10 reasons for poor child behavior

Unfortunately, very often children behave badly, not so
as parents expect from them: capricious, swearing, satisfied
tantrums and even fighting. Why it happens? Maybe they have
bad temper? Before you decide what educational
apply the method to your child, you need to understand the likely
the reason for his action. What does he want to say to his bad

плохое поведение детей

1. He wants attention

If children want attention, bad behavior is often true
means of acquiring it. When parents talk
telephone, chatting with friends, watching TV or cooking
the kitchen, children feel left out. They may cry out
throw a tantrum or hit a brother to gain them
interest. Let it be negative attention, but
an adult will look at them, talk and take some time out of
your busy schedule.

 – What to do?

Neglecting negative behavior and rewarding (even
it will be praise) of good deeds is one of the best
methods of dealing with a little bully.

2. He copies someone else’s behavior.

Children learn to behave, looking at other people. Child
tries on models of someone else’s behavior, looking at peers in the children’s
garden, watching cartoons, playing computer games and, most importantly,
copying their parents.

– What to do?

Watch that your preschooler is watching on TV, in
what games prefers to play, with whom from friends communicates more often
Total. And, of course, be a model of such behavior that you
expect from your child.

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encourage bad behavior

3. He checks the boundaries

When you set the rules, enter your daily routine and
tell the child what he should not do, he will definitely want
find out how serious it is. �”You can not take away toys from my brother!”
– You strictly say, and the three-year-old baby will definitely check,
why it is impossible, whether you always do not allow it and what will happen for
breaking the rule. What if tomorrow will be possible?

– What to do?

It is important to establish clear boundaries and talk about the consequences.
If the child thinks that there is a small chance of optional
execution of your rule, there will be a temptation to break it. Give
understand that for every violation of his waiting for a negative

4. He lacks the skills

Sometimes behavioral problems are associated with a lack of skills.
For example, a child who lacks social skills,
can hit another kid. Children who can’t speak
can bite peers or parents.

– What to do?

Teach your child new skills that will help him behave
right. You should not punish or punish him, better show
alternative to bad deeds so that he can learn from his

5. He wants independence

Children often break rules and behave defiantly in an attempt
defend their independence. Three-year-old babies constantly say “I
himself “, although not yet ready even for the elementary
independence. But they will still scream, refuse
your help and behave disrespectfully many times more often than

– What to do?

Предоставьте малышу свободу с четкими границами permitted.
Remember that during these years his independence, self-esteem and
lays the foundation of personality.

6. He cannot control his

Sometimes children have no idea what to do with their feelings.
They can easily become aggressive when angry. �”Why did you hit
Seryozhu? ”Mom asks the little fighter. The answer is only


– What to do?

Preschoolers must be taught in a healthy way of expression
feelings such as sadness, frustration, anxiety and anger, to
prevent bad behavior. And already a seven year old child,
having learned to control emotions, will think many times before
hit your neighbor on the desk.

7. His needs are not
are satisfied

When a small child is hungry, tired or
indisposition, he uses hysteria to “tell” about it. BUT
how else to convey to mom that he was tired in kindergarten, a little
is sick or wants to eat?

– What to do?

For example, go with the baby to the store only after he
slept after dinner, or take sandwiches with you for a quick
snack. Constantly be interested in the child, how he feels,
and look for clues that may indicate his
unmet needs.

By the way, those children whose wishes were not chronically satisfied,
may have serious problems in the future.

8. He Fights for Power

The struggle for power and the desire to control their own behavior
often lead to bad deeds – hysterics, negativity and
refusal of activity. �“Misha, clean the room”, – requires mother, and
the child defiantly turns away to the computer and continues
play the next shooter.

– What to do?

One way to avoid the power struggle is to offer the child
There are two options to choose from. For example, ask: “When will you be
clean the room: now or wait till it’s over
cartoon? “By offering a choice, you give the kid some control
over the situation and remove the reason for a quarrel.

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9. He always gets what

Perhaps the most common cause of bad behavior is children.
behave like this because it is effective and leads to the desired
result. For example, baby, crying and staging a scene in the store,
gets the cherished machine. The little manipulator quickly realizes
that a loud roar is a great way to get all that he

– What to do?

Disregard children’s whims and do not try to perform
any whim. Their quantity (and cost) over time will only

10. He needs specialist help.

Sometimes the causes of bad and sometimes dangerous behavior are
a variety of mental disorders. In particular, the child
with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can behave
impulsively and aggressively. Child с задержкой развития зачастую
he only bullies because he does not understand the rules of behavior.

– What to do?

If you suspect your preschooler has problems with
health or developmental disorders, be sure to consult a pediatrician
or a psychologist. After all, bad behavior in this case – a sign
much more serious problems.

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It turns out that almost any bad baby act can
consider as another way to find understanding with their
parents. But if the child feels that he is safe, his
understand, love and appreciate, then it is no longer necessary
hooligans, outrageous and arrange scenes.

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