10 signs of dependence of children on computergames and the Internet: harm from the computer

Modern children from the cradle know what a computer is, and
by the year they are already operating the mouse and pressing the buttons of the keyboard. Cramped
�“Communication” of a child with a computer causes an ambiguous attitude: with
one side is now really without a computer – nowhere. WITH
On the other hand, permanent sitting at a computer is fraught
serious consequences. WITHамым опасным из них является
formation of a child’s dependence on the computer, which is
a real disease requiring treatment.


Causes and types of dependence

Computer addiction in children is, before
of all, a departure from reality, so the main reason for wanting to
head to go into the virtual world – a lack of something in reality.
Children may lack attention and involvement from parents,
self-confidence, recognition in a peer company. Eventually
the child is trying to satisfy his real needs not
real and in the virtual world.

Dependence can be of two types:

  1. Игровая зависимость (кибераддикция)
    addiction to computer games. Some games are personalized,
    that is, a person plays on behalf of a particular hero, increasing
    power, conquering cities, acquiring superpowers. In that
    case, you can talk about role-based addiction. In other games like
    there is no such character, but the essence of the game is in the set of points, getting
    winnings. In that случае зависимость неролевая.
  2. WITHетевая зависимость (сетеголизм). it
    dependence of the child on the Internet, which may occur in
    in different forms, but in a global sense, the essence is the same – a person does not think
    своей жизни без выхода в WITHеть. Spending time on social networks,
    Chatting, listening to music are options for network addiction.
    Even innocuous internet surfing is a kind of network addiction,
    After all, a person spends a lot of time watching and reading
    necessary information, moving from link to link.

When you need to sound the alarm: 10 signs of a computer

Компьютерной dependencies подвержены и дети, и взрослые, однако у
children addiction is formed much faster. Than before
the child got acquainted with the computer, the more likely it is that
the computer will crowd out real life. Recognize dependency
child can on the following grounds.

  1. The child cannot use the computer within
    established boundaries.
    Even if there is a preliminary
    agreement, he can not break away from the computer in time, but
    attempts to clean up and remove him from the computer
    end in hysterics.
  2. The child does not fulfill the homework assigned to him
    Usually children always have household duties:
    wash the dishes, tidy up your things, take a walk with the dog. Dependent
    the child cannot plan his time and misses his home
    work, staying at the computer.
  3. Being at the computer becomes more preferable.
    rather than chatting with family or friends.
    Family holidays and visiting guests are no exception.
  4. Even естественные нужды не могут заставить ребёнка
    отвлечься от сети
    , поэтому он не расстаётся с
    phone / tablet neither for food nor in the bath.
  5. The child is constantly in search of devices with
    which you can go online or play.
    If you pick up from
    his tablet or computer – he will immediately pick up the phone.
    ЧИТАЕМ ПОДРОБНО: Влияние планшета на ребенка: 10
    reasons to say “NO”!
    — http://razvitie-krohi.ru/eto-polezno-znat/vliyanie-plansheta-na-rebenka-10-prichin-skazat-planshetu-net.html
  6. The child communicates mainly in the network, constantly
    makes new acquaintances there that remain in virtual
    the world.
    Even с реальными знакомыми (одноклассниками,
    friends) the child prefers to communicate on the Internet.
  7. Ребёнок пренебрегает учёбой: не выполняет
    homework, becomes scattered, sloppy, reduced
    academic performance
  8. Лишение компьютера вызывает «ломку»: ребёнок
    becomes aggressive, irritable.
  9. In the absence of a computer, the child does not know what he is
    , его ничем невозможно заинтересовать.
  10. The child does not dedicate you to what he does in
    Any questioning causes a negative reaction.

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addiction – how we kill children:



Видео 2 — Интернет зависимость у

Computer damage

Presentation: “Computer: Benefit or Harm”. Performed:
student of 6 “B” class, Mulasheva Elina (clickable):

The constant presence of both adults and children at the computer has become
already a familiar picture, which is why parents risk underestimating
опасность dependencies от игр или интернета. In reality
computer addiction has negative consequences for
organism, and for the psyche. And when it comes to children, these
the consequences are deeper and more difficult to remove, because the organism and
the psyche of the younger man is still being formed.

  • Electromagnetic radiation. Like any
    electrical appliance, computer, tablet or laptop radiates
    electromagnetic waves. Constantly acting on children’s body,
    this radiation triggers pathological processes in it, which
    can lead to hormonal disruptions, autoimmune diseases,
    disturbances in the nervous system and even to cancer
  • Mental overstrain. With constant
    being at the computer such a stream collapses on the child
    different information that his brain is not able to perceive all this and
    recycle. it создаёт чрезмерную нагрузку на нервную систему и
    leads to mental stress, children become
    impulsive, irritable, show aggression;
  • Hypodynamia and its consequences. Sedentary
    a way of life led by all computer addicted children
    affects the whole body. The child’s immunity decreases,
    fatigue increases, sleep is disturbed. Very often arise
    headaches, dizziness. There are problems with the spine
    – stoop, osteochondrosis. From the constant finding of the hand on
    the mouse develops tunnel syndrome, which manifests itself in pain when
    finger and wrist movement;
  • Visual impairment. Even современный и хорошо
    customized monitor negatively affects vision. Vision begins
    decline after six months of constant sitting at the computer.
    In addition to reducing visual acuity, there is a “dry eye” syndrome,
    manifested by pain in the eyes, the sensation of sand in the eyes,
    constant itching in the eyes;

  • Overstrain of the cervical spine and its
    From sitting for a long time,
    especially if the height of the table and chair are not adjusted correctly,
    brain vessels are affected. They pinch and it leads to
    poor blood supply, which in turn leads to migraines,
    oxygen starvation, distraction. Sometimes cerebral
    form of vegetative-vascular dystonia, manifested in permanent
    headaches, fainting;
  • Polza-i-vred-interneta-dlya-detejj

    Moral injury. Even несмотря на
    existence of programs for parental control over behavior
    child at the computer, completely filter information
    is impossible. WITH экрана компьютера на детей обрушиваются сцены
    cruelty, violence, aggressive behavior, obscene expressions,
    pornography. itт поток нежелательной информации подрывает
    normal moral values ​​and values, children simply cease
    to distinguish between what is good and what is bad in this world;
  • WITHужение кругозора и низкая эрудированность.
    Computer dependent children have a very narrow circle of interests:
    games, chat rooms, social networks, forums. Reading books and hobbies fall out of life
    child, which greatly affects its development. Besides,
    literacy is declining and the ability to formulate and express
    your thoughts, because communication in the network occurs in the form of short
    messages, often in slang and without complying with the norms of spelling and
  • WITHнижение потребности в общении и коммуникативных
    The virtual world replaces the natural
    the need to communicate with people, the child becomes more withdrawn,
    he does not find topics for talking in real life
    support the dialogue, can not negotiate and use words to solve
    The most ordinary questions of everyday life.

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About the dangers of computer:

Избавиться от компьютерной dependencies очень не просто,
and, most likely, will need the help of a psychologist. This “disease”
so changes the way of life of the child that the usual options
pastimes in reality for him simply cease
to exist, and it is very difficult to captivate him with something. However not worth it
perceive the computer as an absolute evil. If its use
the child will be controlled by adults, the computer will become
assistants in learning and development.

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