10 mistakes when teaching the child to the pot

Teaching a baby to the pot is a painful subject for many
parents. For some – this question is solved by itself, and for
others – to become a whole problem. And now, soon the baby will go
in kindergarten, and continues to do everything in the pants. To retrain
A child is harder than starting from scratch. In nurturing
children of inexperienced parents can not avoid mistakes. Therefore, it is so important
to warn.


1. Too early

Sometimes, new parents are too demanding of their
trying to seat the baby on the pot when he is not ready for
this is neither morally nor physically.  For conscious walking on
The pot requires a certain maturity of the child. Landing on
pot at an unconscious age of up to a year with meaningful walking in
toilet has nothing to do. A child who can barely sit
most likely, just do not understand what they want from him. Victorious
catching the moment will please the parents, but for the child not
will mean something.

The kid should be physically ready for the pot: stand confidently
walk, sit quietly for about 10 minutes, stay more than two hours
dry. The nervous system of the baby must also be ready. Child
should begin to control the urge to the toilet, develop reflexes
relaxation and patience.

Do not think that your child is stunted if
peers are already asking for a pot, and your baby does not want this
do. Everything has its time. Violent actions can only
harm the baby’s nervous system. Be patient and
try it.

2. Not that moment

It happens that everything went well, the kid made his first successes in
schooling, but suddenly everything changed. Perhaps parents chose
the wrong moment. The psyche of the baby is very gentle, she sharply
reacts to changes in the regime and the usual life. Not worth it
potty training combined with other training, mode change.
It is worth to wait a little with the pot for the period of the child’s illness, or during
teething. Any stress or exciting event can
interrupt addiction or even cause rejection to the pot.

It is important to choose the right moment and protect your baby from serious
emotional outbursts.


3. The diaper is always and everywhere.

Often the use of all kinds of diapers turns into
parents into a manic idea. Then a child is abruptly taken off
which has always helped him to stay in comfort, and require sharply
change habits. It does not happen. Child, привыкший постоянно
relieve the need for a diaper, longer accustomed to the pot. To
осознать, что подгузника больше нет, ребенку иногда требуется
up to six months.  Therefore, often remove diapers, and if you
worry about carpets, laminate and furniture, sew covers, cover
oilcloth. Ideally, the baby should remain dry even at night.
time, the use of diapers, of course, prevents this
to teach

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4. Mania pot

There is a category of parents who get the idea.
teach the child to go to the pot. Manic landing through
every half hour, not letting get up from the pot until you make
their affairs, the ability to shame and compare with others. Such
methods will not lead to the desired, but on the contrary, can cause denial
and clearly negative perception of the baby.

Always believe that your child is different, he is smart and
smart, the time will come – and he will succeed.


5. Pressure

Excessive rigor of parents, censure and even punishment for
the inability of the child to relieve the need, where it should be, traumatizes the psyche
baby  The kid locks in, begins to be afraid
consequences. It is also possible that the child begins to tolerate
delaying the natural processes of the body, which is fraught with the appearance
constipation and other intestinal problems.


Remember that no kid sits on the pot
simultaneously, you will be required diligence and patience. Monitor
your anger and irritation. Use counting technique to ten.
Baby’s health is more important than your prejudices.

6. Mom will help

Monitor the process of cleaning the intestines and urinary baby
must learn myself. A mistake will constantly try to help him in
by this. Let your baby take off his pants, sit on
pot, let them show independence. Choose the right one
clothes to the child. It’s harder for a kid in a combo to take it off than
pants with an elastic band. If the child did not have time to pot, or did
talk to him on the floor, take a rag together, dip
things in the washing machine. Let the kid learn responsibility for

7. Here is a pot, there is a pot

Pay attention to the fact that the pot does not wander around.
home. Any child is very committed to various kinds of rituals and
modes. Therefore, if the baby does not find the toilet
place, do not be surprised that he just pee in his pants.
Identify with the child the place of the pot, whether in the bathroom
room, toilet or other suitable place, make sure it is free.
access there.


8. Did the job silently

Often parents, putting the child on the pot, begin to engage by their
chores, or just silently waiting for the child to complete the process.
This behavior is suitable when your child is free,
reflexively run to the pot for each requirement of the body. Until
the process of schooling is going on, create a playful atmosphere. Let with
sitting on the pot will be connected something pleasant and fascinating.
But do not overdo it, the child must not forget why he is here. Not
you need to encourage the child in the form of candy, other treats, gifts
and cartoons. Your approval must be verbal, but very honest and
frank. Not worth it также приобретать горшок-игрушку, ребенок
must perceive the subject according to its purpose, and
do not associate with entertainment. Otherwise, training is strong
will be tightened

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9. Avoid Constraints

In no case should one pretend that going to the toilet is something
indecent and shameful. Not нужно «фукать», кривиться и бегом
run to pour everything into the toilet. Psychologists claim that children often
their secretions are considered as part of themselves. Therefore their
расстраивает такое поведение parents. Let the kid look at
the contents of the pot, and then with you go to make it.


10. Unsystematic

Planting a baby haphazardly may not succeed.
Take a closer look at the child. Children, one way or another, express their desire
go to the toilet. It may be a grunt, certain
звуки,  «зависание», натуживание. If the kid already says
teach him to ask for a pot. It is clear that parents can not
all day long, without looking away, to observe the reaction of the baby, but your
Efforts will surely give results after a night’s sleep, in front of him and
after a long walk. Attract for instructing toys,
let them in the process of the game also run to the pot.

Not слушайте сказок, как другие дети просятся «пи-пи» с полугода,
don’t give in to the manipulations of other people teaching you how to live and
воспитывать вашего baby Remember, only your awesome
love, reverent attitude to the baby and endless patience
help your baby overcome all stages of development successfully.

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