10 of the most effective methods of educationchildren

Children possess enormous intellectual and
emotional potential. Many psychologists believe – if
to purposefully engage with the child, he will learn better
information in kindergarten and school. For this purpose known
teachers have developed effective methods of education,
which are successfully applied around the world. Which one of them
choose? Read our article and make a choice.

Glen Doman – we bring up from the cradle

Глен Доман

American pediatrician created a unique method of formation
умственных способностей у children early age. He believed that
The most rewarding time for learning is up to seven years while it happens.
active brain development. The method is based on confidence
truly limitless possibilities for a child to absorb information,
derived from pictures with words and images. Doman also
attached great importance to the physical development of infants,
associating it with intelligence. The author was extremely negative about
swaddling and all that hinders movement and prevents
motor activity of babies. Systematic exercises for
Doman’s system is stimulated by early speech development, speed reading and
child curiosity, expand vocabulary. (Details on
method of Glenn Doman)

Waldorf School – imitate an adult

Вальдорфская школа

The main thing in this method is not strict “cramming” and coercion,
and imitation of adults through role-playing games. Waldorf
teachers are extremely negative about early intellectual
development. For example, learning to read and write begins with only 12
years old. Огромное внимание уделяется раскрытию индивидуальности children
through folk culture and creativity. The child is injected into
the magical world of fairy tales (the influence of fairy tales on the development of a child), music,
dance and myths. The main activities – singing, dramatized
representations, drawing, work with natural
materials. But the attitude to the achievements of civilization – TV
and computer – ambiguous. They are considered unnecessary sources.
for kids information.

Maria Montessori – comprehensive education

Мария Монтессори

One of the most common techniques that successfully
parents have been using for decades. main idea
монтессори-школы – children нужно учить письму раньше, чем другим
skills: counting, reading. Central to this pedagogical
The concept takes His Majesty the child. In specially
organized environment consisting of several zones (mathematical,
sensory, creative, speech, etc.), kids improve
skills that match their age acquire knowledge on
own experience. An adult is watching the gameplay,
offers children the necessary materials and toys (but not
imposes) by which they can fully develop.
By the way, this technique is aimed not only at cognitive
development, but also on the formation of work skills and respectful
relationship to other people. Подробно Методика
Maria Montessori: advantages and disadvantages

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write to school?

Leonid Bereslavsky – we bring up every minute

Леонид Береславский

Ph.D., inventor Leonid Bereslavsky believes
children need to develop every minute, and adults must
give them that opportunity. The author recommends to engage with
a child with his method from one and a half years, so as not to miss
one important sensitive period meant for mastering
specific skill. So, one and a half years old priority is given
development of fine motor skills, attention, the study of animal species. WITH
three years of age, add tasks to logic, geometric
shapes and spatial representations. And by the time of receipt in
school needs to train memory and logical thinking,
gradually arranging previously acquired knowledge. Another one
zest – early learning of chess, familiarity with which
starts at 3.5 years.

WITHесиль Лупан – учимся понимать малыша

WITHесиль Лупан

The author of the methodology is not a scientist or even a teacher, but, first
turn, loving mother of two daughters, who wished to give them the necessary
skills for knowing the world. Having tested the Glen Doman system on their own
малышках, WITHесиль решила переработать ее, справедливо полагая, что
you need to take into account the interests of the baby and conduct educational exercises
on his exciting topics. If the pussy rattles the pots, provide
him the opportunity to play drums. If the baby reaches out to
knit scarf, give it a fabric pattern for tactile
experiments. In this program, a large number of games on
improvement of perception, as well as many sections,
devoted to music, history, geography, foreign language, reading
etc. There are even special swimming exercises (use
swimming since birth) and riding!


Jean Ledloff – Natural Education

Жан Ледлофф

Psychotherapist Jean Ledloff spent several years with
Induan tribe Indians and imbued with their educational
traditions. These people were really happy, did not experience
negative emotions, and their children cried very rarely. Returning to
homeland, Jean rejected Western ideas about education and
wrote an unusual and controversial book about natural development
�”How to raise a child happy.” WITHмысл данного метода в том,
in the first months to be with the baby constantly, and later – not
interfere with the formation of an independent personality: not to control, not
descend to his level, and be a model of behavior for him.

Nikolai Zaitsev – read before you speak

Николай Зайцев

The famous teacher, the author of many scientific developments created
own currently popular method of teaching reading, used with
early age. Children sing, have fun, learn to build
turret words and trains. WITHудя по отзывам родителей, пользующихся
By this technique, 4-year-old kids start reading after a few
lessons. The methodology is based on special cubes, on which
not letters are drawn, but syllables. Of these, children and put words.
The cubes differ in size, color, weight and sound.
(the filler makes ringing or deaf sounds). Playing with the likes
in blocks, the child will master speech skills, will receive initial
ideas about the Russian language and significantly ahead of peers in

Nikitins are healthy and smart children


The method of classics of the national pedagogy of Boris and
Helen Nikitins are their observations of their own children. To
to awaken in your little craving for knowledge you need to prepare
development environment – hang various tables, letters,
geographic Maps. For physical education need simulators,
sports equipment and recreational exercises (up to swimming
in icy water and rubbing with snow). Educators designed
interesting educational aids – cubes, puzzles, main
a feature of which is multifunctionality and the ability
achieve the goal in various ways. This learning system
developed a few decades ago, is still relevant,
despite the controversial responses and ambiguous opinions.

Shalva Amonashvili – humane pedagogy

Шалва Амонашвили

Doctor of Psychology, Professor Amonashvili has developed
own pedagogical concept based on a humane approach to
preschoolers and schoolchildren. The main principle of the method is that an adult should
to cooperate with the child on an equal footing, to see in him a personality. This
the technique is finding more and more supporters since it is
really special. The author offers not ready list
exercises for the formation of a separate ability or skill, and
list of rules that teachers need to follow and
parents. According to the famous psychologist, the child will achieve the best
results, if it is not forced and not controlled. Can not be
плохих children, есть взрослые, которые не умеют общаться с ними.

Доктор WITHузуки – воспитание музыкой

Доктор WITHузуки

Шиничи WITHузуки верил, что все дети талантливы и умны от
nature, which means that every child can be taught from an early age
free to handle musical instruments. If since childhood
surround your baby with beautiful classical music, he will learn to love
art will receive a comprehensive and valuable education. but
the purpose of this technique is not to educate a great violinist or pianist,
and grow a good, open person. (Read: the influence of music
на развитие children)

Every kid is different, that’s why it’s so hard.
stay within one developmental technique. Best
выход – брать из них то, что кажется важным в развитии своих children.
In this case, you become an innovative teacher who has
own effective method of educating your


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Ирина WITHиницына, психолог, логопед, автор собственной
методики воспитания children:

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