10 things for the care and education of the child, withoutwhich your mom would have cost

Time does not stand still – our life is changing, and with it
updated look at the education of children. Now in stores
You can find thousands of products that are designed to ease care.
child and ensure its full development. Following the tips
doctors and acquaintances, moms are looking for children’s gadgets and
devices, choose the best finger paints and electronic
thermometers. They consider all these devices to be extremely necessary,
although their absence in the past did not prevent women from growing healthy


If our mothers and grandmothers do not understand why we need developing
mats and baby monitors, then modern dads laugh at their wives
and their mania to buy everything in children’s stores. �”Sanya, you have in
childhood was fitball? “- after this phrase, the company of men begins
laugh and joke that without such a thing a child will not grow up
full-fledged. The only thing fathers think is really useful
and indispensable – these are diapers. They really made life easier
parents can not argue with that.

In this article we have prepared for you a selection of urgently needed
modern moms of things that were not needed by their parents and
laugh their husbands.



Mom’s dream is to quickly hear her baby begin to speak and
take the first steps. To make it happen faster, are purchased
devices such as walkers. In them, the mother sits her
six month old baby. Having fun with toys on the front,
the kid begins to move independently around the apartment.

Walkers – современное изобретение, а наши мамы вместо них
used a simpler scheme: cot – playpen – floor. If a
the child wanted to see something closer or reach out to something
he was starting to crawl. After some time, baby alone
I got up on both legs and started to learn walking. These events
occurred naturally without forcing and

Although walkers are now popular, pediatricians are not
recommend their use. Специалисты объясняют: чтобы
stand up and go, the child must strengthen his back, and for this
need some time to crawl.
Mom shouldn’t try
speed up the process. Otherwise, it may inadvertently harm
health of the child.

By the way, modern dads often support the idea of ​​using
walkers, because to put in them a three-month toddler is a whole
entertainment. Wives often abuse their husbands for such childishness.

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Now parents can not imagine how they would have done without
diapers. Babies often eat and go to the toilet. That’s
they have to change diapers 20 times a day, and even more often. After all
babies have very tender and sensitive skin on which they can
appear irritation.


How did our mothers cope in those times when diapers were still
and in mention was not? They themselves had to make diapers of gauze,
boil them and constantly change to prevent the appearance
diaper rash

Instead of diapers, women used to use oilcloth briefs.
They were worn on babies at night, so as not to have to get up and
change diapers. This kind of know-how, of course, had a negative effect on
tender skin of babies.

Diapers создаются специально для чувствительной кожи
infants However, they also need to be properly used.
Boys should not be in diapers around the clock –
due to constant overheating in the future they may develop
infertility (are diapers harmful to boys?).
More important
to teach a child to the pot from the same age with which it started
do our moms. Going to the toilet should remain unconditional
instinct, not developed, as they are now considered “advanced”

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Baby monitor

Almost all modern moms have this device. Each
мамы много дел – стирка, готовка, уборка в доме, некоторые еще
and manage to keep working. Of course, mommies are worried about
that they may not hear their babies cry. Baby monitor решает
this problem and allows you to constantly stay in touch with
little one.


Previously, such devices were not. Our moms could use
Is that the walkie-talkie, but from them there is little use in everyday life. Therefore, women
it was necessary to develop keenness of hearing and intuition.

Radio nurses seem to be very useful devices, but they also have
There are many opponents. The argument is as follows: good
mother and so hears any grunting child, so buying
communication devices are a waste of money.

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baby monitor

Electronic thermometer

Using an electronic thermometer is convenient – it allows
quickly measure the temperature in the mouth, on the forehead, in the ears – anywhere.
For babies even thermometers in the form of pacifiers are released.

электронный градусник для новорожденного

The mercury thermometer used by our mothers
точнее электронного
. If a же он разобьется, люди рискуют
suffer from toxic mercury vapor, so you need to be with him

Blender steamer

This household appliance useful for the introduction of complementary foods: enough
put fresh vegetables in the bowl and leave them to cook. Then
It will remain to turn the bowl to grind vegetables into mashed potatoes. So
cooking becomes fast and convenient, the blender steamer itself
compact and does not take up much space. She has a big
the disadvantage is the high price. Convenient, fast, compact,


Previously, women did not have such assistants in the kitchen. They themselves
harvested potatoes for the winter, zucchini, squash, and other vegetables
collected in the garden. Потом наши мамы варили их и разминали
handwritten by hand. It’s not as quick and easy as
using a blender steamer, but no one complained – everyone was

Developing rug

It is a dense rug with different pictures and arcs, where they hang
toys. Here the child can not only play, but also
his senses are stimulated. Для этого развивающий
the rug is painted in different colors, it makes sounds, loses
melodies, and also it is made of different materials, which is useful
for fine motor skills.
The baby can lie on the back or
roll over on the tummy – there will always be fun for him
from all sides.

развивающий коврик

In the USSR, young families at best lived in one-room
apartments. Then there was an acute housing shortage, therefore about developing
rugs and speech did not go – they simply had nowhere to attach. At home
all lay ordinary palaces. Parents still turned them away for the sake of
fun to show your grown children the consequences
the fact that diapers did not use before.

Finger paint


Colored paper and pencils, plasticine and ordinary paints,
felt-tip pens, coloring books – everything is still widely used for
children’s creativity. Innovation of the 21st century – finger paints. Quite
little kids still can’t hold a brush or pencil,
mastering such skills takes time. But in the jar in the paint
each toddler can dip his pen, and then paint a sheet
paper or, for example, a wall in the bathroom. This and fun entertainment, and
creativity, and a good training of fine motor fingers.

Educational teaching materials and classes

дидактические игры

Such means are popular with modern parents.
for the development of kids, like books and didactic materials, in that
including the Montessori method, electronic alphabet, children’s
musical instruments. Some moms connect to developing
to their karapuz when they are barely 9 months old. They
believe that by stimulating the intelligence of their offspring from the earliest
age, provide him a successful future.

Not so long ago, kids were simply given to the kindergarten at the age of 3 and not
loaded developmental activities. Wide horizons they provide
family trips, traveling, reading for children
encyclopedias. Mom’s help with the housework was a kind of labor
therapy that taught responsibility and autonomy.

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child-rearing techniques

Children’s gadgets (laptops, tablets, phones)

Nowadays, more and more kids are mastering gadgets even earlier,
what it is about. Many parents encourage early acquaintance of babies with
smartphones and tablets, because now is the time when you need
understand the technology. The stores even sold
a variety of children’s gadgets, but kids can easily become
addicted and head off into digital space.

детский ноутбук

Instead of technological innovations, our mothers offered us to play
board games, read interesting books, draw, listen
audio fairy tales, gave us to the sports section. All this no less
useful and interesting.

Interactive toys

Children now do not suffer from a shortage of toys. To see them
delight, many adults choose something that speaks or sings.
Popular are also special notebooks for children who
help to learn the alphabet, numbers, train memory.

Interactive toys

Previously, there were no gadgets and other modern tools for
raising children, but moms still gave all their children
necessary. They were helped by paper alphabet, ordinary toys and
items. Only in the 21st century, life has changed a lot. Many moms
have to work, they can’t sit for 3 years on maternity leave and
devote so much time to children as we would like. Therefore, things about
who we told you often become faithful helpers. BUT
Daddy let them continue to laugh.

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