10 strange ways to stimulate childbirth (+poll)

What tricks do pregnant women go for 40 weeks from
small to cause childbirth. Go upstairs to the 9th floor,
wash the floor, squatting, knock out the carpet – such tips
literally teeming with the Internet. Is it possible alone
stimulate childbirth?

The most important thing is whether you need to rush the kid who
not ready yet to be born? Let’s find out what the doctors think about
popular folk methods, and find out how they
are safe.

стимуляция родов народными способами

1. Squatting floor cleaning

If you wash the whole apartment in a squatting position, and then go to the maternity hospital,
will give birth faster? It is this kind of development that is expected
pregnant, resorting to this popular method at a later date. Here is
only doctors strongly opposed. They argue that excessive
exercise can cause premature detachment
placenta. As a result, childbirth, of course, will begin faster, but no
guarantees that they will go well.

беременная женщина моет пол

Doctors against this method: excessive zeal can
привести к преждевременной отслойке placenta.

Убираться в квартире будущим мамам можно — за исключением
cases where there is a threat of abortion. Only for
This is better to use modern appliances – ordinary or washing.
Vacuum cleaner, spinning mop. Hands do not wash floors: when driving
in the bent position increases the load on the spine, and for
it is dangerous for a pregnant woman, which can lead to a squeezing of the abdomen.
Sweeping a broom is also not necessary, so as not to breathe rising

An alternative to this activity is to collect people who are scattered throughout the room.
matches squatting. such a position allows presenting
parts of the fetus go down and put pressure on the cervix, promoting it
physical disclosure.

2. Walking on the steps

Walking is very useful. In the hospital, the midwife may even
would advise a pregnant woman to go upstairs a couple of floors – this
really speed up the completion of the first stage of labor. When a woman
walks, the cervix expands, and the baby becomes easier
move forward.

беременная женщина ходит по супеням

Walking is very useful – walking helps the child
better to move, the cervix to expand. The main thing is to do everything in

ATажно не переусердствовать, потому что переутомление и
depletion of the body is fraught with the development of a number of future mothers

  • dyspnea;
  • hypertonus;
  • tachycardia;
  • risk of injury (to avoid injuries to a pregnant woman, comfortable
    clothes and shoes with non-slip soles).

3. Knocking out the carpet

Pregnant women can hear the advice of popping a carpet. In the nation
It is widely believed that with the help of such physical activity
can cause childbirth. However, it is more likely that, knocking out a carpet,
the woman just gets very tired, and the birth itself is no longer
will remain strong. Moreover, this is the most innocuous possible
the effects of overwork.

беременная выбивает ковер

4. Sex

During lovemaking in the body begins to develop
oxytocin, under the action of which labor begins faster. Still
male sperm contains prostaglandins that accelerate maturation
and the opening of the uterus. Thus, doctors confirm that the intimate
proximity is one of the most effective methods of natural
stimulation of labor. However, having sex before giving birth can
only in the absence of contraindications and provided that the water is still
not moved, otherwise there will be a risk of infection.

стимуляция родов и секс

This method has a medical rationale and
is one of the most effective means of natural stimulation

5. Breast massage

Still один способ вызвать childbirth, который одобряет медицина, —
Massage the breast, more precisely, the nipple area. When stimulating the nipples
the uterus contracts, and this is the beginning of labor.

You need to perform a massage 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes, making
stroking and tingling. Statistics show that helps
This method is not for all pregnant. However, the massage will still be
useful as it prepares the breast for feeding. Just not
prevent painful and unpleasant feelings so that
to injure the mammary glands.


6. Castor

It is believed that before giving birth it is useful to drink castor oil:
supposedly it has a laxative effect, and under the influence
the shrinking intestine, the uterus will also begin to shrink. AT
In fact, this method of stimulation of labor is risky. Castor oil
may cause severe indigestion, vomiting and subsequent
dehydration, which is extremely dangerous for mom and baby.

7. Мытье окон

Periodic tension of the muscular corset of the front surface
hulls (when you raise your arms and stretch upward) sometimes leads
to tone the muscles of the uterus.

беременная женщина моет окна

8. Чай из малиновых листьев

Our great-grandmothers caused childbirth, taking a decoction of raspberry leaves.
This drink prepares the walls of the uterus and speeds up the onset.
process. It is believed that if during bouts to drink such a decoction, then
The second stage of labor will be much faster than usual.
Therefore, if the young mom has some structural features
pelvis or health problems, it is better not to apply this
method, because of the speed of the process, doctors will not have time to take
necessary measures.

9. Hot bath

Taking a hot bath with a temperature not higher than 38 degrees
helps the body to relax and the body to prepare for childbirth. However to
This method should be taken with caution. Too long
water treatments in hot water can increase
blood pressure, provoke dizziness or weakness.
ATанну рекомендовано принимать не больше 15 минут.

беременная женщина в ванной

10. Представление, что схватки уже начались

Childbirth начинаются в голове — это доказанный медицинский факт,
Explained by the fact that any processes in our body are regulated
the brain. A strong concentration of thought helps the beginning of labor.
self hypnosis and the real idea of ​​cramping sensations.

Advice to all women who are going to soon
become moms: experiment less and have patience. ATаш
baby will be born in 9 months, like all other children on
light If there is a risk of postponing pregnancy, doctors
предложат более безопасные способы стимуляции родов


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ATидео: Родовозбуждение

Родовозбуждение – это искусственное вызывание
birth at various stages of pregnancy. Labor induction can
be carried out only in the absence of contraindications for labor through
natural birth canal. This must be taken into account when
attempts to cause childbirth folk methods at home.

ATидео: Естественные методы стимуляции родов! How to speed up

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