all the trouble. Be extreme
adults are attentive to the child, but be responsible
almost everything is impossible. And for the points below – just
is impossible.

у мамы чувство вины

1. The baby was born using

So what? The most important thing is that the baby was born! What’s the difference:
did you give birth to a woman yourself or did the doctors decide to “cesarit” it
did not depend on mom. And at the moment it does not matter that a woman
during pregnancy fulfilled all recommendations of the doctor or her
�”Led” a highly qualified specialist. No one is immune from
such a turn of events, because there is always the possibility that something
will not go according to the “plan”, and will have to do a cesarean section.

2. Mom gets tired of the crumbs

ATсе дети должны быть любимыми и желанными, но наступает момент,
when mommy is “on the verge”. She starts to suffer from being
that he considers himself guilty of being tired of his child. Not
wind yourself up! ATедь это совершенно нормально, когда при
doing hard work we get tired. And who will argue with the fact that
care for the baby every second – is it easy? ATедь мама каждую
minute thinks about the needs of the crumbs, about his comfort and creates him
these conditions. And do not be cunning: it is tedious, although
pleasant work. AT данном случае очень кстати будет помощь близких
people. it поможет маме не впасть в состояние депрессии.

3. Mom does not breastfeed the baby (or combines the breast and
artificial feeding)

What a sin to conceal, some modern mothers with enough
the amount of breast milk do not want to breastfeed the baby. it
separate topic. Other moms did not plan breastfeeding.
feeding, but now under pressure from relatives and girlfriends
consider themselves “malicious”. But it also happens that a woman from the very
the beginning of pregnancy was planning to breastfeed the crumb up to
schools, but there is little or no breast milk. On maybe
a lot of reasons: and nervous tension, and disease, and changes
hormonal levels. but в любом случае не нужно изводить себя,
because the baby needs calm, loving in being in good
настроении мама, а не замученная чужими идеями и раздираемая
in doubt.

According to statistics, only 80% of women breastfeed babies.
immediately after birth, by the year their number is reduced to 27%.

but эксперты рекомендуют не переживать по этому поводу и
breastfeed as much as you can afford it.


4. Mom wants to go back to work

AT этом нет ничего плохого. Why not go back to the service
duties, because mom, who occupied, for example, high
position in your company, it is difficult to come to terms with a long stay not
affairs And it is clear that at home as a senior in the kitchen and the main
she is not too comfortable in the swaddling clothes. Or is it the other way around –
financial situation forces mom to go to work earlier. And with
On the other hand, the health and emotional state of the child is more expensive.
business. If the baby is accustomed to sleep in his crib, he is no longer
gets breast milk, often does not get sick, you might think about
return to work. Every mommy decides this question.
individually, but whatever decision you take is not necessary
feel guilty about something. Life makes its own

ATот и на работу бы вернуться, но тут звучит грозное общественное
opinion: “What is a normal mother will leave a baby up to a year for a nanny?” And
please, mother again is to blame.

Studies have shown that children raised by working
mothers are more successful in life. So women are more likely to occupy
high-paying senior positions and happy married.


Яна Катаева: Мама чувствует вину, когда

5. AT доме не поддерживается идеальный
the order

Kids are completely different (and this is not a discovery). Can and with
twins all get around the house if the kids are calm. And you can with one
baby feel like a squirrel in a wheel. And as a result – on
кухне гора посуды, в доме сложно поддерживать привычный the order.
but не стоит расстраиваться: как известно, все проходит. Baby
very soon grow up, you will have more time. ATот тогда-то
в доме и воцарится прежний the order. In the meantime, some of the responsibilities
home husband must take over.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Как молодой маме справиться
with a child and household chores?

6. Baby is not accustomed to the pot! And withколько ему?
Six months …

A pot is a serious matter! What to do if wise
life experience the mother-in-law is outraged that the pipsqueep is still not
accustomed to this compulsory subject? Nor is it at all
It is taken into account that the baby is only half a year old. Dial
patience, take a deep breath, smile and promise the mother-in-law that
for the next visit you will try and the baby will be and toilet
enjoy, and read, and write, and count. If your mother in law –
the woman is smart, she will understand everything, and you will laugh at this
about AT противном случае не стоит тратить свои нервы.

�”How?! ATы еще пользуетесь подгузниками?!» – трагически вопрошает
�“Inhaled” visit mother-in-law and rolls his eyes. And she doesn’t care
что вашему ATанечке только шесть месяцев, и сидеть он начал на
last week. ATедь «в их время» никаких подгузников не было, и
All the children a year already went to the pot with their feet. Smile and
promise that by the next visit of his beloved grandmother, Ivan will not start
only use the toilet, but also play hockey and read
Dostoevsky. A clever mother-in-law will understand the hint, and because of unencumbered
intellect and suffer is not worth it.

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7. The first lure – from store jars, but not
own cooking

Catastrophe? Of course not. Children’s doctors, mothers, grandmothers?
Forum users for moms have about this completely
different opinions. Some are supporters of their own hands.
complementary foods, others – sure that the store is subject to control
quality is therefore better. Not терзайтесь, делайте так, как считаете
correct. By the way, what is more useful, no one is sure

8. Mommy explodes and screams at the child.

Even the most patient mommy sometimes lose her temper and breaks down.
on the baby, but it is not critical. If the same cases of swearing are frequent,
It is worth thinking about your condition. ATозможно, депрессия мешает вам
respond to the actions of children properly.

9. TV (and gadgets) as a nurse

Yes, watching TV does not benefit your child, but
watching several cartoons is justified if at this time you
have time to cook dinner for the baby.

10. Mom spends time on herself

When a woman has a child, it seems that the whole life
spinning around him. But do not forget about yourself and
relationship with her husband. it не только поможет сохранить
psycho-emotional state, but will also become a model of a healthy
life balance for your children.

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