10 reasons not to be nervouspregnant

Pregnancy – прекрасное время, когда мама
preparing for a meeting with the future baby. However, at this very moment
a woman is often in a state of heightened emotionality
when even a trifle can cause tears and tantrums. Scientists have proven
that frequent and prolonged stress during pregnancy can
harm the future mother and her baby. Why are pregnant often
nervous and why is it dangerous? How to cope with stress? About it
every woman should be prepared for


Causes of increased nervousness in pregnant women


  • hormonal changes that provoke excessive
    emotionality, irritability, tearfulness;
  • manifestations of toxicosis: nausea, change in taste preferences
    (read about toxicosis);
  • unpleasant physical sensations, especially in the last trimester
    of pregnancy.


  • uncertainty in the future, financial problems, relationships
    with the father of the child;
  • unrest associated with pregnancy and
    upcoming childbirth.

Obviously, cause for concern in future moms
abound. Но врачи предостерегают, что pregnant нужно
try to be as nervous as possible. What are dangerous stresses in
pregnancy time?


10 reasons to avoid stress during pregnancy

  1. Strong nervous experiences can lead to miscarriage.
    Negative emotions affect the hormones of women, which is fraught
    hypertonus of the uterus. In the first trimester, it can provoke
    miscarriage, in the latter – premature birth.
  2. Stress and nerves during pregnancy weaken the immune system, which
    increases the frequency of colds, contributes to the exacerbation
    chronic diseases.
  3. In women who are constantly nervous during pregnancy, children with
    developmental defects are born 2 times more often.
  4. Excessive irritability and anxiety of the expectant mother can
    cause sleep problems in the newborn.
  5. Adrenaline, released into the blood during stress, narrows
    vessels that leads to fetal hypoxia (lack of oxygen).
    Chronic hypoxia can cause organ pathologies,
    neurological problems, intrauterine growth retardation.
  6. Nervousness of a pregnant woman causes an increase in
    �”Stress hormone” (cortisol) and in the fetus. It increases
    risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system of the future
  7. Constant stress during pregnancy causes asymmetry in
    arrangement of the ears, fingers, limbs of the fetus.
  8. Irritability and nervousness of the future mother often leads to
    violations in the formation of the nervous system of the embryo, which is why
    future brain functions such as thinking, memory,
    perception, attention.
  9. Negative experiences are transmitted to the crumbs that are in
    womb, why can he be born overly excitable and
    impulsive, or, conversely, timid, timid, inert.
  10. Unbalanced emotional state can cause
    changes in the presentation of the fetus, which causes difficulties in the process
    childbirth, up to the need for cesarean section.

Stress experienced by the mother can have various effects.
for babies depending on gender. For girls, it can
turn into a rapid flow of labor and
lack of reflex scream, and for boys – premature
rupture of amniotic fluid and the onset of labor.

Stress prevention and control


What to do to calm down and stop being nervous
trifles, thereby harming the health of the future baby? Let’s call
some simple and effective means:

  1. Breathing exercises. To calm you need
    use deep, measured breathing. Thanks to him
    oxygenation of muscles and organs of the whole body occurs. it
    leads to normalization of blood pressure, muscle and
    emotional stress.
  2. Phytotherapy. Have a relaxing effect
    lemon balm, mint, valerian, motherwort. You can make tea from these
    herbs, add decoction to the bath.
  3. Aromatherapy. Calm down pregnant woman
    help essential oils of pine needles, citrus, sandalwood.
  4. Посильная физическая нагрузка. it может быть
    set of exercises for pregnant women, or just walking on
    fresh air.
  5. Медитация и аутотренинг — способы управления
    their physical and psychological condition based on
    self-suggestion technique. To learn to relax and tune
    yourself in a positive way, enough for 10-15 minutes a day.
  6. Massage. Expectant mother can do herself
    massage the neck, head, ears, hands and even the spine. it приносит
    calming effect, helps relieve tension.
  7. Правильное питание. Often elevated
    nervousness during pregnancy is caused by a lack of vitamin B.
    You should regularly eat foods rich in this vitamin:
    milk, cheese, cottage cheese, germinated grains, legumes, liver, greens,
  8. Позитивное окружение. To not occur
    unnecessary reasons for stress, try to communicate more with
    positive, friendly people.
  9. Благотворно действует занятие любимым делом,
    . If there is none, you can learn how to handicraft,
    sew, knit. Repeated movements allow you to concentrate
    distract from unpleasant experiences.

Waiting for the child – one of the most beautiful moments in life
women. Try to reject negative experiences and
fully enjoy how the new life grows.
A happy and calm mother is a guarantee of the birth of a healthy one.

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