10 rules of complementary foods by Dr. Komarovsky

So, friends, talk about food, talk about the first meal –
in fact, this is lure – this is an exciting topic for everyone. Probably have
pediatrician there are several such topics – such as “We treat diarrhea”, “We treat
snot “,” treat cough “,” Prikorm “- wake up at night, we will
telling how to live with it.

I ask you to write down 10 simple rules:

Rule number 1. When to start

The most important rule of feeding is when to start? I used to
He said this: from 4 to 6 months the baby does not need feeding, it is needed
for Mom.

Now I will say this: up to 6 months there is no feeding. See
medical science does not stand still, and more and more data on
that we do not need these experiments before the child reaches 6
months. Good?

Rule number 2. Independence of the type of feeding

It is very important to immediately forget that the feeding system
has something to do with the timing of prikorma:

  • We are artificials, we need food from 3 months!
  • We are breastfed, we generally start a year. Up to a year –
    only mom!

My friends, regardless of the type of feeding
оптимальное время начала прикорма — 6 months.

Rule number 3. Do not experiment with a sick child

Lure and generally new products are given when the child
healthy. If the child is sick, something is wrong – let’s not be with
sick to experiment.

Three rules we already know – well done!

Rule number 4. Calm atmosphere

Again, why do you need these experiments if you go
somewhere for a visit, we are going on a journey – tomorrow we are going somewhere,
And today, let’s give something, and all night we will treat diarrhea!
So if we are going to give some new products, let’s
adapt to circumstances and not conduct experiments then,
when it is inconvenient to any member of the family.

Rule number 5. First lure, then main meal

What is very important? Lure is still given when the child
really hungry, that is, it is given before you feed it
main meal. It is clear that if you put it to your chest, then after
the fact that he ate it is already very difficult to carry out some
experimenting with new, unusual food. Therefore, once again, important
the rule is first complementary foods, then the main meal.

Rule number 6. If the child refuses a new meal

Another rule – if you refuse, do not be upset, but
and do not close this topic. Refuses – repeat through
for a while, offer, offer, offer.

What else is very important – if you really want him to eat it, and
he does not eat it, eat it yourself in his presence. This is very

Rule number 7. Mono-component of new foods

Another rule: all new monocomponent. That is, if we
decided to give porridge, then do not give porridge from 7 cereals, and then
to guess which one didn’t suit us. Agreed? Well done.

Rule number 8. The gradual transition to lure

If we have replaced one of the feedings with feed, then
we will start experimenting with others only after that. I.e
do not need every feeding to conduct experiments. Let’s go in the morning
eat mom, second feeding – feeding, mom. And when we
completely replace the second feeding, then we will be in the third, fourth
still conduct some experiments. This is desirable. Agreed?
Well done!

Rule number 9. The gradual expansion of the menu

There is another rule to listen to –
as a rule, new products that the child has never before
I tried (and there may be several such products at once), do not
give at intervals of less than 5 days. I.e не надо каждый день
something new. Then again, it will be difficult to figure out who
really guilty.

Rule number 10. The term complete replacement of feeding – a week

By and large I have to tell you that, as a rule,
complete replacement of feeding – for example, we decided to give the child an oatmeal
porridge – as a rule, the optimal time to replace the mixture
Oatmeal porridge completely – about a week. Clear? I.e мы
we know that the baby eats this milk mixture. Today gave 20 grams
tomorrow 40, the day after tomorrow 80, etc. – week to replace feeding.


The rules are over. Now very interesting things,
because again medical science does not stand on

Food and Allergies

For example, in the USA, a very acute problem is connected, for example, with
peanuts. They are very common – you probably know –
peanut butter. They have a huge number of children with allergies.
on peanuts. And all their lives they said to moms: “Never give peanuts
small children! This increases the chance of allergies! ”

And suddenly, literally a lot of recent research
prove that, it turns out, if children from 6-8 months in small
produce peanuts, it dramatically reduces the chance of allergies.
then when he is older.

I.e inт так все меняется. Another question is that if
home there are people with allergies, if this topic is for the family in principle
relevant, it is better not to conduct such experiments.

Why am I saying this? Very often, your doctor is already here.
can you advise what goes against what is written in
many books. But science does not stand still and everything changes.

For example, fish. Many books write that fish is better.
after a year: begin to lure meat, and then fish. And now, if
the child will get fish soup or fish pieces in broth starting at 8
months, it turns out, nothing wrong with that will not –
please, to your health!

And one last tip to you.

Lure as knowledge of the world

You know, it turns out, almost the most chic in lure is
the process of eating, when the child himself – his hands, a spoon. But we have
very often the lure looks like this: sat down, turned, stuck
horn, 2 horns, and then a bottle.

Guys, already in 6 months try to do so – the same food in 6
месяцев, когда он начинает есть этот тinрожок – это же, как вы
you know, to calories, to food has absolutely no
relations. Yes, this is actually the knowledge of the world, new ways of eating.

Therefore, already such a toddler was seated, set before him
plate, put something in hands like a spoon, and let him try
there is. Да, он будет весь с ног до головы в этой ложке тinрожка. is he
anyway, sooner or later it will get dirty, but, nevertheless, it
очень здороin для его развития, для моторики, для интеллекта.

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This is very классно, когда ребенок учится тому, что он будет есть
myself. This is better than watching cartoons together on TV. I’m on
it draw your attention. Вы хотите дать ребенку тinрожок –
they made the child sit, gave him a plate, sat opposite him with exactly such
тарелкой с тinрожком, и кушаете этот тinрожок. is he смотрит на вас и

I really want your children to look at you, not at
cartoons on tv. Explain to dad that he is a personal example.
need in the process of feeding a lot more than all Masha and bears
taken together.

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