10 mistakes that do not allow you to get pregnant

Top 10 Mistakes When Trying to Get Pregnant

Some get pregnant on the first try, while others
try for years, but all fail. In what

If you want to increase your chances of having a baby, do not commit
common mistakes that we will tell you.

не может забеременеть

1. Слишком часто переживать

Stress is one of the main factors reducing the likelihood
conception. If a woman’s cortisol level rises,
stress hormone, it can negatively affect its fertility.
American scientists watched over 400 couples trying to become
parents, and came to the following conclusions: if a woman has a high
the level of alpha-amylase (stress indicator), its chances
getting pregnant is reduced by 29% compared to those who have this
indicator in the normal range. Experts are sure that under
chronic stress reduces hormone production,
providing a stable cycle.

If you can’t get pregnant, try to relax.
and let go of the situation for a while. Try meditation, yoga
– it has asanas that improve the flow of blood to the pelvis and
thus stimulating the synthesis of the necessary hormones. it
positive effect on the ability to conceive. Stop constantly
plan pregnancy. Instead, just daily remind
imagine that this is a miracle that happens very often.

2. Do not do too much or too little.

A large number of couples are convinced that the chances of conceiving a baby are strong.
increase if the week does not have sex, “saving” sperm. it
delusion After a week of abstinence, the sperm become
much less mobile. Therefore, doctors are advised to have sex
every day or every other day during the week before ovulation and per day,
when it comes. More frequent intimacy can negatively
affect the ability of sperm to fertilize, and more rare
создает риск пропустить окно conception.

It is scientifically proven that regular sex life helps
stabilize the cycle: the male body secretes hormones that
affect the female reproductive system.
Therefore, when
regular sex produces more estrogen.

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3. Использовать сомнительные методики

Although we live in the 21st century, many women continue to
douching, believing in the wonder of this method. It seems to be in
This is the logic: from infections, malnutrition, harmful
habitual environment in the vagina becomes acidic, and the sperm in it
dies and cannot fertilize the egg. Therefore many
begin to introduce a weak soda solution so that the medium becomes alkaline
и благоприятной для conception.

Doctors do not support douching: along with harmful
microorganisms soda destroys and beneficial, disrupting the natural
pH of the vagina. There is still a risk of exacerbation of inflammatory processes,
because of what damage can develop, cervical erosion, to reveal
which can often only be examined by a gynecologist.

Top 10 Mistakes When Trying to Get Pregnant

4. Ошибаться в расчетах

The most common mistake – the wrong definition of the day of ovulation. Have
most women, it occurs in the middle of the cycle, but
women with a 28-32 day cycle. Ovulation usually happens in 14
days before the onset of menstruation. Therefore, if you have a 24-day cycle, then
ovulation will occur on day 10. If your cycle is noticeably longer
say, 42 days, then we can assume that you ovulate less often, not in
every cycle. In this case as well, if you have an irregular cycle
(in this case, ovulation can be either on day 6 or on day 21),
or you do not remember when the last time was monthly, forget
these rules. Here you can not do without a test to determine ovulation,
with which you can easily find out when you have a window

Often women make another mistake – they start counting
cycle not from the first day of menstruation. The day of the beginning of the month – the one
which starts blood is released, not the day before and not the day after
of this. The exact day of the beginning of the cycle is very important to know, because for
successful conception account literally goes on the clock.

5. Винить себя

When unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant usually suggest
infertility by a woman. Only in reality both
partners the same degree of responsibility. By
statistics, in 40% of cases, men are barren, in another 40% – women, and
in the remaining 20%, unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant are due to
partner compatibility issues.
Byэтому не паникуйте
ahead of time: on average, a healthy couple needs from 6 months to 1
years to conceive.


6. Trying to fit everything on schedule.

Нельзя точно сplan pregnancy. Although usually healthy
couples need from 6 months to a year to conceive, sometimes the first six months
they only leave for a woman to normalize the cycle, which is lost due to
taking contraceptives. Byка цикл не станет регулярным, овуляции
will not be. So, if after 6 months the menstrual cycle is not
come back to normal or you are not sure what is coming
ovulation, be sure to go to the gynecologist.

7. Спешить

Have many are sarcastic about the claim that after sex
a woman 20 minutes need to lie on his back with raised buttocks.
But, according to doctors, it increases the chances of getting pregnant by 80%.
So do not neglect this method.

10 mistakes that do not allow you to get pregnant

8. Ignore unrest for which there is reason.

Consultation with a doctor is not paranoia. There are situations
when you shouldn’t ignore what bothers you, because it’s about
not only about you, but about the future baby. It is possible that your cycle
has always been irregular, and this is precisely the reason why not
it turns out to get pregnant. And maybe you have some kind of disease, and
you want to make sure that it does not threaten the health of the future

If you are worried or unsure of something, go to
reception to a specialist. He will explain to you with what surprises and
difficulties you may encounter. If later there will be difficulties
When you try to get pregnant, you will know what to do.

9. Не можете отказаться от вредных привычек

At least one year before the planned pregnancy should be thrown
bad habits. Doctors around the world warn: first
trimester – the most important stage in the formation of the organism of the future
Even a meager dose of alcohol can cause him
irreparable harm.

Some women drink alcohol early
pregnancy, not knowing its interesting position. So that,
if you do not protect yourself, or give up alcohol and cigarettes,
or keep their use to a minimum.

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10. Do not follow the health of the partner

What harms your fertility can negatively affect
on the ability of men to conceive. Tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy
nutrition degrade the quality and reduce the amount of sperm. By
research results, smoking and alcohol damage
sperm at the chromosome level. Haveчитывая, что полное обновление
sperm takes 3 months, at least for this period to your partner
should give up bad habits. Watch out for his diet
was balanced, included selenium, vitamins C and E – they are very
beneficial to men’s health.

The effect of temperature on a man’s ability to conceive is not
proven. American experts believe that she does not
important for the work of the male genital organs. However some
doctors do not advise often to take a hot bath, even if
Men do not have problems with sperm quality.

The results of a number of studies indicate that the temperature
the scrotum rises when a person long holds a laptop on his lap.
Other experts have found that the radiation of mobile phones
can reduce the ability of men to conceive, especially if the gadget
is in the pants pocket. Yet a clear relationship between heat and
male fertility not established.

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