10 important things that you definitely needdo before pregnancy

The birth of a child is a happy event for everyone
couples, of course in the case when it comes to the desired
planned pregnancy. Therefore, to approach him future
parents must responsibly. To pregnancy
started safely and proceeded, you need to prepare for it


Why do you need preparation for pregnancy

Pregnancy является очень важным и ответственным моментом в
life of a woman and family. This is not only pleasant chores, but also
serious psychological test. It is very important that in the period
the future mother was healthy, calm and happy,
since her condition is transmitted to the fetus.

In addition to the psychological burden of the body of a pregnant woman
subjected to physiological testing. If it is weakened
chronic diseases, bad habits and wrong way
life, the chances of making and giving birth to a healthy baby significantly
are down.

Women, mentally and physically ready for the birth of a child,
much easier to endure pregnancy. Therefore careful preparation
will allow not only to preserve the health of the mother and child, but also
enjoy the process.


Для мужей: инструкция по обращению с беременной

10 steps towards pregnancy

Both parents should take care of the future baby’s health, and
help and support them – all family members. Despite the fact that
male sperm is updated in 3-4 months, start preparing for
pregnancy should be a year before conception. It is during this time
the egg cell of the female is completely renewed. What should be done
parents in this period?

  1. To refuse from bad habits. Nicotine,
    contained in the mother’s body, can provoke a child
    the development of chronic diseases, mental disabilities and even
    abnormal DNA breaks. Passive smoking, i.e. inhalation of tobacco
    smoke can cause infertility. Taboo on alcohol, incl.
    low alcohol drinks, also need to impose both
  2. Take care of physical fitness. Excess weight
    is a serious problem for the future mother. He can
    provoke oxygen starvation of the fetus, the development of the baby
    neurological, cardiovascular and other diseases. To
    coping with the problem should balance the food, give up
    from sweet, fried and too high-calorie food.
  3. Visit the gynecologist. Besides being a woman
    must visit the doctor twice a year, a month before the planned
    pregnancy needs to be done a thorough examination. Especially this
    for women who have previously had abortions, inflammatory
    diseases of the pelvic organs, genital infectious
  4. Both partners to be tested for genital
    infections (AIDS, syphilis, cytomegalovirus, chlamydosis and
    Such diseases are dangerous in that they can
    asymptomatic and have severe health consequences
    mother and child. Genital infections can cause miscarriage
    pathology of fetal development and even lead to infertility.
  5. Make a comprehensive examination of the body.
    If the mother has chronic diseases, be sure to
    consult with your doctor about the future
    pregnancy, possible exacerbations and preventive measures.
    Healthy women will be enough to visit a therapist and pass
    basic analyzes. Be sure to schedule a visit to an optometrist,
    because caesarean is indicated for some vision problems
    cross section.
  6. Take rubella if necessary. Have
    those who have already had rubella have developed immunity to the disease.
    But if the expectant mother is not sure about this, it is better to donate blood for
    the presence of antibodies and be vaccinated.
  7. Visit the dentist. Keep in order
    the oral cavity is always needed. But planning a pregnancy should
    take extra care of the health of your teeth and gums so that
    minimize visits to the dentist during pregnancy. Besides
    This, some studies have confirmed the link between inflammation
    gums and preterm labor.
  8. Exercise. Very important
    bring back muscles and abdominals in tone. However not worth it
    overdo it because excessive exercise can
    prevent conception.
  9. Go to a balanced diet. During the period
    preparing for pregnancy should abandon fast food and other
    junk food. Fresh fruits should be included in the daily diet.
    vegetables, whole grain bread, foods rich in proteins and minerals.
  10. Haveпотреблять витамины. Because it is very difficult
    constantly adhere to proper nutrition, for 2-3 months on
    conception need to take multivitamin complexes, especially if
    This period falls on autumn-spring. There are special
    vitamin-mineral complexes for pregnant women that will not help
    only carry the baby, but also prepare for its conception. Separately
    should be said about folic acid, which is vital
    for the health of the mother and unborn child.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Список анализов (для женщин
and men) when planning pregnancy

Planning a pregnancy does not cost too much dwell on it
process, otherwise the reaction of the organism may be the opposite.
Take care of your health, prepare for this event morally, and
nature will reward you with a healthy baby.

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How to prepare for pregnancy. What kind
Professionals should visit. Risks of late pregnancy. Harmful
habits. The value of folic acid. Pregnancy tests.
Definition of the term of birth.

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