10 main female fears of childbirth

What are the concerns of future mothers before childbirth? How to deal with
major fears during pregnancy?

The closer the date of delivery, the more fears appear in the future
moms. Experiences associated with future genera pursue
most women, whether they give birth for the first time or not.
Searches for information on the Internet, reading blogs, forums and public,
devoted to motherhood is not soothing, but on the contrary – adds more
More reasons to worry: after reading some posts
there is a clear feeling that giving birth is incredibly painful, difficult
and hard. On the other hand, there are many “lucky” moms,
who give birth so fast that even they themselves are surprised. But,
for some reason, it is hard to believe in such stories. So what are the fears
Expect future mothers before childbirth and how to cope with them?

страхи перед родами

1. I will not notice that the birth began

It just can’t be. Contractions, which feels a woman
before childbirth is significantly different from training:
differ in frequency, duration and regularity. Real
contractions, unlike training ones, do not subside when changing positions
bodies and do not stop, for example, in water. For your own
peace of mind you can follow the frequency of contractions in a special
application on the phone, with which it is convenient to record the time
start and end uterine contractions. And in the presence of any
doubt you can call the gynecologist or doule.

2. Childbirth will start sooner or later

Some women give birth to a little earlier than expected.
term, others – a little later. There is nothing wrong with that.
The normal period for the onset of labor is considered
the interval between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy. In any case not
worth panic – remember that the expected date of birth
the doctor puts it very conditionally. Good obstetrician-gynecologist without problems
determine the condition of the child and will not insist on stimulation
родов, если увидит, что организм женщины еще не готов, хотя по
It’s time to give birth.

3. Do not let the husband or girlfriend to give birth

The opportunity to attend the birth of the father of the child or others
relatives of the future mommy should be discussed in advance with the doctor
the maternity hospital where you plan to give birth. Probably,
the maintainer will need to pass basic tests. Most
maternity hospitals do not object to the presence of childbirth under the policy
health insurance for one attendant. Of course, there are
exceptions when doctors are categorically opposed to partner childbirth, but
This is usually a rarity.

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the pros and cons of joint labor, it is important to know dad

4. Childbirth will begin on the road

Even if labor activity develops rapidly, with
the moment of its beginning and until the happy reunion of mother and child
must take at least one or two hours. It would be better if you
study the delivery process in advance to have a clear idea of
том, что конкретно с вами происходит. To
to be insured, it is possible in advance when the contractions have just begun,
contact your doctor or doula. In this case, you will be
control an experienced technician who will be able to provide you
help, even if the birth really begins before the arrival at the hospital.
If you give birth is not the first time and you know that this process you have
is happening rapidly – it is better not to delay the charges.

5. Boorish attitude of doctors

Rudeness towards a woman giving birth is a pretty phenomenon
terrible. Unfortunately, there are doctors who allow themselves
inappropriate behavior towards women in labor. The only way out
in a similar situation, it is to pre-select a specialist who
will lead and take birth from you, call for the birth of a husband or
another close relative to accompany.



6. Will stimulate

Doctors are sometimes in vain reinsured. They can
assign stimulation of labor activity if it is considered that you
retrace your term for a few days, or just do so
as used to. But oxytocin stimulation or puncture of the bladder is
without which you can probably do without. Stimulation can
be required in several cases, among which stand out:
poor labor (no disclosure during labor), child
is in pelvic presentation, mom’s tiredness from childbirth. In any
If necessary, all such nuances should be discussed with a doctor.
in advance, before the conclusion of the contract.

7. Attempts are very painful.

The pain threshold is different for everyone. Attempts can pass quite
quickly, and may be delayed for long hours. Many women in labor
helps ease the pain of changing positions – you can try to lie on
bokeh, stand on all fours, sit in the bathroom filled with warm
water or fitball, hang on the bar or beloved husband –
mass options, the main thing is not to despair, but continue to look
comfortable position.

8. Будут резать

Only a doctor can decide whether to use episiotomy in each
specific case. Most often, the incision is still done – this
allows you to avoid arbitrary breaks. Good exit – in advance
prepare the crotch for childbirth using oils. Oil should be
quality, rub it into the skin is necessary every day. On
the last months when doing it yourself is pretty
difficult, you can ask for help from her husband. And one more
practical advice is to push right and only when
necessary (do not push ahead of time). In this case, the probability
The gaps are significantly reduced.

9. What if there is a cesarean

As a rule, future mothers give birth with the help of Caesorev
medical indications. But there are women who
they are so afraid of pain that they themselves ask them to “prosess”. And also
there are women who for a long time are preparing for
natural childbirth. They are afraid that if they cannot give birth themselves, then
will never be “real” moms. But situations in which
Caesarean section is the only option of a safe
outcome of childbirth, occur quite often. And it is absolutely not
fearfully. In addition, many maternity hospitals are now practiced,
the so-called “gentle caesarean”, which is already taking place during
the attempt Any woman who could give birth is a real mother. AND
no matter how she did it. Any birth
admirable and fluttering.

10. The entanglement of the umbilical cord

Every expectant mother is worried about her child.
throughout pregnancy. AND перед родами это беспокойство
usually enhanced. Most often, future moms are afraid that entanglement
the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck can cause him serious harm. On
in fact, it is not. The child does not breathe easy to his very
of birth. AND продвигаясь по родовым путям, он получает кислород с
using the umbilical cord, even when it is wrapped around the neck.
When a child is born, doctors will immediately help him.
break free AND он сделает свой самый первый вдох.


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Тутта Ларсен: how избавиться от страха перед родами

Fear of childbirth: how to live with it, how to give birth to it? how
get rid of the fear of childbirth? Can the fear of childbirth be
is useful?

Invited experts: Vladimir Sursyakov, obstetrician-gynecologist,
Candidate of Medical Sciences Specialist Center for Family Planning and
репродукции, Onталья Томилина, психолог, доула.

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