10 most effective folk remedies fromrhinitis in children

Before starting treatment, you need to know whether
runny baby independent disease or is it just
symptom of an infectious disease. The latter happens more often.
The main mistake of many people is the conviction that this
the disease is harmless. Even mild inflammation of the mucous
the nasal membrane should be treated immediately because inaction
fraught with consequences.

народные средства от rhinitis in children

At the first symptoms of a runny nose, we increasingly prefer
drugs, we immediately run to the pharmacy and in detail
describe the symptoms of the pharmacist. However, here you may encounter
many pitfalls. For example, regular use
drops for a cold, you can harm the immature body.
It is possible to replace such treatment with unconventional, referring to
folk remedies.

Полезно знать: насморк может быть
физиологический, инфекционный или
вирусный, аллергический, вазомоторный — как определить
What kind of cold in a child and how to treat it read in this article.

Popular folk remedies for rhinitis

  1. Maternal milk. It is used for children.
    up to a year. Breast milk is truly unique in its composition,
    because only there are special substances that are capable
    have anti-inflammatory effect, reduce large
    the amount of mucus in the head cold will help proteins that are included in
    milk composition (composition and beneficial properties of breast milk).
  2. Aloe juice All the usual nose drops can be
    feel free to replace aloe juice. For their preparation, a leaf of a plant is needed
    rinse thoroughly, preferably with boiled water and leave in
    a fridge for a day. После этого лист алоэ нужно мелко
    cut, squeeze the juice and dilute with water
    to boil. The proportions should be 1: 3 (for newborns – 1: 5).
    These drops can be used every day up to 5 times, 3-4 drops.
    Store the product in the refrigerator and preferably not longer than a day.
    (См подробную статью: Сок алоэ от насморка у грудничка).
  3. Garlic juice. With this means you need to be
    Extremely careful and do not take fresh juice. Before
    using it must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:20. AND
    only in this form drip into the nose.
  4. Juice Kalanchoe. This remedy is really
    unique because drops with kalanchoe juice are so strong
    irritate the nasal mucosa that a person begins to sneeze a lot and
    often. Thus, the body gets rid of harmful substances
    which are located in the nose.
  5. Honey. Honey has long been known for its
    anti-inflammatory properties. For the treatment of rhinitis you
    need to dilute it with water in a ratio of 1: 2. In this form
    need to bury the nose, using about 6 drops. the main thing
    condition: the nose must be clean.
  6. The combination of honey with beets. Honey can
    use not only as an independent means, but also in tandem with
    beetroot, which is famous for its healing properties. For
    cooking remedies beets need to boil and squeeze
    beet juice Beet juice should be mixed with honey in a 2: 1 ratio.
    Mix the nose up to 6 times a day until it disappears completely.
    runny nose
  7. Propolis with vegetable oil. For
    preparation means take about 15g of solid propolis i50
    greasy oil. Propolis well chop any convenient for
    you in a way and pour into a metal dish, then pour
    oil The resulting mixture must be heated. It is advisable to do it in
    oven or water bath up to 2 hours, while avoiding
    boil oil. Allow the mixture to cool and drain without capturing
    sediment. ANDспользование средства имеет некоторые ограничения: не
    more than twice a day.
  8. Infusion herbal. For приготовления
    funds will need marigold pharmacy, sage, plantain and
    coltsfoot. Pour 1 tbsp. l collecting herbs (all herbs are equal
    proportions) a glass of boiling water and let it boil for no more than 5 minutes.
    Infuse herbs for about an hour and use as nasal
  9. Onion juice. ANDспользовать нужно сок не свежего
    onions, and stewed. For этого луковицу нарежьте и тушите без масла до
    education juice. After that, the onion is required to pour vegetable
    oil and set in a dark place for at least 12 hours. Filtered
    bury the liquid 1-2 drops in the nose.
  10. Смесь растительных масеl Mix different
    oils, for example, mint and eucalyptus. They possess a number of medicinal
    properties: kill bacteria, facilitate breathing, reduce mucus.
    The most effective and simple method of their use is considered
    inhalation. For ее проведения капните в миску с горячей водой около
    6 drops of your chosen oil and breathe over it. For улучшения
    effect cover with a towel. This method is recommended.
    use for older kids.


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Having tried each of the proposed methods, the mother will choose
one that suits her baby.

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